Failing A Drug Test In Rehab: What To Expect?

Failing A Drug Test In Rehab: What To Expect?


Failing a drug test in rehab is a scary thing to happen, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. You will likely pass your next one and get on with your life. The following article includes information about what can cause you to fail your test and how long you should stay in rehab if this does happen.

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These days most people who check into a drug treatment program know how drug testing works and how it is monitored.

One of the reasons for this is that they have likely failed a test before as well. It's not uncommon for this to be the case, especially since many people who struggle with addiction have been using it for years before entering treatment.

However, even though you may be aware of the process, you will still feel anxious if you fail your test. It is important not to allow yourself to become too discouraged because failing a drug test in rehab isn't necessarily an indication that treatment isn't working.

Most people who fail a drug test at rehab can pass the next one and resume treatment as planned.

First Day Of Rehab: What To Expect?

The first day of rehab for most people is a bit overwhelming. Many things can cause this, such as nervousness or anxiety about what you will be asked to do and the responsibilities you will be required to take on.

But knowing what to expect in rehab might help you get a clear view of the treatment plan.

It would help if you were truthful about how you feel when you arrive. This is important so that you don't give yourself a chance to overreact, which can cause some alcohol, drug, or other addiction to become worse instead of better.

Understanding the Intake process

You should be aware that it is designed to help you get ready to start your journey in terms of the intake process.

If you are familiar with this process from past experiences, it may be more comfortable for you as it can be routine and even expected.

Approximately half of all people who check into rehab fail their initial test. This means that the staff there will be equipped to deal with your situation, and they will also encourage you to remain in treatment if this does happen because they understand how much work has gone into getting there.

The faculty will ask you questions about what you have been using and how often. They also may ask you to provide more information about your use of prescription drugs. This is to establish a baseline for the types of medicines you use, and they are not questioning your honesty with them.

Once you enter, you will be meeting your counselor. They will be the person that you go to for counseling and feedback during treatment. They will be responsible for helping you create a plan to help you get out of your situation, as well as ways to help you stay sober after treatment is over.

You may need to sign some paperwork before being allowed into your room, and this will include an agreement about how the staff can use confidential information that they gather from their testing of your urine. If this is a concern, you must read through this part and make sure that all essential details are included on this piece of paper.

You might think - Does outpatient rehabs drug test? Even if you are opting for outpatient rehab, you may get drug tested and scheduled with an adequate treatment plan. 

Things Allowed In The Rehab Center

Allowed Things:

  • You may have a few permitted things in your private room, which will be decided based on your treatment plan.
  • You may be able to have a CD player and some CDs for entertainment. However, this does not include professional speakers or any external music devices, as these can hide other things like photos of drugs.
  • You may also have access to a television, but this is never a guarantee, so it will be up to the therapist working with your treatment plan to decide if you are permitted one or not.
  • If you work with an outside counselor regularly, you may not be permitted to use a television, but it will depend on the clinic and the counselor.
  • Loose clothes will also be allowed into the facility.

Banned Things:

  • Any bottles or containers that may have liquids in them.
  • When you go outside, you will not be permitted to bring anything back with you. This means that if someone gives you something on the outside, you need to refuse it politely so that it doesn't get smuggled back inside the walls of your treatment center.
  • Any drugs will also be banned from inside the walls of your treatment center, and any paraphernalia related to drugs or drug usage. If someone had given you something like this before you entered a facility, it would need to be discarded before entering the building so nobody can sneak it into your room later on.

Will You Get Kicked Out Of Rehab If You Fail A Drug Test?

You might get kicked out of rehab if you fail a drug test. But it differs based on the circumstances.

Many programs that specialize in addiction will place you in another facility if you fail to complete rehab or do not complete their program within the time allotted for it.

However, if your program does this, there are two things you need to keep in mind: Most programs will not show up in your case file, and many insurance companies do not work as most hospitals do.

If you have questions about this, speak to someone at the center or your insurance company's medical director before leaving treatment.

Most rehab centers also understand your position and how much you want to complete their program. This is particularly true if the center is in your HMO network.

