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Saliva Drug Test Kits or Mouth Swab Drug Test Kits are designed to detect the presence of illegal drugs in the system using a saliva sample. The test can identify recent drug use, usually within the past few days.  Be it personal use or workplace drug testing, our saliva drug test kits provides accurate results and ensure a safe and drug-free environment. 

Many customers and employers are turning towards saliva drug testing to avoid privacy concerns during the urine drug test.  You can perform the drug test at office or at home and dispose it once you get the results (within 5 minutes). 

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What Shows Up On A Saliva Drug Test?

A mouth swab drug test can detect the following substances

  • AMP & MAMP - 50 ng/mL
  • Barbiturates  - 50 ng/mL
  • Benzodiazepines - 10 ng/mL
  • THC - 50 ng/mL
  • COC - 20 ng/mL
  • Opioids - 40 ng/mL
  • PCP - 10 ng/mL

Uritox LLC offers high-quality mouth swab drug testing kits online at the cheapest rates. Our 5 panel kits check for major drugs of abuse, whereas the 10 panel checks for benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and synthetic opiates.

If you are looking for oral THC test kits, you can go with our 5 panel or 6 panel mouth swab test. 

Mouth Swab Drug Test Detection Period


Detection Time

Disappears in


Immediately after intake

12 hours


Five to ten minutes

One day (24 hours)


Five to ten minutes

Three days (72 hours)


60 minutes 

12 hours


60 minutes

21 hours


You would be declared positive in a saliva drug test if the level of drug metabolites are above the drug cut-off levels as prescribed by SAMHSA.

Compare Mouth Swab Drug Test vs Urine Drug Test 

Instructions To Use the Mouth Swab Drug Test Kits

Before jumping into the instructions, here is the thing- Avoid taking any food or fluid 10 minutes before the drug test. Keep the device at room temperature before the drug test.

Here is the video that demonstrates how to use the saliva drug testing kits

Why Customers Love Our Oral Saliva Drug Test Kits?

Customers love mouth swab drug test kits from Uritox because of the following benefits

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  5. Unique Saliva saturation indicator


Is it possible to cheat the mouth swab drug test?

No. There is no way that you can tamper with your oral drug test. You will be under the supervision of the tester during the test, and the chances are meager to cheat your drug test.

Which industries and organizations conduct mouth swab drug tests?

Almost all organizations conduct urine or saliva drug tests as their preliminary screening for their new hires and employees. There are some MNC jobs that mouth swab drug test is the primary drug testing procedure to detect the drug presence in individuals. 

    How long can a saliva drug test detect THC and other drugs?

    A saliva drug test can detect the drugs between 48 to 72 hours. Be it THC, COC, MMJ or any other synthetic opiates,  the drugs may stay in the buccal cavity for a minimum of 48 hours. It may stay longer if you have consumed it regularly or addicted to THC. 

    How to beat a saliva drug test?

    There is only one promising way to beat a mouth swab drug test. Yes, it is by keeping yourself away from scheduled substances. 

    Where can I buy a saliva drug test kit near me?

    Buy your cheapest oral saliva drug testing kits online at Uritox LLC. We have been promoting a drug-free workplace for 17 years and screened over 1.3 million employees and counting.

    Where to get at-home saliva drug test near me?

    You can buy your at home saliva drug testing kits online at Uritox LLC with just one click. Uritox is determined to help Americans get their dream jobs and help employers create a safe and productive workplace by offering high quality drug testing kits. Our kits comes with exciting features and benefits. Same Day Shipping Available. Order now!