How To Pass A Supervised Drug Test?

How To Pass A Supervised Drug Test?


If you are concerned about passing a supervised drug test, you should have your drug metabolites in your urine below 50 ng/mL. You may not stand a chance to use any shortcuts or life hacks to overcome the drug test when a supervisor stays vigilant.

During a monitored drug test, the supervisor will accompany you inside the restroom but will not enter your private stall.

So, it is obvious that the best way to pass a supervised drug test is to abstain from drugs and consider drug testing yourself before your pre-employment or probation drug test. 

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What Is A Supervised Drug Test?

A supervised drug test is carried under the direct supervision of an observer. The observer would keenly notice the drug sample processing right from the candidate's input until submission of the sample to the tester. It is a drug test where the supervisor is in close contact with the candidate to ensure that they do not attempt to adulterate or substitute the specimen.

Supervised drug tests are not mandatorily recommended for all kinds of testing procedures. It may differ based on the sensitivity of the situation and the employer's request based on their guidelines and bylaws. Some courts have negated the concept of supervised drug tests due to the invasion of privacy, but some of them do accept to prevent messing up with drug specimens.

Supervised Drug Test Laws

Concerning the legality of supervised drug tests, it is completely legal to do drug tests under direct supervision according to the laws imposed by the Supreme Court of the United States. For instance, if a particular company demands strict vigilance over the urine drug test, they can request the laboratory to allocate a supervisor for observing the drug specimen and the drug testing process. The supervised drug test is probably followed by the organization if there arises a suspicion over the employee, false results, or due to dilution in the first run.

Generally, a urine drug test demands direct supervision since the donor collects the specimen and hands it over to the tester. There are broad chances for adulteration, dilution, and substitution of specimens by the donor to evade drug tests. Other drug tests that involve specimens such as blood, hair, saliva, and breath are taken directly by the tester, and so it does not need extra supervision.

Can You Substitute or Use Fake Pee In A Supervised Drug Test?

That is merely impossible. All you need to do is to keep your system clean. During the test, you may be asked to put all your belongings and other materials outside the testing area. Your supervisor would escort you during the urine specimen collection, and you will not have much time to substitute fake urine or add impurities to the urine specimen.

The supervisor would accompany you to the restroom up to the stall. No further step ahead should be taken unless there is a problem with the candidate, such as seizures or unexpected behaviors. It is highly recommended not to make any attempt to dilute or fake the urine during the drug test as it would lead to disciplinary action.

However, you can follow some ways to pass the supervised drug test. It is not a one-way road as it involves some steps for both the male and female.

Ways To Pass A Supervised Drug Test - Male Supervisor vs. Female Supervisor

There has always been gender confusion when it comes to a supervised drug test. The drug-testing laboratory will allocate an observer of the same gender for supervision. For instance, if a candidate is female, a female supervisor will be allocated for supervision instead of a male or a transgender person. As been already discussed, it is hard to fake or dilute the specimen under direct supervision, but some techniques can help you to clear the drug test.

1. Flushing

It is one of the best methods for clearing the drug test within a short period. Flushing involves drinking enormous amounts of water days or hours before your drug test. It will help you to flush out a considerable amount of THC metabolites from your bladder. Ensure that you will not be diluting your urine during the test, as it will lead to invalidation of the sample or an imbalance in the test results.

Follow these steps to prevent dilution of urine

  • Use 800 grams of vitamin B supplements during the day of your drug test that can retain the natural urine color, yellow.
  • Ten grams of Ethyl Ester supplements help to maintain the creatinine levels in your urine.
  • Never forget to take two aspirin tablets 5 to 6 hours before the drug test.
  • It is advisable to take a urine test at home before leaving for the drug test.

2. Urine Substitution

It is an illegal method and too risky. If caught red-handed, it may lead to the destruction of one's career. Urine substitution uses someone's urine, synthetic urine, or any other liquid during the supervised drug test. You should ensure that the specimen retains an average temperature between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since it is a supervised drug test, you can try to fake the pee test using a Whizzinator so that you can get away without any suspicion. The real challenge is taking those kits into the drug-testing area. Frankly, the urine substitution method has only 5% to 10% chances of success, leading to humiliation and fraudulent charges if it fails. If you are scared to use such options, you will have to halt this method and try natural detoxification.

3. Natural Detoxification

It is the safest and yet effective method of clearing your supervised drug test without creating any mishap. This method needs a rigorous schedule for at least one month to a maximum of two months to get the desired results. It depends on the metabolism and the body mass of the candidate to get the exact results. You need not follow any dietary restrictions for natural detoxification.

You will need to follow the routine of a clean human, and that is it. Within two months, you will see positive results in your health and a drastic reduction of metabolites in your urine. Follow a healthy dietary routine, drink more water, exercise regularly, and take activated charcoal. In exceptional circumstances, you can take cranberry pills for better results.

Final Words

Drug tests are crucial, and supervised ones are much more intense. So, it is better to clean yourself from the inside rather than taking some shortcuts to clear the supervised drug test. Some of these methods may have worked for your friend or your known ones, but the same might not work for you. Pre-planning and consistency in eliminating the drug traces from your body can help you pass the test. 

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