Fortune 500 Companies that Drug Test

Fortune 500 Companies that Drug Test


Fortune 500 Companies That Drug Test

Drug testing has been a standard in American companies for decades now.  Drug-Free Workplace rules were in place since 1988, which required all federal companies with large enough contracts to drug test all its employees. 

Though this was initially implemented in the public sectors, privately-owned companies noticed the benefits of drug testing employees and started to implement themselves.  At present, approximately 90% of Fortune 500 companies run drug tests on their employees, and 62% of all employers across the country have instated mandatory drug testing programs.

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However, some high-profile companies such as Google, Whole Foods, Red Bull, Twitter, and NPR have publicly declared an end to drug testing their employees.  Industries associated with transportation, construction or other highly sensitive tasks do continue to regularly drug test where safety is a much more pressing concern.  Other industries that continue to test for marijuana are medicine and athletics where athletes are tested to ensure no performance enhancing drugs are used.

Companies have the right to terminate their employees if found to be under the influence at work, even in states where recreational use is legal or for employees who use medical marijuana.  However, there are laws to retaliate against medical marijuana use in certain states which protect employees or potential employees.  These states are Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Companies understand that implementing drug testing program significantly results in financial savings and makes workplace more productive and safer for others.  Carrying out drug and alcohol tests throughout the nation has enabled Drug Testing Network to provide customized drug, alcohol and substance abuse programs regardless of industry or location.  Whether regulated or non-regulated industry, a program is created that meets their requirements.

The positive testing for drugs and alcohol in the workplace have contributed to higher costs to the employers resulting from loss of productivity, theft, absenteeism, accidents, increased costs for workers compensation benefits, and increased premiums for liability insurance and compensation.

Does Amazon drug test?

Amazon is one of the renowned world’s leading e-commerce retail companies.  They follow a strict hiring process to ensure employees meet Amazon’s performance standards.  Amazon has been investing time and money carrying out drug test on every potential warehouse worker.

The following processes are undertaken at Amazon:

  • Pre-Employment Drug Tests:  All warehouse workers need to go undergo
    pre-employment drug test as part of three-step hiring process, i.e. interview, background check and drug test.  Depending on the position applied, more procedures may be added.  Amazon will offer a job and invite to a pre-work orientation day once all the procedures have been successfully cleared.
  • First Interview Drug Test:  Amazon does not run a drug test on the first interview.  Drug tests are always conducted as the last step in recruitment process.
  • Drug Test at Orientation:  Amazon conducts drug test before the orientation.  Once a candidate clears up the mandatory drug test, he/she will be invited by Amazon to the
    pre-work orientation day that involves occupational trials, safety training, facility tours, and other activities.
  • Drug Test on the Appointment Day:  Amazon does not conduct drug test on the first day at work, but may conduct test randomly any day while working.
  • Random Drug Tests:  Amazon does conduct random drug tests every month.  There are hundreds and thousands of employees working at Amazon and the chances of being selected are not very high.  There are people who claim smoking weed every day after work, but don't even worry about being drug tested.

Amazon ensures employees working in safety-sensitive positions such as using power equipments like forklift or pallet truck do often get drug tested.

  • Drug Test on Corporate Employees:  Corporate employees would not be tested before or after being employed by Amazon, but measures would be taken if found using drugs in the workplace.

Drug Tests Conducted at Amazon

Amazon uses only mouth swab or saliva test to filter out employees who may pose a risk to the company.  The downside of this test for the company is they can only detect recent drug use.  THC only stays in the saliva for around 24 hours.  In order to pass the mouth swab or saliva drug test, one has to stay away from marijuana more than one day before going to pre-employment test.  This also gives a good chance of clearing the random drug tests if already employed.  The test won’t detect drug use unless one has smoked weed in the last 24 hours.

Drugs Tested at Amazon

Amazon conducts regular mouth swab or saliva drug test looking for common drugs like marijuana, meth, opiates, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, etc.

