THC Breathalyzer Test: Coming Soon To Your Law Enforcement Agency In 2022

THC Breathalyzer Test: Coming Soon To Your Law Enforcement Agency In 2022


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that impaired driving is responsible for 23,400 deaths and nearly $51 billion in losses each year. 

Law enforcement agencies across the United States are looking for new, simpler, and more affordable tools to help them identify those drug-influenced drivers who run a higher risk of causing a crash or getting into a fight. 

MMJ breathalyzers are emerging as one of the most promising solutions to the problem. Thus, let's proceed to learn all about THC Breathalyzer.

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What Is A THC Breathalyzer?

A THC breathalyzer is a simple tool that can detect THC in a person's breath. It is an easy tool in the hands of law enforcement agents who can use it to test law-breakers and confirm whether they're under the influence of the drug. 

THC is a significant psychoactive ingredient found in MMJ. The goal of a THC breathalyzer is to help the police identify drivers who're under the influence of MMJ and prevent them from getting behind the wheel. 

They are a bit more precise than a traditional breathalyzer, but they work similarly. Both devices let law enforcement agents test the driver's blood alcohol content (BAC). A THC breathalyzer can provide a measure of how much THC is in the bloodstream. 

In essence, it lets the agent know how impaired you are when driving. It can help them decide if they should be stopped with a fine or get arrested.

How Does The THC Breathalyzer Work?

  1. Breathe Testing - A THC breathalyzer works similarly to a traditional breathalyzer. The police officer will ask you to breathe into a machine that's designed to detect THC. It is the same way they test for conventional substances such as alcohol and opiates.
  2. Chemical Reactions - To detect THC in your breath, the device uses a chemical reaction between your breath and a testing solution contained within the machine. The test solution creates different chemical compounds depending on whether THC is present.
  3. Results - The test results are displayed on a digital readout, which either confirms the presence of THC or gives the police officer an indication that you haven't used MMJ recently. If you're found to be under the influence of an illegal substance like MMJ, then law enforcement agents will charge you with impaired driving and arrest you.
  4. Interpretation - The device doesn't help the police make any decisions about whether you should be arrested. However, it can give them an idea of whether you were actually under the influence of MMJ. They will probably rely on other evidence if they want to make an arrest based on their observations.

How Will THC Breathalyzer Help The Law Enforcement Agency?

The breathalyzer allows for law enforcement officers to test drivers who are suspected of being under the influence. It helps them to determine whether the driver is actually impaired by MMJ or not. In many states, you're not allowed to drive under the influence of this drug.

Detecting DUI is a typical requirement for a law enforcement agent. In these cases, the breathalyzer lets them get an accurate measurement of THC that's in a driver's blood.

The results from the breathalyzer can be used to prosecute a person for driving under the influence. If a law enforcement agent has a high percentage of THC in a driver's breath, they can be charged accordingly.

How Accurate Is The THC Breathalyzer?

It depends on several factors, including how well the device is calibrated and whether you're a regular cannabis user. With that in mind, the THC Breathalyzer gives a good indication of whether or not you've used MMJ in recent days. 

However, it can't currently detect when you last used the drug. In addition, the results vary from person to person. They also differ from one test to another when you retake the test after using MMJ. It is because THC stays in your system for quite a while. 

Traces of it will still be present for days or weeks after the last time you smoked. It means that you might test positive even if you haven't used MMJ within the previous few days. However, law enforcement agents do have ways of improving the accuracy of a THC breathalyzer. 

They can do this by using a longer detection time or a preliminary screening device that separates regular users from occasional users.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using a THC Breathalyzer?

A THC breathalyzer has several disadvantages that might affect the accuracy of the test results. The listed below are some disadvantages of THC Breathalyzer:

  1. May turn positive when you're not using MMJ - This is probably the most significant disadvantage out of all of them. Because THC stays in your system for some time, you can test positive even if you haven't smoked MMJ recently.
  2. It relies on you to give a good sample - If you're asked to blow into the device, then it depends on you to provide a good quality breath sample. Likewise, if you refuse to blow into the device, then the law enforcement officers may have a difficult time 
  3. Can be expensive - The cost of a THC breathalyzer is higher than a traditional breathalyzer. There might also be some additional costs associated with it, depending on how often you have to use it.
  4. It can't test for the entire list of cannabinoids - It can only test for one particular cannabinoid, THC. As a result, it might not be able to test for all the other cannabinoids in your system. It can cause some adverse effects in some tests.
  5. Unable to detect if you're using synthetic MMJ - The THC breathalyzer isn't able to detect synthetic MMJ, which is becoming increasingly popular with many people who want to use MMJ without having to get caught.


THC breathalyzer is slowly becoming more popular with law enforcement agents across the world. It can give them a quick indication of whether or not you're under the influence of MMJ at the time.

The results from the test can be used as evidence for law enforcement to prosecute a person for driving under the influence. However, this device has several disadvantages that need to be taken into account.

You can also read about drug testing kits at Uritox LLC. Drug testing kits can be used for accurate results. 


How long does it take to detect THC?

A high percentage of the time, the device will let agents know whether you've been using MMJ in a few minutes. They can detect THC in your system right after you've finished smoking weed. As a result, they'll probably use this information when they decide to stop or arrest you.

In most cases, this test will help them determine whether or not you should be arrested for driving while intoxicated and whether your BAC is over the legal limit. 

Is it legal to use a THC breathalyzer?

Yes, police officers can legally use a THC breathalyzer to determine whether you've been using weed before driving. However, they have the right to ask you to consent to the test after they've pulled you over, which is why it's good to cooperate with them if they stop you.

What are the consequences of refusing to get tested?

There are several consequences you'll have to deal with if you refuse to take a THC breathalyzer test. First, law enforcement agents will ask you to step out of the car. If you comply with their requests, then they'll ask for your license and registration. 

Some states may even take things a step further and charge you with resisting arrest. If police officers believe that you're intoxicated or impaired due to your use of MMJ, they can arrest you based on their suspicions.

What happens if you try to fake the THC breathalyzer?

Faking a THC breathalyzer is a severe crime. In some states, faking a drug test can lead to criminal charges for you. In addition, you can also be charged with perjury if you try to lie about the breathalyzer results. 

Another thing that you have to worry about is being charged with tampering with physical evidence, which is also a severe crime. If you try to use a fake THC breathalyzer, you can get in trouble for tampering with physical evidence.

How often are the devices calibrated?

The THC breathalyzer should be calibrated regularly to work at optimal levels when it's necessary to use it. As a result, you'll be able to get more accurate results each time you use the device.

It is best to get assistance from a professional company to test your THC breathalyzer regularly and calibrate it accordingly. If you don't, then errors in the calibration might lead to inaccurate results in your tests.

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