25 Jobs That Don't Require Drug Testing

25 Jobs That Don't Require Drug Testing


Drug tests are a bummer to most employees on their recruitment scale. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 37% of the employees who take drug prescriptions are two to five times more likely to take unnecessary leave, be late for work, being injured or violent at work, which causes inefficiency of work among the employees.

jobs that don`t require drug test

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Workplace Drug Testing

Organizations conduct drug testing programs to prevent drug usage in the place of work, and also to maintain employee health care expenses, maintenance of employee beneficiary fund and other expenses. It is also a major plan to reduce workplace accidents. They do both pre-employment tests and also workplace tests to ensure the cleanliness of the employees.

The workplace drug tests do not measure impairment in real-time, which also makes it impossible for them to be assumed a safety measure. Workplace drug testing overlooks other forms of impairment such as those caused by tablets, alcohol, illness and even emotional distress.

Drug testing is not just a screening process to detect alcohol intoxication. High levels of drug testing are done in industries such as health care, manufacturing, and construction, where being unsound on the job can lead to loss of life or endanger the health situation and well-being of others.

Applying online can circulate your resume to various firms and companies to widen the source of employment. You can sign up for jobs online on the mentioned links that are of reputed websites. Jobs that don't involve a boss or superior are like a life with no restriction and regulation.

How to Fill in an Online Job Application?

  • Choose an organization or an online platform that has your catch.
  • Click on “Sign Up” if you need to for enrollment. If you are an existing user, then “Log In”.
  • Fill in the necessary personal details.
  • Update skills and extra qualities.
  • Create a standard resume and update it from time to time to match with the vacancies supporting your sort selection.
  • Proceed up to profile completion. If the companies feel your profile meets their job requirement, they will reach you through mail and contact numbers given during registration.

These are the generally followed process to enroll through the online portals. Now let us get deep into the top 25 jobs that do not pressurize you to get drug test.

Jobs That Do Not Prefer Drug Test

Since drug testing has become mandatory in many companies, it would be unfortunate for those consuming illicit drugs to get a job. There are also other people who may be consuming prescription medications for medical purposes and may be finding it difficult to get a job because of drug tests.

You needn’t worry. There are many jobs with good remuneration that don’t require any drug test. Here are a couple of them…

1. Freelancer Jobs

Freelancers are ultimately self-employed, who provide services to different employers. They take up contracts and deeds in tie-up with organizations and companies to work. Freelancers get paid on an hourly, daily or monthly basis according to the job requirements. Freelancing includes a variety of jobs like content writing, fashion designing, translations, copywriting, videography, coding, HR manager and so on. Framing a plan for yourself is the best thing anyone could accomplish.

Apply through: https://www.freelancer.com 

2. Event Planner or Organizer

Planning, creative thinking, organizing and closure with a keen eye for details are what you need to be a good event organizer. An event organizer coordinates all the details and focuses on successful execution. Concept, culmination, control are the main C’s to focus on.

Check: https://www.indeed.com/q-US-Event-Planner-jobs.html 

3. Mobile App Developer

Mobile App developers are specialized programmers and are witnessing a high demand as every organization and business wants to own an App. Since that is the consequence, many companies that have a drug testing policy are ready to turn a blind eye to the App developers. App development courses are also offered online by many institutions.

Access app development jobs from the No. 1 job destination:  https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=mobile+app+developer&l=New+York%2C+NY 

4. Writer

Writing is a great profession that entirely focuses on creativity and word choice. There are so many different aspects to it. This includes being a technical writer, copywriter, blogger, ghostwriter and a lot more. Many writers are freelancers, so they do not have to worry themselves with a drug test. The companies that are strict about testing may outsource their app development workers.

If you are passionate about writing, tap to apply: https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=freelance+writer&l

5. Web Designer and Developer

The practice of being a skilled web designer or a developer will open up a host of job opportunities for you. Since the nature of this job is to design and build a website online, you can pretty much work the hours of your leisure. Another benefit in this type of work is that you don’t need to take a drug test. It is your sole concern to work.

Check here if interested:  https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=web+designer&l

6. Chef

Cooking different varieties and tasty dishes could attract customers. The restaurant business is far too busy to have time being wasted on drug screening. Because of the transient nature of jobs in these careers, there is no necessity for a drug test. Chefs can apply online and choose any place they would like to work in.

7. Restaurant Manager

Just as the kitchen staff is free from a drug test, so is the restaurant manager too. Being a manager of a restaurant involves rendering excellent services to all the clients day in and day out, ensuring proper supervision and coordination of all, within the fixed budget. Introducing drug screening programs would likely heighten budget.