Home drug test kit can be tried if a candidate is worried about traces of drugs and the results will be visible within 10 to 15 minutes.  Saliva detox mouthwash can be used and it only takes 10 minutes after rinsing for the saliva to test free of any unwanted drug traces.

Failed Drug Test at Amazon

Amazon adheres to federal policies and laws as it pays federal taxes.  If one fails a drug test, he/she is subjected to termination.  Retest is done only if pre-employment drug test result comes back with error or a person is taking prescription medications for medical reasons.

Does Walmart drug test?

Walmart is one of the largest retailers, headquartered in Arkansas, founded by Sam Walton in 1962.  Walmart has devised a Global Statement of Ethics which includes defining an alcohol and drug-free workplace.  Walmart ensures unimpaired performance and judgment by prohibiting usage of drugs and alcohol on its premises or being under the influence while at work including possession or solicitation of illegal drugs.

Walmart hiring process has minor variations among its stores, but mostly the same throughout the country.  The hiring process includes interview, background check and orientation session before starting work.

Walmart mandates drug and/or alcohol test in the following situations:

  • Pre-Employment Testing:  Walmart does not require applicants to undergo a drug test for entry level jobs.  However, a drug test is mandatory if qualified and offered safety-sensitive roles before hiring.  This procedure is applicable to first-time applicants and rehired applicants.
  • Random and Pre-Promotional Testing:  When hired at Walmart, one has to sign a contract agreeing to the company’s drug test policies.  Some stores randomly drug test their employees, while others do drug test in workplace accidents.  Employees need to remain vigilant to avoid a positive test result which may lead to termination.
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing:  Walmart’s policy requires employees to undergo a drug test if there is reasonable suspicion about using illegal drugs or substances while at work.  A supervisor or manager may conduct a drug test if an employee’s performance or behavior is at variance with the norm and there is a satisfactory reason to believe an employee might be under the influence.
  • Post-Accident Testing:  Workplace accidents are common while handling goods manually or using equipments.  Walmart requires its employees to adhere to strict procedures for workplace safety.

In a work-related accident, if an employee caused damage to goods or equipment, injured self or others, a drug test is mandatory to ascertain whether an illegal substance played a role in the incident.

Walmart relies upon urine drug tests.  An individual’s urine sample will be sent to the lab for testing.  The lab will report the results back to Walmart and the employee will be informed about the result.

If an individual is using prescription drugs for medical purposes, then they need to let them know in advance and give them the doctor’s contact name and info so they can crosscheck.

At Walmart, a positive drug or alcohol test will lead to termination of employees and withdrawal of offer for applicants.

Does Costco drug test?

Costco is also one of the well-known largest retailers and has employed about quarter of a million people.  Costco maintains a very stringent no drug policy.  All the potential employees at Costco have to undergo pre-employment drug testing before any formal offers of employment and have to sign contracts.  Costco tests for illicit substances like marijuana, meth, barbiturates, opioids, benzodiazepines, cocaine, etc.  Other drugs or substances may also be tested according to applicable laws.

Costco performs pre-employment drug testing and only hires applicants who pass their drug tests even if the application was stellar and the interview went through without a hitch.  Costco also performs random or pre-promotional drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing and post-accident drug testing.  Costco can initiate drug testing in the event of any other information specific to workplace based on reasonable conclusions and facts drawn.

Return to Duty and Follow-Up Testing:  At Costco, if an employee has signed a Contract for Continued Employment (CCE) and has undergone a substance abuse evaluation, clearing the alcohol and/or drug test is mandatory before being allowed to return to duty.  Even after passing the drug test, one still be subjected to follow-up testing for a period of up to two years as per the company drug policy.

Costco uses a mouth swab or saliva to test for drugs.  A mouth swab or oral fluids will be collected and sent to a Costco contracted lab for testing.  Costco’s decision to hire a candidate or not will be based on the lab results.  In case of an accident, urine drug test is mandated for employees for post-incident testing.

A candidate cannot fail a drug test at Costco if using prescription drugs for medical reasons by letting them know in advance.  At Costco, employment will be terminated if an employee refuses to undergo a drug test or tests positive.

