Does H-E-B Drug Test?

Does H-E-B Drug Test?


Yes, H-E-B drug tests. But, it doesn't require a pre-employment drug screening for while hiring.

In H-E-B, every employee must sign their Drug-Free Workplace Policy, but performing drug tests depends on the discretion of the manager and location. H-E-B conducts drug tests on employees who work in safety-sensitive tasks, during workplace accidents, and randomly.

Overall, drug testing is not carried out on all the employees but depends on the position and location; the same applies to new hires. 

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H-E-B ensures a drug-free and competitive work environment for their employees. They follow an updated drug testing policy to guarantee a safe, drug-free, and professional environment for their employees and customers.

H-E-B conducts drug tests in four scenarios based on their drug testing policy:

  1. Pre-employment drug test. (Generally, H-E-B does not conduct a drug test on all but depends upon the store manager, nature of the job, and location.)
  2. Mandatory drug tests for candidates hired into pharmacy and management positions.
  3. Drug testing during workplace injuries or accidents.
  4. Random drug testing, every quarter, to ensure discipline and deterrence against drugs among the employees.

Hence, H-E-B performs drug tests on their employees to ensure workplace safety for their workers and customers. They adhere to the state’s laws and are committed to eliminating drug use inside and outside the work premises.

H-E-B have a drug-free workplace program in place that is crafted on the guidelines of SAMHSA DFWP program.

Who is H-E-B?

H-E-B is a private group of grocery chains headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Right from their launch in 1905, they have been highly focusing on food products and pharmaceuticals.

In 2004, H-E-B initiated H-E-B plus to expand their market, offering entertainment and other general merchandise categories. They operate various departments - Grocery Stores, Pharmaceuticals, Restaurants, etc., with more than 100,000 employees all around the United States.

The management adheres to strict workplace policies, and the drug test is one among them. There is no doubt that they do random 5 panel urine drug test for their employees to maintain work ethics.

But do they drug test the new hires? Let us find out.

Does H-E-B Drug Test New Hires?

H-E-B does not always drug test new hires, but they do conduct depending on the job positions at some locations. It generally depends on the manager. A manager could ask for a drug test for a new hire if it is deemed significant.

Does H-E-B Perform Background Verification?

Yes, H-E-B does conduct background verification before hiring a candidate. They do thorough background checks, and if they find anything amiss regarding drug use/abuse or previous crime related to drugs, they conduct a drug test on the candidate before hiring.

It is no wonder that H-E-B does not hesitate to hire felons unless they are assured about the hire’s attitude.

Does H-E-B Drug Test In Texas?

Texas’ statute does not prohibit any private firm or employer from testing the employee for illegal drugs. However, an employer in Texas should be aware of the legal issues associated with screening a candidate. They include - disability medication, discrimination claim, defamation claim, and invasion of privacy.

Although Texas is H-E-B’s headquarters, their drug testing policy is no different from other states, meaning H-E-B does not drug test unless it is deemed necessary. 

Does H-E-B Drug Test Night Stockers?

Night stockers are mostly not drug tested by H-E-B. According to the H-E-B drug testing policy 2022, there are two circumstances in which the night stockers would be drug tested. First, they would be randomly drug tested, and second, during workplace injury or accident.

Night stockers at H-E-B are not frequently drug tested, but they could be if suspected to be taking drugs or inappropriate behavior towards coworkers. It also depends on the manager’s discretion and the location.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does H-E-B Prefer?

H-E-B generally prefers Urine Drug Screen (UDS) method as per their drug testing policy since urine tests produce quicker results and cost-effectiveness. H-E-B also sometimes run saliva or mouth swab drug test during pre-employment.

Whatever test they do, you must always be prepared.

What Drugs Do H-E-B Drug Tests Look For?

H-E-B typically conducts a 5 panel drug test for screening employees. They include THC, COC, AMP, PCP, and OPI. The biological specimen they mostly obtain is urine, but they also obtain saliva to detect the drug metabolites above the cut-off levels.

H-E-B Drug Testing Policy 2022

H-E-B necessitates every employee, including new hires, to sign their workplace drug testing policy. That said, it gives them the freedom to conduct drug tests randomly on any employee. They also hold the right to drug test an employee encountered with an accident or injury in the workplace.

The H-E-B drug testing policy indicates - Pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, and workplace accidents. If you opt for pharmacy or management positions, there would be a mandatory pre-employment drug test.

How To Pass The H-E-B Drug Test?

H-E-B performs urine drug tests for new hires, randomly for workers, and encounters leading to trauma or injuries.

H-E-B follows stringent policies, and hence if found positive during the drug test, they wouldn’t hire if you are a potential candidate and fire you if already working for them. Hence, if you don’t take drugs, you are on the safe side.

If you do so, then follow the below steps that may help you clear the drug test with much ease:

  1. Stop taking drugs once you get the drug test notification or at least two weeks before the test.
  2. Follow natural detoxification by drinking enormous amounts of fluids to flush out the toxins and their metabolites out of the body. Use vitamin B3 supplements to evade dilution.
  3. You may use synthetic urine similar to natural human urine with all the essential chemicals like urea, uric acid, creatinine, and a sufficient level of specific gravity in it. However, it may prove risky to sneak in such products if you are under direct supervision during the collection process.
  4. A high-quality and robust detox drink will not only flush out the drug metabolites from your system but also replace the lost nutrients. Cranberry juice detox is the best detox drink that might help you clear off some drug metabolites from your system.

What If I Failed The H-E-B Drug Test?

If you fail the pre-employment drug test conducted by H-E-B, they would hardly hire you. You may reapply after six months and take a drug test again.

In case you are an employee and tested positive during random drug screening, H-E-B will subject you to disciplinary action or terminate you.

If you refuse to take a drug test, it will be considered positive, and you may be fired.

Summing It Up

Discipline and focus on the job are essential virtues that reputed companies demand, and H-E-B is not an exception. H-E-B is very strong on their no-drug-use policy, and you will either face disciplinary action depending on your position or lose your job if, at any point, you test positive.

If you are looking for a career in H-E-B, you need to know their drug testing policies and keep yourself away from any illicit drugs or abstain if taking any.

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