Top 25 Temp Agencies Hiring Felon Friendly Jobs

Top 25 Temp Agencies Hiring Felon Friendly Jobs


Temporary employment agencies, or temp agencies, are portals that link workers and employers for a fee. Although some temp agencies specialize in a specific industry or niche, others work in various sectors.

It means that not only do you have a team of recruiting experts dedicated to finding you a paying job, but that you also don't have to pay for it. There are no hidden costs or expenses, and even though the job is categorized as a "temporary position," your temp agency will continue to find you  employment. Here are a list of temp agencies that may help you in your job search.

Most organizations are incentivized to hire felons so don't let your past history stop you from finding a good paying job.

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Top 25 Temp Agencies that Hire Felons

Here is a list of 25 temp agencies that have worked with felons in the past. These organizations provide a variety of jobs for felons, including:

1. Adecco

Adecco is the largest temp agency in the United States, with offices all over the country. Finance, accounting, manufacturing, industrial, transportation, customer support, retail, human resources, hospitality, call centers, warehouse, and marketing are areas where you can find work.

2. Artisan Talent

This temp agency connects skilled labor with large and small businesses in fields such as UX design, coding, and marketing, among others. Their offices can be found in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Auburn Hills, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Rockford, and Indianapolis, among other cities.

3. All Team Staffing

A temp agency with a solid reputation for providing high-quality work opportunities. They specialize in various areas, including administrative and clerical work, the environment, hospitality, food processing, healthcare, labor, and industrial employment.

4. Customer Driven Staffing

Hundreds of hospitality, clerical, light industry, manufacturing, warehouse, and technology are available here. Regardless of size, the company values all of its workers and keeps most of its temporary employees as permanent employees.

5. Aramark

Aramark department is the largest in the United States, with over 280,000 employees. They have hundreds of jobs in education, healthcare, engineering, hospitality, food processing, and various other fields.

6. Dillard & Associates Staffing

This is the only temp agency that has work openings for felons. It is a work board for felony offenders only. They also provide resume writing workshops and other tools to assist felons in improving their employability.

7. Careerco

Careerco is a one-of-a-kind organization with over 34,000 members. They have thousands of job openings in a variety of industries. They have a system that matches job seekers with possible positions based on desires, experience, interests, qualifications, geographic location, and other factors.

8. Elite Staffing

This is a nationwide organization with hundreds of job openings, mainly in drop distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, and light and skilled industrial work.

9. Expresspros

This felon-friendly temp agency knows how to get you your dream job, with over 800 locations and 60,000 employees. They specialize in the warehouse, finance, shipping/receiving, administration, industrial, lathe operator, welder, forklift driver, maintenance worker, and other related fields.

10. Integrity Staffing

This one is another top temp agency. Again, this is a well-known organization present in almost every state in the United States. They advertise job openings with Amazon and other companies in clerical and administrative work, warehouse work, and finance.

11. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a massive organization with locations on every continent. The platform aims to make your job search more accessible with its 500,000 temp positions and ex-con friendliness. Construction, building, call center, maintenance, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, installation, and hospitality are areas where they have openings.

12. Frontline Source Group

In recent years, this placement firm has experienced tremendous growth. Finance and accounting, healthcare, engineering, customer support, administrative, information technology, and human resources are all available jobs.

13. Manpower

This organization demands that the applicant's crime be older than seven years. If yours does, this is an excellent place to start looking for work. Trade and services, food services, military, retail, hospitality services, oil and gas, distribution and supply, and many other fields are all available.

14. MVP

This firm has established positive relationships with various employers in various states and industries. MVP connects work seekers with employers without conducting any background checks. Distribution, light industry, department stores, food manufacturing, clericals, small business, and warehouse jobs are all available.

15. Nettemps

This organization is a fast way to look for work. You can apply easily by filling  out your contact information (email, name, etc.) And submitting your resume online. Then you should go ahead and look at their job listings.

