Mouth Swab or Saliva Drug Test Kits

Mouth Swab Drug Test Kits provide precise results similar to the urine drug test eliminating the necessity to deal with urine samples. Oral saliva swab drug test strips are easier to administer and perfect for employers to conduct pre-employment drug testing, random drug test and post-accident drug testing. We stock high-quality oral swab drug test kits that can provide you instant results (5 minutes).

Oral Swab Drug Test Kit Procedures

Note: Avoid intaking any food or fluid 10 minutes before the drug test. Keep the device at room temperature before the drug test.

Step 1: Tear the notch of your saliva drug test kit. Remove the test cube and the sponge collector from the pouch and place the test cube upright on a flat surface.

Step 2: Insert the sponge collector into your mouth and collect the oral fluid for about 3 minutes. Continue until the red color appears in the saliva saturation indicator. If the indicator does not turn red for 7 minutes, repeat the process with the new device from step 1.

Step 3: Place the saturated sponge collector inside the test cube and make sure that you have closed it firmly till the collector reaches the bottom of the test cube. Keep the test cube upright on a flat surface and wait for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Interpreting the test results

Alcohol test result - You can get the result in 2 minutes.

  • Negative - No color changes either in the C or T region of the test cube.
  • Positive - The T region completely disappears. Only the C region is visible.

Drug test result - You can read the result in 3 minutes.

Do not read them after 3 minutes. Negative drug test results showcase no signs of color change, and the positive ones may show slight to no color in the T region. The color intensity does not matter. 


Is it possible to cheat the mouth swab drug test?

No. There is no way that you can tamper with your saliva drug test. You will be under the supervision of the tester during the test, and the chances are meager to cheat your drug test.

How accurate is the saliva drug test?

Swab drug tests are considered an alternative to the urine drug test because they provide immediate and precise results (99% accuracy) within a short time frame without affecting the individual’s privacy.

Which industries and organizations conduct saliva drug tests?

Almost all organizations conduct urine or saliva drug tests as their preliminary screening for their new hires and employees. Some organizations specifically use oral drug tests to test for the drug presence in individuals.