Look here:  https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=restaurant+manager&l

8. Photographer

An enormous majority of photographers are freelancers, so by default, there is no drug screening required as you can choose your clients. Even for those that work for a company as a photographer, very few people among them get tested. Photography jobs are at a peak, as a single photoshoot and photoshopping skills take them away ahead.

9. Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists

The hairdressers, manicure and pedicure technicians, beauty therapists and spa staff hardly experience the need to have a drug test, if at all. These vocations are plumb for self-employment work and drug screening programs would likely impact budget.

Apply through:  https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/hair-dresser-jobs 

10. Dog Trainer

Dogs are very popular as pets and people just love their dogs equal to a family member. Not many clients themselves are aware whether their canine trainer has passed a drug test or not. This occupation is pretty much self-contained, so there are no concerns about the chief or boss forcing you to have a drug test.

11. Personal Fitness Trainer

Training people (gym trainer) is a primarily self-employed occupation. You can either startup your own gym and train, or provide service through health club or gym. It is assumed that the trainers follow a healthy lifestyle and this influences their clients positively.

Apply through: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/gym-coach-jobs 

12. Accountancy Staff

This profession is ripe for freelance opportunities or working at home. Being your own boss, you don’t have to be subjected to any drug testing. You can pick your clients and work accordingly. Working as an employee in an accounts department for a small or large firm, however, is much different. Such firms may require you to undergo drug testing.

Apply:  https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/accountants-jobs 

13. Real Estate Agent

This job is done by an independent contractor and not as an employee. Fewer than 3% of loan processors and insurance agents face the prospect of drug testing to win a job. Real estate agents are also the highest paid in this group, estimated about $47,000.

14. Bartender

People whose job is to mix and sell legal alcoholic beverages are very unlikely to be tested for illegal ones. A bartender prepares drinks and shots which he has to know how it tastes to prepare the quality wine.

Apply online through:  https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=bartender&l

15. Graphic Designers and Copywriters

Generally, graphic designers and copywriters are not drug tested because many of them are freelance gigs. They work remotely.

16. Editor

There are a variety of editing jobs to include movie editing, content editing, code editing, news editors, associate editors, clinical works, etc. There are freelancing jobs as well as employment through firms. You can choose editorial jobs that fit your preference.

Apply now:  https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=editor&l

17. Film Director

A director is the sole responsibility of a film’s artistic, dramatic and production committee. He is the primary source to frame a movie in every single scene. He creates a script, devices his entire time in screening extensive qualities with a formal qualification. It is uncommon in such type of jobs to require a drug test.

Apply on: https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=film+director&l

18. Insurance and Financial Services

The white-collar jobs are all unlikely to see drug-testing conditions. The loan processors and insurance agents earn good income and perks.

Apply on: https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=insurance+jobs&l

19. Journalist

The larger media corporations have drug testing policies, but many jobs in journalism are still available that do not require one. They gather information and publish facts that have suitable references and proof.

Sign up for- https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=journalist&l=

20. Fashion and Interior Designer

Renovating, interior decoration and fashion designing are jobs ideally suited for a freelancer. You can have your own boutique, take orders via Internet or freelance for other studios or designing firms. It can also be done as part of a design studio. The majority of design studios would never ask you to undergo drug test and as a freelancer, you probably wouldn’t require it.

Refer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/interior-designer-jobs 

21. Film Producer

A film producer is also a movie maker who comes forth and creates their work. Making movies, plays, films involve creativity, cooperation and planning. This type of job generally doesn’t involve drug test.

Job opportunities:  https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/film-producer-jobs 

22. Video Game Designer

Video game designers create games for mobile phones, consoles, computers, websites, etc., that are user-friendly. Game developers work in small project teams developing a video game or a certain part of a larger game. Many companies provide their developers with a fun environment to create fun and exciting games. Having a drug testing policy would definitely knock the fun out.

Check: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/video-game-designer-jobs

23. Architects and AutoCAD Designers

These are computer based designing jobs which doesn’t really require drug test. You can freelance or work in architectural companies.


24. Computer Animator

An animator is a specialist who designs 2D and 3D visual effects. They are employed to animate movies, advertisements, games. This field has a growing demand due to the swift growth of technology.

25. Information Technology Consultants

IT consultants too have plenty of opportunities to work from home, online or office. Companies that do not have IT staff or departments will outsource their computer or networking problems to freelancers. These staffs hardly get drug tested to be employed.

Final Words

These are various job opportunities that do not require any form of drug test. If you are skilled in any one of the above jobs, then you need not worry about the drug intake for a medical reason. If you do not have such skills, attend online classes and get a certificate. Stand tall and achieve.

You want listed any other jobs in this list which is not require drug testing, you can email at murthy@next99.com


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