16. Oasis outsourcing

Small and medium-sized companies are the focus of Oasis Outsourcing. Many of their clients hire ex-offenders "under certain circumstances." When they introduce you to their applicant list, they'll almost certainly run a background check. You may also be required to pass a drug test to be considered for such tasks.

17. People Ready

This is a massive temp agency with hundreds of vacancies in manufacturing, catering, waste management, recycling, warehouse, transportation, general labor, construction, and skilled trades for experienced and unskilled laborers.

18. Pirate Staffing

This agency deals with manual labor, but it covers a wide range of industries.

Sign holders, plumbers, food service workers, order pullers, professional traders, warehousing, caterers, manufacturing, freight handling, assembly, forklift drivers, Class A, B, C, CDL drivers, and restoration are among the positions available.

19. Prologistix

Prologistix is one of the most well-known temp agencies. Surprisingly, they are only famous for providing work-related to warehouse logistics. They have several branch offices located in the United States.

20. Pridestaff

This temp agency works with both small and large businesses in a variety of industries. Felony convicts may find work in various fields, including information technology, customer service, retail, hospitality, food processing, shipping/receiving, packaging, and more.

21. Resource MFG

This is another directory organization that caters to a particular niche. They have 34 locations in 34 states, all of which specialize in manufacturing employment to felons.

22. Spherion

Your felony must be older than seven years to qualify for a job on this website. This organization has offices in almost every major city in the United States.

Spherion has positions in administrative and clerical, customer support, light industry, and non-clinical healthcare, among other fields.

23. Staffmark

This firm is widely regarded as a top recruiting firm in the United States. Every week, they provide new jobs to over 40,000 casual employers. Their openings cater to a wide variety of interests.

24. Randstad USA

At the moment, Randstad has over 11 000 job openings. Development, building and grounds cleaning, call center, repair, admin support, manufacturing, and warehousing are all covered by these roles.

25. The Reserves Network

This organization is notable for its excellent employee benefits. Their branches are located in 16 different states throughout the United States.

They have openings in various industries, including food services, manufacturing, assembly, forklift driver, machine operator, repair, and industrial machinery.

Why should Temp Agencies be considered?

Not only for felons but for anyone, filling out work applications can be a frustrating and draining experience. Unfortunately, much of the time, the effort put into this endeavor is in vain. However, this isn't the case with temp companies.  Here are a few main benefits of using a temp agency to find work:

  1. You'll have access to a variety of jobs and many more work opportunities.
  2. You are only allowed to apply for entry to temp agencies. Most businesses tend to outsource their hiring to temp agencies. Don't hold your breath – you'll never see their advertisements in the newspaper or on television.
  3. Employers are looking to fill some vacancies quickly, so you might be able to get a job soon.
  4. For their recruiting needs, several companies turn to their agencies, and there are 2.6 million people in the United States who serve as temporary employees. So, with or without a criminal record, the chances of landing a decent job are pretty good.
  5. Temps are often hired for permanent roles.
  6. These agencies are more likely to match you with employers who do not conduct thorough background checks.
  7. Taking on temporary work allows you to focus on other areas of your life, such as further education or obtaining a degree.

What kinds of jobs are available?

The bulk of the positions are available, don't necessitate a college diploma or any previous experience. Of course, those things are desirable, but they aren't always needed in the industries. What matters most is that you're inspired, dedicated, and aware of your strengths.

Many businesses have on-the-job preparation, which you can appreciate. The first crucial step in getting back on your feet is to find a decent job.

1. Welding

Welding is a lucrative career for many convicted felons. Depending on where you live and the environment in which you choose to specialize, you can perform various welding tasks as a welder.

Shapers, cutters, and welding tools are used to connect metal parts according to the company's specifications. In addition, some welders develop new materials, install bridges, and assist in constructing large structures.

2. Electrician

Start working as an electrician if you need a career as a felon. When you follow this career path, you can work both inside and outside. Depending on the organization for which you work, you install, operate, and repair electrical systems in homes, businesses, and government buildings.

You could assist in improving short circuits and the prevention of fire hazards, and that's just the start. Make sure you're prepared to work in a variety of conditions and temperatures as an electrician.

