Does GameStop Drug Test? Find Career Opportunities At GameStop

Does GameStop Drug Test? Find Career Opportunities At GameStop


GameStop is the ultimate destination for all game lovers. It is well known for its high-quality video games, electronics, and gaming merchandise. It has more than 5000 stores operating worldwide, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe and making it currently the world's largest video game seller.

There are 14000 full-time and 22000-42000 part-time employees working at different stores of GameStop. If you are a gamer, working at GameStop will be very comfortable for you, and you will also get discounts on various video games, which make life more happening. Now, we will discuss how you can be one of the employees at GameStop.

Most common drug test used at GameStop is the 5 Panel Urine Drug Test.


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Does GameStop drug test?

Drug testing in retail shops in the USA is quite common. But, in the case of GameStop, the picture is not entirely clear. Some people working at GameStop claim that they never went through a drug test, whereas others say that GameStop does drug testing. They generally face it during the interview process. Long Story Short, you should be prepared for a drug test before you seek a position at GameStop. 

Now, Can you be drug tested during your employment? Yes, but very rarely. If your activities at the store are unusual or by any other means your character becomes suspicious, then GameStop will not delay doing your drug test. 

Why does GameStop drug test?

First of all, you should understand that drug testing is not bizarre. Retailers, especially in the USA, are following it for a long time. It is done to hire the most potential employees and to avoid any drug-related conflicts in the future. Many people lose the opportunity to work at GameStop as they could not clear the drug test. Before filling out the application form for GameStop, you should know whether you can pass a drug test or not.

How does GameStop drug test?

As we discussed above that you may or may not face a drug test before joining GameStop. But to be on the safer side, you must always be prepared for such tests and should know how it's done. At GameStop, the drug test is done on the urine sample of the candidate or employee. You have to submit your urine sample, and before the expected drug test, they check whether the urine is real or not. They will also review its temperature and will make sure that it has not been diluted. Once they are satisfied with this, the urine sample goes for the drug test, including Cannabis, Cocaine, opiates, PCP, amphetamines. If any of these are found in your urine, your job may come at a risk.

Career opportunities at GameStop:

GameStop struggled to survive a year ago, but even at the time of crises, they continuously hired employees, so they are doing it now. There are many job opportunities at GameStop but let me first tell you some basic information that might save your time.

  • You should be at least 16 years or older before applying at GameStop. Minors are not allowed to work at GameStop.
  • You can apply online for a different position at GameStop.
  • If you apply to stores, you will have the advantage to meet hiring managers, and they may view your applications early.
  • Collecting information regarding the available position, contact no. Before filling the application form gives you a clear view.

To join GameStop, you should either have enough knowledge about video games or have good sales and supervising skills. There are currently more than 6500 jobs available at GameStop, which includes more than 6000 jobs from retail staff and the retail management department.

The positions that are available include the following departments:

  • Retail Management
  • Retail Staff
  • Distribution
  • Military Stores
  • Field Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Loss Prevention
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Refurbishment

The above job openings were posted on the official website of GameStop on 17 Feb. 2021.

Now, let's dig into some frequently in-demand retail job openings at GameStop:

  1. Assistant Store Leader-In this position, your work is to give a helping hand to the Store leader and follow the instructions given to you. You have to also look at the customers in the store and ensure that they are comfortable with the service provided. Taking calls professionally, suggesting and demonstrating different products to customers at the store is also a part of the job. This job position at GameStop asks for a lot of hard work and has long working hours. You must be at least 18 years old of age and have a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or other related fields. At Least 2 years of experience in retail sales, leadership, or management is expected from applicants. A minimum height of 4 feet is required. GameStop wants its employees to have good communication skills, work on Sundays, manage pressure, and maintain a stress-free environment in the store.
  1. Shift Lead- The sole aim is to greet and treat the customer well. The customer should not feel confused about any product and get an immediate answer to the query raised. To grab this position, applicants should be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma. Applicants with knowledge of various video games at GameStop are preferred. At least 1-year of experience in retail sales or management is required. The applicant must have transportation to visit banks as per requirement. Applicants should have good hospitality and communication skills. Bilingual (English/ Spanish) skills are preferred. GameStop asks for this position to work on Sundays, and people who can work for extended hours are selected. Applicants should know basic mathematics such as to add, subtract, divide, and multiply.
  1. Sales Associate- If you are looking for a sales associate position at GameStop, you should know how to engage with a customer in the store so that he feels at home and can trust you. Your work will be to welcome customers and ask them for what they want. Explaining to them the merits and demerits of what they chose and trying to bring out maximum sales. It would be helpful if you have good coordination with other team members and should be able to produce top results with dedication and teamwork. In addition to being 18 years or older, you should have a high school diploma to take this position. Regular work experience of at least six months is required. People with retail or management experience are preferred for this position. You should possess good communication and listening skills. Applicants having bilingual (English/ Spanish) speaking and writing skills are preferred. You should be able to operate computers for making and printing bills. People with knowledge of video games are selected, but it is not necessary as per GameStop guidelines.
  1. Seasonal sales and service associates- If you are good at convincing people to buy something, then you deserve this position. This position requires someone who can remain active throughout the day and observe different customers provide them with the best product available. You have to ask the customer questions, understand their mindset, and recommend them the best outcome. You should work in a team and help everyone grow to bring maximum results and accomplish sales goals. You should have a solution-oriented approach while dealing with customers. Try to understand their problem and give them a solution in the form of a product, hence, increasing sales. You'll be eligible only if you are at least 18 years of age as per your documents and have a minimum height of 4 feet. You should have the ability to work for 8 hours without any assistance. Applicants with experience in sales or management are preferred. GameStop asks for good communication and listening skills to grab this position. Bilingual (English/ Spanish) written and spoken languages are selected. Applicants with prior knowledge of video games are preferred. 

Salary at GameStop varies for the different available positions. The average salary of the above-discussed positions is about $10- $12 per hour.

Perks of being an employee at GameStop:

  • Life Insurance- GameStop provides life insurance to its employees. Many employees get benefitted from this every year.
  • Paid time off- GameStop offers a particular no. of leaves for employees that they can use at any time. The best part about this is that your salary is not deducted for taking off. This is one of the biggest perks of joining GameStop.
  • Health Insurance - Another perk at GameStop is healthcare Insurance. If you get injured while working at the store due to some mishappening, then all your expenses will be covered by GameStop. The company does not leave its employees alone in such challenging times.
  • 401 (k) plans- GameStop not only helps you in the present but also in the future. They offer you money after retirement. A small part of your monthly income is deducted for this, and the money is invested in stocks, mutual funds, etc.


These are the perks of working at GameStop. To join GameStop, you should be ready for the drug test and go to a local store to check out the current job openings. Fill out the application form and wait for the interview process. It is not hard to grab a position at GameStop. All you need is to be passionate about your field!

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