So if you do fail your first drug test in rehab, excellent drug rehab centers will be patient with you and work on a plan that will allow you to pass your next test.

Furthermore, many insurance companies will give you a chance to prove that treatment is working even after failing a drug test in rehab. Confirming this, however, will depend on the counseling and aftercare services offered by the center as well as whether or not they are an accredited facility.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test in Rehab?

If you have already failed a drug test, you must remain at the treatment center for an additional week.

If you fail after that week is over, the staff may recommend additional treatment to work with you toward staying sober.

The day following your failure, the therapist will call in several people to talk about your progress and how close they think you are to being ready for discharge. If it is determined that you are not prepared yet, then a date will be established when you should return to the facility for further treatment.

If you fail a drug test in the rehab center, you will be asked to participate in a meeting where all the staff members will be present. This meeting will allow them to talk about what the results mean for your recovery and inform you of your responsibilities now that you have failed some portion of your initial tests.

What happens if you fail a drug test in Outpatient rehab?

If you fail a drug test in outpatient rehab, the rehab center may move you to an intensive outpatient program or even inpatient treatment based on the drug levels or cut-off levels of certain drugs present in your system.

You may be given individualized care through counseling to understand the reasons that lead to the failure of the drug test. Based on the outcome, the rehab centers may make certain adjustments to treatment plan and may set up additional monitoring.

Sometimes, failing a drug test in outpatient rehab may lead to threatening consequences. You may even get kicked off the rehab center if you fail your outpatient rehab drug test. This may happen if you go way off the drug rehabilitation guidelines. So, it is crucial to stay sober and prevent relapse with professional support. 

How to deal with a Relapse?

Relapse prevention is a vital part of any substance abuse or addiction treatment program. Relapse does happen, and it has been proven to be an inevitable chapter of the treatment process itself.

However, before you can answer this, you must understand what relapse is because relapse means different things to different people struggling with addiction issues.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, relapse means: Going back to an old behavior despite trying to stop, especially returning to intravenous drugs after being rehabilitated.

Relapse in itself is not failure but a step backward that allows you to move forward again and successfully manage your recovery.

Most people are confused about the difference between relapse and failing, but you need to understand that there is a tremendous difference between the two.

After a few weeks of being sober, you may learn that there are several things you still have to deal with as far as addiction is concerned. These conditions might lead to a relapse in some cases, especially when you feel weak at some point.

In this case, you will always have the option of going back to your rehab center for further treatment.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), relapse is a part of recovery. It would help if you didn't let it discourage you from taking control of your life.

On the other hand, relapse prevention is a planned and systematic method that helps an addict prevent a relapse before it happens. A drug treatment program will help you learn how to avoid dangerous situations as much as possible and develop coping skills for when you feel like using again.

It should be noted that relapse does not mean failure because if getting sober was easy, nobody would struggle with addiction or substance abuse in the first place.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), relapse can be prevented with appropriate treatment programs and a healthy lifestyle.

How to prevent a relapse?

Be optimistic about your life and your future. Avoid negative people and keep in touch with positive people who will keep you motivated and help you stay strong. Remember that whatever has happened in the past does not have to happen again.

Prioritize your goals. Ask yourself what the main things you want in life are: getting a new job, saving money, having a family, etc. So choose the ones that are most important to you and begin working towards achieving them right away.

When you are tempted to use drugs or alcohol, call a friend who can help you through the difficult time and convince you not to use. People who care about you will always be there when you need them.

Find ways to have fun without using any drugs or alcohol. Learn what triggers your urge for relapse and avoid those situations that might trigger it in the future. Remember that being addicted is not a choice it is an illness that needs treatment and support until it is cured.

Final Words

In conclusion, addiction is a disease, and so are its treatment options. The best way to find a rehab facility that will fit your needs and help you deal with addiction is to call them and talk with them in detail about their program.

Also, you can visit the websites of many facilities that will provide you with more information about their programs and allow you to make a more informed decision on the type of rehab facility that will meet all your needs.

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