3. Carpenter

If you want a job with a steady pay check and room for advancement, this is the direction to take. As a carpenter, you work both inside and outside in all types of weather, from hot to cold. Some carpenters use small tools to form and mold plastic and other materials.

As a carpenter, you can assist with the installation of cabinets, hallways, and other buildings.

4. Military

While some people believe that having a felony record prevents them from joining the military, this is not always the case. When determining whether or not to let you join the service, the military considers several factors. There are several branches, each with jobs and ranks, that decide how much money you will earn per month.

5. Truck Driver

The demand for truck drivers has increased worldwide as the number of people making transactions online has increased. Unfortunately, running a commercial truck is also stressful, which leads to a high turnover rate.

On the other hand, the turnover rate is beneficial to you because it indicates that trucking companies are still looking for new drivers.

There are many work openings available and opportunities for advancement. With enough time and experience, you might even find yourself rising through the ranks to a managerial role or being motivated to pursue specialist certification.

How does temporary employment works?

You'd have to register with a temporary employment agency first, just like every other job. Then, you'll be asked to attend an interview with your resume and other documentation, as required by the various agencies. Finally, after a good screening, most temp agencies will ask you to sign a contract.

Temp agencies will begin matching you with relevant jobs as soon as you are accepted, based on your resume and other preferences. There would be no more interviews with the employers; you would be hired right away, and work would begin. Positions are usually temporary, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few years.

Following a specific task, the department will assist you in locating other places that require your expertise. The organization can decide to keep you on as a full-time employee in the future. Check-in with your agency from time to time to let them know you're still available if any positions become available.

How much does it cost to work for a Temp Agency?

The reality is that most temp agencies charge their services to the employer rather than the temp. Typically, this premium is based on a 50 to 100 percent markup on the employee's hourly wage. For instance, if you are paid $16 per hour, the temp agency is paid $32 per hour by the organization where you are employed. This means the temp agency earns $12 per hour, or a 70 percent profit margin.

Although temp agencies charge such high rates, it is in their best interest for them to place you in a position as soon as possible so they can start making money. It's important to remember that you'll be paid the amount that the temp agency tells you. You are unable to negotiate with the boss directly.

Which is the better option? Temp Agencies: Big vs. Small

Temp companies come in a variety of sizes, as previously mentioned. These organizations, whether small or large, each have their own set of advantages. So, keep applying to as many agencies as you can, no matter how large, or small they are.

In Google's search box, type in "temp agency near me" to find a nearby temp agency. You will have a long list of agencies in your region.

There is a distinction between big and small businesses when it comes to felons and other candidates. Let's take a look at how they vary and which one provides better opportunities.

1. Competition

Two factors largely determine the number of job prospects available to you. How many job openings are there, and how many applicants are there?  A large agency would typically have a larger pool of work. This means that there would be more competition for a small number of positions. A smaller, specialized firm can have more options.

2. Training

Larger organizations have more money to devote to employee preparation. This is a promising option for felons who have no prior work experience or schooling.

These organizations often aim to hire more people for entry-level and low-level jobs. These are excellent for beginners. On the other hand, small agencies are a safer option for those who can handle specialized tasks.

3. Quality

Things get lost in the shuffle in large agencies, as they do in every large organization. Their main goal is to recruit as many employees as possible and send out as many temporary workers as possible who want to stay out of trouble.

This is a safe option. However, it also entails low pay, inadequate preparation, and dissatisfaction with one's work. Smaller firms take longer to respond to client requests. They put in more effort to establish good relationships with employers and to comprehend their needs.

This improves the temp's work satisfaction and motivation. When a vacancy occurs, it may also mean a greater chance of permanent jobs.

4. Speed

Smaller firms excel at filling roles for their clients. They have a thorough understanding of the applicants on their list. They can easily match them to relevant jobs when they become available. The larger temp agencies have procedures that must be followed.

As a result, work openings would take longer to fill. In addition, it can be challenging to choose the best candidate because there are so many. You'd think this would be bad for the company.