At Costco, the waiting period is one year to reapply for employment.

Does Kroger drug test?

Kroger is the second largest general retailer in the US and largest supermarket by revenue, next only to Walmart, and is the third largest retailer in the world.  It has around 453,000 employees according to 2019 survey.

The Code of Ethics of Kroger Co. says that the company maintains integrity and requires its employees to live up to the highest moral, ethical and legal standards, but are seldom followed.

Kroger ensures to offer safe and drug-free workplaces for their employees.  If a drug test is required, Kroger ensures the procedures align with the requirements of the state and the federal laws.

Based on the testimony of ex-employees and employees still working at Kroger, they were asked to undergo a pre-employment drug test.  Kroger’s preferred drug test method is mouth swab test.  Kroger requires its employees in safety sensitive positions to undergo random or scheduled drug tests, though drug testing is seldom done unless there is an accident that caused damage to properties, injury to employees and customers, and to curb untoward accidents in the workplace.

Kroger usually follows the standard 5-panel drug test to detect drugs like amphetamine, morphine, opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine and THC.

Kroger stores that require pre-employment drug test generally use urine drug test and mouth swab or saliva drug test.  Kroger Store in Cincinnati, Ohio employs urine drug test method, while those at Nashville, Raleigh, Keller, Atlanta, The Woodlands, Flint, Peoria, Louisville, Worthington, Lakewood, Ann Arbor and many others utilize mouth swab or saliva test.

If an individual fails pre- or post-employment drug test, Kroger immediately terminates employment with them.

Does Home Depot drug test?

The Home Depot, Inc. is one of the largest home improvement retailing industries in the United States, supplying various tools, construction products and other services.

Home Depot has a strict policy against drugs.  They conduct at least two drug tests within the company.  The first drug test takes place just before an applicant is hired, and the other takes place randomly during employment.

Home Depot uses two methods to check their employees for substance abuse.  One is mouth swab drug test and the other urine drug test.  According to employees’ testimony, oral swab or saliva drug test is the preferred pre-employment test.

Home Depot is strict about their drug abuse policies.  If an individual is tested positive for any substance regardless of what kind of drug, he/she will be terminated immediately from work.

Does IBM drug test?

In addition to federal and state law requirements, IBM has been providing its employees with a safe and productive work environment.  IBM has constituted a comprehensive policy which specifically prohibits the use, dispensation, manufacture, distribution, sale or possession of illegal drugs and/or unauthorized controlled substances on IBM premises or any other IBM work environment including IBM owned or leased vehicle, any customer site or other locations where IBM business is being conducted.

Employees may be tested for drugs and/or alcohol whenever IBM has reasonable suspicion that the employee is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace or has violated the substance abuse policy.  Employees with confirmed positive test results will be subjected to disciplinary action, including dismissal.  IBM may also aid its employees for substance abuse evaluation or treatment, drug or alcohol counseling and rehabilitation.

IBM assists its employees in obtaining treatments through IBM’s benefits program or the Employee Assistance Program.  IBM may do periodic testing without prior notice during and following the evaluation and treatment period for up to two years.  Any concerns related to IBM’s Substance Abuse Policy and Testing Program may be brought to the attention of Human Resources or Management.

Does McDonald’s drug test?

McDonald’s was founded in San Bernardino, California and has been evolving since 1940.  McDonald’s has the second largest workforce with 1.5 million employees working for its franchises.

According to McDonald’s Standard of Business Conduct for Employees, it does not abet possession or use of alcohol or other illegal drugs in the workplace.  At McDonald’s, employees are not permitted to work under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol or any other substance that could prevent them from performing their jobs safely and effectively.  Any employee who goes against the rules would be subjected to disciplinary action and would be required to undergo a drug test.

McDonald’s reserves the right to conduct random or scheduled drug tests to its employees.  McDonald’s in Arkansas, Oregon and Washington, for instance, do random drug tests for their employees.  Employees applying for managerial positions also require to take drug tests.

