Does Petsmart Drug Test?

Does Petsmart Drug Test?


Yes, PetSmart performs drug tests during pre-employment, and conducts random drug test of theirs employees during the period of employment.

Like other reputed companies, PetSmart conducts the screening procedure on the lines of PetSmart drug testing policy. However, this is not 100% mandatory, and it relies upon the interviewer’s discretion.

PetSmart may conduct a standard 5-panel drug test for screening employees detecting the following drugs:  PCP, OPI, AMP, COC, and THC. 

If you loves pets and if you are aspiring to join PetSmart, then you need to know about their drug testing policy, the kind of drugs that they are testing for, and how to pass the screening test.

Read further to get answers for all your questions regarding the PetSmart drug test.

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Who is PetSmart?

PetSmart is an online retail store with its physical location in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It was founded in 1986 by Jim and Janice Dougherty as a novice pet-store with two branches that have, at present, expanded to more than 1500 locations with more than 55000 employees.

They are a great competitor to many retail supergiants like Walmart, Amazon, etc., but their direct competitor is Petco.

Through their dogs and cats adoption centers, they offer in-house adoption facilities funded through the PetSmart charities. Despite multiple investigations and speculations regarding their activities by several animal care organizations, including PETA, they still stand aloof as a legendary pet service provider.

A company with a great history like this would be of no doubt demanding a drug test for their employees and their pre-employment candidates. But do you know when do they exactly drug test? Read further.

When Does PetSmart Drug Test?

Normally, PetSmart carries out drug tests for the candidates who attend an interview after a successful evaluation. The particular candidate has to report to the drug testing center within 48 hours of being employed. PetSmart performs a background check while simultaneously executing a drug test.

PetSmart conducts periodical drug tests for their employees. According to their drug test policy, the employee needs to take a urine drug test if they is due suspicion, any behavioral change or if the particular employee was in an accident.

Another concern among most of the candidates is that do they drug test during the first interview? Let us find out.

Does PetSmart Drug Test On Their First Interview?

PetSmart does not conduct a drug test during the first interview. While other retailers may be doing it, PetSmart does not. Only the selected candidates for an interview would be taking a workplace drug test so that PetSmart can ensure workplace safety. 

However, they do a mandatory drug test during the second interview per their drug testing policies. It is recommended to keep yourself clean during the first interview to clear the interview process without any hassles.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does PetSmart Prefer?

PetSmart mostly prefers urine drug tests for screening the candidates. It is because urine drug tests are reliable, quick and safe. PetSmart interviews many candidates, and doing other forms of drug tests would cost them a fortune.

If a If there is suspicion about false test results they may go for a confirmatory drug tests that may involve hair drug tests. PetSmart conducts drug test on the lines of SAMHSA guidelines.

Which Drugs Do PetSmart Test For In The Employee or Candidate?

PetSmart focuses on certain drug metabolites in a candidate's system during the urine drug test. They include:

  1. COC
  2. MAMP
  3. THC
  4. OPI
  5. AMP

The tester would collect the urine sample and test for the drugs and metabolites mentioned above in your urine. If you have consumed those drugs within 30 days, then the results would showcase the drug presence. Sometimes, drug traces would show up despite being clean. It might be due to the prescription medicines, whose chemical structures may mimic illegal drugs at a considerable amount.

It would be advisable to inform the tester if you are taking any prescription drugs under the guidance of a certified physician. It will be a serious problem if you consume more water before the drug test because that could lead to dilution. Before getting into how to pass the drug test for PetSmart, let us know about their drug testing policies.

Does PetSmart Drug Test In 2022

As per the PetSmart drug testing policy, 2022, PetSmart conducts drug testing during these circumstances:

  1. If you are suspected of consuming illegal drugs during the job.
  2. To analyze if the drug is the reason for the workplace accident.
  3. Voluntary leave after self-declaration of drug misuse.
  4. High risk or safety-sensitive job requirements.

From the situations mentioned above, it is clear that the store manager can require a drug test for any employees whenever required, and the employee needs to abide by it.

In the meantime, the manager would be conducting a background check on the employee simultaneously during the drug test. Now, let us see how to get out of this mess.

How To Pass The PetSmart Drug Test?

Passing the PetSmart drug test is not a daunting task altogether, but you need to be careful as this type of drug test is not a scheduled one. A potential candidate may get some time to flush out the drug traces from the body, but it is always a risk for an employee.

Right from submitting your application, you need to keep yourself away from any illicit drugs and follow remedies like baking soda treatment or water treatment. Suppose you are an employee and asked by the store manager to submit the urine sample within 24 to 48 hours.

In that case, you need to undergo immediate temporary result-producing hacks like jello and water treatment. Do not forget to take vitamin B2 supplements after the jello treatment.

You can also try cranberry juice to pass your drug test. You should be aware that these methods may or may not work during your drug test.

Wrapping It Up

Getting an opportunity to work for a reputed retail community like PetSmart is a wonderful thing. It structures your career and injects professionalism into it. Obstacles do come in your way while doing so, and a drug test is one of them.

Keep in mind that companies like PetSmart are not looking for a perfect candidate but a disciplined one. All you need to do is to stay calm and get yourself clean during the drug test. We do recommend a getting yourself home tested before applying


1. Does PetSmart Drug Test in Illinois?

PetSmart conducts drug test in Illinois for all the candidates who have applied for the job. They may also conduct random drug test, post-accident drug testing, and suspicion testing. The type of test and the number of drugs tested depends on the store manager's discretion.

2. What if I fail my PetSmart Drug Test?

While many companies have started to follow the drug testing recently, PetSmart have a relaxing approach towards their employees and candidates. You can reapply for a job at PetSmart but it is up to the discretion of the store manager.


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