On the other hand, big companies have several contracts with employers and are constantly adding to their client list. Losing a few customers now and then does not affect their bottom line. In the short and long term, slower operations and increased competition can result in fewer jobs. A temp with bills to pay would find working in such an environment difficult.

One advantage of small-scale temp agencies is that they are less concerned about your criminal history. Even if they conduct a background check, it is insufficient as compared to larger temp agencies.

Do Temp Agencies perform a criminal background search?

For any of their employees, most staffing and temp companies in the United States conduct a background check and a pre-employment drug screening. Some smaller departments, on the other hand, might be more lenient with this activity.

Furthermore, even after your background check is completed, if they like you and see that you possess the expertise they need, the agency will still be able to work with you.

When interviewing with temp agencies, it's best to be utterly frank about your criminal record.

Programs that help Felons find employment

While it can seem hopeless to look for work with a felony on your record, there are resources available to support you. Support for Felons also assists them with other challenges they are likely to encounter.

This contains the following:

  • Tools for Felon-Friendly Housing
  • Data on food stamps
  • Newly released felons should read these books.
  • Felony loans and grants
  • Knowledge of the law
  • Here are a few services and tools that can assist felons in seeking work- 
  • The work opportunity tax credit

The work opportunity is a federal initiative that seeks to assist marginalized job seekers by providing a tax credit to employers who recruit them. The tax credit is offered to employers who hire workers from specific categories, such as ex-felons, veterans, and people on government assistance.

1. The federal bonding program

This federal assistance program works by providing mutually agreed-upon insurance cover for employers who recruit potentially risky employees. This helps ex-felons, criminals, and people with no work experience negotiate a position as an employee because it reduces the chance of harming the company.


Help for Felons is a website dedicated to providing information and resources to people who have recently been released from prison. They aim to support ex-offenders in all facets of their reintegration back into society. A lot of the information on Help for Felons is about job prospects.

Tips for Felons looking for a job

1. Do your Research

Using research to your advantage is the secret to any excellent job quest. More information about the recruiting process, felon capital, and statewide employment data is accessible for free online. So make most of the opportunities at your disposal to place yourself as the best candidate for a job opening.

2. Be truthful in the application method

When applying for a position and interviewing for one, it's crucial to be truthful. However, for ex-convicts searching for jobs, this is critical because negative stereotypes still exist that obstruct their job quest.

If an employer finds that you lied during an interview, there's no way they'll consider you despite your criminal record. So even though telling a prospective employer that you have a felony on your record can be daunting, it is essential to be seen as a trustworthy candidate and take a step in the right direction.

3. Apply for a variety of jobs

Although it's common wisdom to be picky when applying for work and only send resumes to positions that fit your dream career, this isn't practical for someone with a criminal record.

Instead, send out as many applications as possible to increase your chances of getting a response. When looking for a career role as a felon, it's always easier to have more choices.

4. Maintain an optimistic outlook

Maintaining a good outlook is perhaps the most important piece of advice for an ex-offender looking for work. While the road to reentry and finding a paying job can be difficult at times, there is something worth striving for. So keep going and note that there is a career opening for you out there.

5. Consider returning to school

Having a degree or qualification in a specific skill can only help you land a job. In addition, it improves your competitiveness as a candidate, and your credentials make your resume stand out. Although returning to school to pursue a career after incarceration isn't for everybody, you might be shocked by how many educational options are accessible.

Final thoughts

Getting a job as a convicted criminal can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. This list of jobs is ideal for those with a criminal record looking to change their financial status by working in a high-paying position.

Remember to review your local legal requirements before going forward and choosing a course because some states require you to have a license for some of these positions. If you're still undecided about which career is best for you, consider your priorities and passions.

Your new career is just the beginning of the life you're creating for yourself. So after you've gotten your foot in the house, make sure to keep your hands clean.

 Learn the policies and guidelines of the job you're applying for, and you'll have the best chance of succeeding in the long run. The career you've always wanted is closer than you think, you can start right now.

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