McDonald’s requires its prospective employees to undergo pre-employment drug tests, though drug tests are not asked or done during the initial interview.  It is done on a case-to-case basis and depends upon which place or state one is applying.  One has to sign the contract while applying at McDonald’s that states “employees are subject to random drug testing.”  Also, some branches of McDonald’s have signs like “We drug test all applicants.”

At McDonald’s, drug screening is undertaken for Cocaine, Opiates, THC, Methamphetamine, PCP, etc.

McDonald’s utilizes 5-panel urine drug test depending on the place one would be working.  For example, McDonald’s Cabot in Arkansas, Roseburg in Oregon as well as in Ephrata in Washington utilizes the 5-panel urine drug test method.

Anyone considering employment at McDonald’s should expect to be screened at some point during the employment, if not immediately prior to being employed.

Does Fedex drug test?

FedEx Corporation is a multinational company that provides road and air delivery services, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.  FedEx Corporation was founded in 1971 and is one of the top courier service companies in operation, and ninth largest privately-owned American company.

FedEx adheres to the prevalent federal and state laws with regard to illegal drugs and controlled substances.  It has committed to implement a safe, healthy and drug-free workplace.

FedEx performs random, scheduled, reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug testings on its employees, especially in safety-sensitive positions.  In US, FedEx personnel specifically pilots and drivers are subjected to the DOT drug test, while others may only be required to undergo non-DOT drug tests.

FedEx may hire some applicants even without requiring them to undergo pre-employment drug test, while it may also strictly require some applicants to undergo pre-employment drug tests, especially those applying for safety-sensitive positions.  FedEx in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado, for instance, require pre-employment drug testing on their prospective employees regardless of positions being applied.  Pre-employment drug tests can be done onsite or at a licensed drug testing lab handpicked by FedEx.

FedEx mostly utilizes the standard 5-panel drug test to detect the presence of alcohol and traces of illegal drugs.  FedEx may also prefer other types of drug tests like 7-panel or 10-panel drug tests.

FedEx employees and applicants are mostly screened via urine drug test.  However, FedEx may also prefer blood drug test, just like in Denver’s FedEx, which is known for alternating urine drug test and blood drug test.

Does UPS drug test?

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

UPS has Drug and Alcohol policy and testing depends on the job role, location and the manager.  Drivers, package handlers and warehouse staffs are subjected to random drug testing.  New hires or reapplying to the company will need to undergo drug test and pass before signing the contract.  Post-accident drug test is initiated in the event of accidents.

At UPS, most preferred drug test methods are oral swab drug test and urine drug test and detect some of the most common drugs such as opiates, marijuana, meth, barbiturates, cocaine, phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, amphetamine, ethyl alcohol, hydrocodone, and others.

Failing the test will definitely lead to termination of employment or termination of contract.

Does Chase Bank drug test?

JPMorgan Chase Bank or Chase Bank is an American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company, headquartered in Manhattan, New York City.  It incorporates the consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of the US multinational banking and financial services holding company.

Banks are considered to be federal contractors, and they are required to comply or subscribe to the Drug-free Workplace Program of the federal government.  JPMorgan Chase’s Code of Conduct states that “they are aware that use of illegal drugs and alcohol can definitely create serious safety and health risks,” and for this reason “engages federal government’s drug-free workplace programs.”

Chase Bank does not abet the use of drugs or being under the influence of drugs at workplace and requires all its team members to perform their job-related duties unimpaired.  If any person is found to be unfit for work due to drug use may be subjected to disciplinary action or may lead to termination of employment.

As federal contractor, Chase Bank requires to follow the federal guidelines on drug testing to include mouth swab or oral fluid, hair, sweat patch and urine.  These tests detect Cocaine, Marijuana, Phencyclidine, Opiates, and Amphetamine.  The most preferred would be the urine test that utilizes 5-panel drug test.  Chase Bank conducts pre-employment drug testing for prospective employees.

Does the Bank of America drug test?

