Does Mouthwash for Drug Test Work?

Does Mouthwash for Drug Test Work?


Not likely. Mouthwash does not help you pass your drug test. Many say that mouthwash may be used as a masking agent for your oral saliva drug test, but to be fair, mouthwash alone may not be the best option. 

In addition, you will have to follow some detoxification methods to reduce the metabolites from your system.  

Learn more about why mouthwash may work for some and may not work for many and other possible and legitimate ways to pass your drug test.

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Is Mouthwash The Best Masking Agent?

No. Mouthwash may not be considered the best masking agent for a drug test. It may help you mask the odor in your mouth temporarily, but it will not be an effective solution when it comes to passing a drug test.  

The ethanol content in the mouthwash is a “denatured alcohol” that will only act as a vehicle to inject all the essential ingredients to eliminate the bad odor and germs in the mouth. So it will not mix up with the drug metabolites or eliminate the drug metabolites in your saliva.

According to a study, it is found that mouthwashes do not have an effect on the increase or decrease of THC concentrations in the saliva. 

Another study tested the effect of EtG in Urine and found that using mouthwash with an ethanol content of 12% can lead to EtG values greater than 50 ng/mL in urine. But in mouthwash with an ethanol content of more than 12%, the EtG testing had detection and quantitation limits were more than 50 ng/mL. The fact is there was no ethanol detected in the sample.

Can Mouthwash Help Pass Oral/Saliva Drug Test?

Mouthwash cannot help you pass your oral saliva drug test. The mouth swab is checked for drug metabolites present in your body and not your mouth, and hence, using mouthwash might not be the best strategy if you are trying to pass your oral drug test.

Mouthwash may help you temporarily mask the odor of substances in the mouth but will not eliminate or alter the presence of drug metabolites in your saliva or system. 

The tester will only take the swab 10 minutes after you show up for the drug test. The swab is collected from the gum line and below the tongue around the buccal cavity area. 

You will not be allowed to eat or drink anything for 10 minutes as the saliva will be regenerated by the body's metabolism. In that case, if you have drug metabolites in your system, you may get positive results.

So, relying upon mouthwash alone will not help you pass your oral saliva drug test. You will need to have to undergo any detox methods to reduce the number of drug metabolites below the cut-off levels. 

Will Mouthwash Show Up On A Drug Test?

Yes. Mouthwash will show up on an alcohol drug test or roadside drug test. Mouthwash contains a certain percentage of ethyl alcohol content, which helps the ingredients to wipe away the bad odor in the mouth; hence, it may show up in an alcohol breathalyzer or an ETG drug test.

Some everyday substances may lead to positive drug testing results in your drug test. So, if you are a regular user of mouthwash or concerned about mouth hygiene, test yourself with at-home oral saliva drug testing kits to know the drug levels in your saliva.

If your drug levels are above the cut-off levels (as prescribed by SAMHSA), ensure that you follow specific detox methods to reduce the drug metabolites from your system.

Does Mouthwash Result in False Positive Drug Test Results?

Maybe Yes. Mouthwash may lead to false positive results. This is not common. Mouthwash may stay in your system for 10 to 15 minutes, and the ethyl alcohol content might not impact your drug test if you are rinsing it once to twice a day. 

If you use mouthwash to rinse your mouth more than three to four times a day, there are possibilities of getting positive results for alcohol.

If you have concerns about a particular mouthwash or oral care product you are using and its potential impact on drug test results, it is advisable to consult with the testing authorities or healthcare professionals for specific guidance and clarification. They can provide accurate information based on the ingredients and testing methodologies involved.

Alternative Ideas To Pass Your Drug Test

There are many shortcuts or hacks to pass your drug test, but if you go deeper into it, you will understand all of them are hypotheses, and they are not backed by any trusted sources or proven experiments. So, it is always advisable to avoid taking drugs if your pre-employment or random drug test is coming up.

But here are some natural ways to detox that can help pass your drug test

  1. Drink Plenty of Water - Adequate water intake helps in improving the metabolism and eliminating toxins faster than any other shortcut methods. Ensure you are not overhydrated, as it may cause some serious problems during your drug test.
  2. Exercise - Move your body. That is the best way to detox your body. Regular exercise might help you stay active and eliminate the toxins from the fat cells in your body at a faster pace.
  3. Get enough rest - Adequate sleep helps you to recover and remove toxins, effectively supporting your overall health and wellness.

Final Words

Does Mouthwash for drug test work? No. Mouthwash does not help you pass your oral saliva drug test or impact your urine drug test. 

But if you regularly use mouthwash, there are chances that you may get positive results for the alcohol drug test or ETG drug test. Do not panic. Check yourself with at-home drug testing kits and take natural detoxification to remove the drug metabolites from your body.

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