Is It Possible To Pass A Drug Test With Certo?

Is It Possible To Pass A Drug Test With Certo?


Not certainly. It is not possible to pass a drug test with Certo. Certo is a fruit pectin or liquid pectin made from the extracts of fruits, and hence they do not contribute much to passing your drug test.

Certo has become a famous home name when it comes to passing the drug test due to some rumors among drug abusers. But the truth is “IT IS NOT.”

Certo is not a detox food but has some detox properties that might help reduce the amount of THC metabolites. But it cannot eliminate or wash out the metabolites altogether.

In this blog, learn more about certo drug test, does certo help you pass a drug test, and some legit alternatives to pass a drug test.

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Does Certo Work For Drug Test?

If you are trying to flush out drug metabolites other than THC and are a heavy smoker, forget it. Certo may never work for you.


If you are an occasional drinker focusing on eliminating cannabis or THC metabolites from your system, certo may work for you. Keep this in mind. It will not be assured that you will pass your urine drug test only by taking Certo or Jello.

Certo is a bile inducer that will help improve digestion and improvise bowel movements. You may think - How does it help my urine test? The thing is, THC metabolites will stick to your fat cells, and only 40% is flushed through urine. The remaining 60% gets through bowel movements.

Through bile inducement, the digestive process becomes faster, which helps flush the fat cells and the THC metabolites out of the system. So, if you are taking certo to pass drug test, remember this, check yourself with at-home drug testing kits to know where you stand.

Does Certo work for Probation Drug Test?

May or May be Not. It all comes down to these factors - How much you have drunk, how much THC metabolites you have in your system, and how efficient is your metabolism?

If you are a heavy drinker and your metabolism is low, certo will rarely help you pass your probation drug test. Certo may work, or you can use certo to pass the drug test only if the THC metabolites in your fat cells are considerably in lower counts.

Again - do not depend too much on Certo. Certo or Jello will not help you pass your drug test by eliminating the drug metabolites. It will reduce only certain amounts, which in case, the THC metabolites may come down below the cut-off levels. (As Per SAMHSA guidelines)

Certo Drug Test Hack - How To Pass A Drug Test With Certo?

You may have seen many hacks to pass a drug test, and Certo is one of the most used drug test hacks. It is one of the oldest drug test hacks used by many people in the United States to pass a drug test.

Here is how you can use Certo to pass a drug test

NOTE: Attempting to manipulate your drug test results is illegal and should be avoided. Uritox is adding this just for informational purposes.

  1. The night before the drug test, take Certo with any energy drink and take at least 10 ounces of water before you sleep. Energy drink helps to break down fat a lot faster, and hence water can help flush out the system leading to partial clean-up of your system. Ensure that you urinate at least 2 times before you sleep.
  2. On the day of your drug test, repeat step 1 6 hours before your drug test and urinate as frequently as possible.
  3. Make sure you are not overhydrated. Overhydration will reduce the urine ingredients and may lead to sample disqualification.

Legit Alternatives to Pass Your Drug Test

Here are some legitimate ways to pass your drug test

  1. Hydrate: Drink adequate water that may help flush out toxins and reduce the amount of THC metabolites in the body.
  2. Exercise: Active physical activities might help you keep your metabolism intact, which allows you to flush out the toxins at a better rate than using other shortcut methods like Certo.
  3. Eat a healthy diet: Taking nutritious foods like fruits, vegetable, whole grains, and protein foods may support your body’s natural detoxification process and eliminates the toxins at a much faster rate.
  4. It is about Time: THC metabolites naturally get flushed out of your system over time depending on certain factors like usage frequency, metabolism, and body fat percentage. So, it is essential to keep all three points intact to flush out the toxins faster.

Ensure you use at-home drug testing kits to check yourself on the cut-off levels before you give your sample to your tester for a drug test.

Never go for illegal alternatives like synthetic urine for your drug test. When found, it may lead to dreadful consequences.

Does Certo Fix A False Positive Drug Test?

No. Certo may not fix your false positive drug test. Certo may be used as a detox to pass the drug test, which may or may not work for you. But there is no evidence that it may help you to mask or eliminate the possibility of false positive drug test.

False positive is when you get positive drug test results even if you are clean or away from drug abuse. If that is the case, you may claim the MRO to review the result and conduct a re-test using the same sample. Certo does not have a play here. So Certo or Jello may not help you pass your drug test.

Final Words

Certo is one of the unpopular opinions that claim to help you pass your drug test. But technically speaking, it may not. It may help you if your drug usage is minimal. Also, Certo will never help you eliminate the drug toxins. It only reduces the toxins to a certain extent.

So, if your drug test is coming up and you are confident that Certo will help, this is the right time to change. The best way to pass a drug test is to avoid illegal drugs.

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