The Bank of America Corporation is a multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Since Bank of America is a federal contractor, it needs to comply with the federal drug-free workplace program.  It is mandated to have a drug-testing policy that is very clear and underline the specific consequences concomitant with the violation of policy.  Bank of America reserves the right to conduct random, scheduled, reasonable-suspicion, or post-accident drug testing, even if the implementation of this drug testing policy may contradict the existing laws of the state.

Bank of America conducts an intensive and thorough series of interviews and pre-employment background and credit checks on its prospective employees.  Bank of America only conducts pre-employment drug testing on prospective employees assigned to safety-sensitive positions.  

Bank of America, as a federal contractor, would surely not want to hire habitual or occasional illegal drug user, and would definitely conduct stringent pre-employment hiring procedures on its prospective employees.

Bank of America like other companies uses the standard 5-panel urine drug test to detect the traces of commonly abused drugs.

Does Comcast drug test?

Comcast Corporation is global telecommunications conglomerate that has the largest cable television and broadcasting company based on revenue, headquartered at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It has around 190,000 employees as of December 2019.

Comcast’s Code of Conduct indicates its highest standard of adherence when it comes to employees’ conduct while at workplace.  Comcast concurs with the Drug-free Workplace Program of the federal government.

Comcast requires pre-employment drug testing for prospective employees and is usually conducted after the prospective employees are given conditional job offers following a series of interviews and examinations.  Applicants will only be asked to undergo pre-employment drug testing after their orientation about the drug testing policy of the company and after they were provided with a written copy of Comcast’s drug testing policy.

Comcast necessitates its employees in safety-sensitive positions to undergo scheduled and random drug testing.  Drug testing is also conducted based on reasonable suspicion or if there is an accident at the workplace that results into damage to properties or injury within the workplace.

Comcast basically uses the 5-panel urine drug test method to detect traces of common drugs like THC, PCP, Opiates, Cocaine and Methamphetamines.

Top industries that drug test and their Policy

  • Construction Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • General Services Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • High Tech and Software Industry

Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988

US Department of Labor Policy states it is illegal for employees “to manufacture, dispense, distribute or possess prohibited controlled substances.”  The enforcement of the law is not limited to one department or jurisdiction. It can be included as part of the employment contract.  As for enforcement of the law, there really is not anyone or any department to enforce it.  Marijuana is still regarded as a controlled substance due to it being illegal under federal law.

Violation of the Drug Free Workplace Act varies among companies.  Since the law is specific to federal contractors, the penalties are standard.  Penalties include, but not limited to:

  • Payment for activities can be revoked
  • Contract can be terminated
  • Contractor may face suspension or may be prohibited against involving in any future grants or contracts for a specified period of time.
  • The agency that the contractor is involved with will determine if the law is violated and if the contractor should receive one or more penalties due to this violation.

Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991

The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 involves drug and alcohol testing for safety-sensitive transportation employees in aviation, railroads, trucking, mass transit, pipelines, and other transportation industries.  The Act covers majority of the transportation workers.

Top States that Drug Test

  1. Oregon
  2. Maine
  3. Vermont
  4. Alabama
  5. Louisiana
  6. Massachusetts
  7. California
  8. Delaware
  9. Arkansas
  10. Michigan
  11. Arizona
  12. Florida
  13. Georgia
  14. Washington
  15. Hawaii
  16. Iowa
  17. Minnesota
  18. Kansas
  19. Mississippi
  20. Missouri
  21. Nebraska
  22. Nevada
  23. North Carolina
  24. Oklahoma
  25. Tennessee
  26. Utah
  27. Maine
  28. Wisconsin
  29. Michigan
  30. Colorado
  31. Montana
  32. Alaska
  33. District of Columbia
  34. Idaho
  35. Indiana
  36. Kentucky
  37. Maryland
  38. New Hampshire
  39. New Jersey
  40. New Mexico
  41. New York
  42. North Dakota
  43. Ohio
  44. Rhode Island
  45. Pennsylvania
  46. South Carolina
  47. South Dakota
  48. Texas
  49. West Virginia
  50. Wyoming

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