Do Teachers Get Drug Tested?

Do Teachers Get Drug Tested?


Many school districts don't need to have their teaching staff drug tested unless deemed necessary. It solely depends on your employment either in public or private school and also the location.

Drug testing has become commonplace in professions, including education. Parents and education experts believe that the teaching staff should undergo drug testing since they spend most of their time handling under-aged children.

Though many schools do not practice drug testing, the teachers are against the idea since it violates their privacy. Additionally, if they are positive for drugs, they may be fired or sent for drug counseling.

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How Often Are Teachers Drug Tested?

Drug testing and background screening are inferred by a mix of state laws and school district policies, with state law taking precedence over the process.

Frequent drug testing incurs additional expenses, significantly as routine testing increases a potential hindrance effect of testing. Teachers are not often drug tested unless there is any suspicion or misbehavior according to the school laws.

Do Teachers Get Drug Tested In Virginia?

Schools in Virginia had no drug tests for teachers until two school employees were charged with drug possession. Though the idea of implementing drug testing protocols in the school has been considered, the high cost involved with drug testing prevents the legislation from passing into law.

Since many schools still struggle with financial problems, they would be unwilling to pay to mandatorily drug test their teachers.

Do Teachers Get Drug Tested In Texas?

The truth is Texas does not require teachers to undergo drug tests during the hiring process. The local school districts don't mandate drug tests for teaching staff, but the staff involved in transportation and other safety-sensitive tasks must undergo a drug test.

But that does not mean that your employer will not drug test you as a teacher. The state government does not restrict the employer from drug testing the teachers based on circumstances.

Are you worried about whether you could get a drug test during the interview process? Check their Drug Testing policy page, and you will know the current status of your employer's drug test.

As stated above, drug testing all the employees in the school may shoot up the cost, which would be looked up as an extra burden.

Do Kelly Services Drug Test Substitute Teachers?

The substitute teacher fills a temporary position on a short-term basis in a school, usually supplied through agencies. In certain schools, a degree suffices the vacancy of a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers must pass drug tests and have a clean criminal record before public schools hire them.

Kelly Services Inc. provides service providers who are committed to ensuring their employees' safety and health. They maintain the company's reputation for delivering quality services and keeping secrecy.

Do Charter Schools Drug Test Teachers?

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools inviting all students, regardless of their location. School districts generally don't drug test teachers unless there is a suspicion of drug use. Charter schools have witnessed higher turnover rates, the lack of collectively traded contracts, and longer work hours for lower and less transparent income. Teachers in charter schools work in risky environments without job security compared to traditional public schools.

What Kind Of Drugs Do Teachers Get Tested For?

A standard drug test can detect the most common drugs such as AMP & MAMP, THC (cannabinoids, hash), OPI, MDMA, COC, and PCP. Suppose the school discovers using other substances such as performance-enhancing drugs (steroids) or gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) apart from the common drugs. In that case, they can customize the drug testing panel according to their needs.

What Drug Testing Method Is Used To Drug Test Teachers?

Drug screening methods are generally blood, urine, saliva, hair, breath, or sweat samples and analyze the specimen to determine whether it contains certain substances. The detection process involves an initial screening test followed by a confirmatory test if the primary results are positive.

Should The Teachers Get Drug Tested?

Though most schools don't exercise drug testing, it depends on the schools, whether public or private and the state they work in. Private schools don't get any public funding, and they have the privilege to set their own rules, including the teachers' employment and drug testing programs.

Since there is data suggesting teachers are the least likely groups to use illicit substances, drug testing doesn't sound necessary as long as they perform their job correctly.

Privacy also matters. Many teachers are against random drug tests because of invasion of privacy. Many teachers taking prescription drugs are concerned that the random drug tests may reveal information about their medical conditions, which they wouldn't wish to divulge.

Another fear is random drug tests may lead to discrimination in the workplace. Many teachers believe that school administrators may subject employees whom they dislike to participate in drug testing programs. While implementing random drug testing policies, administrators should ensure no discrimination takes place.

Drug tests must only be performed when there is a reasonable suspicion that a teacher is under the influence of illicit drugs during school hours.

Wrapping It Up

Teacher are generally underpaid and due to some teacher's exposure to illicit drugs, education experts believe drug testing should be mandatory. 

Though the states don't require drug testing the teachers, many states have considered legislation for mandatory random drug tests.

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