Best Buy Job Requirements: Does Best Buy Drug Test?

Best Buy Job Requirements: Does Best Buy Drug Test?


Best buy is a leading electronics retailer that sells and provides installation and maintenance services for everything from televisions to appliances. It is a significant convenience for customers, leading to a high turnover rate and hiring many new employees every year.

Every company has a set of requirements for job seekers. These are requirements that the company will be looking for in a potential employee. The requirements vary from company to company, but the most common requirement is a screening process to ensure their new employees are drug-free.

If you want to work for Best Buy, before applying, make sure to fully understand what's required and a drug testing policy in place.

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Job Opportunities At Best Buy

Best Buy is a leading electronics retailer that offers a broad range of products and services, including computers and accessories, tablets, tablets, cell phones and accessories, printers, iPads and iPod accessories, MP3/MP4 players, and digital cameras.

Candidates can apply for a position at Best Buy by visiting the company website. Best Buy posts many job openings on its website, especially in the holiday months. Since they are a popular store and many people are interested in getting product installation and repair services in the holiday season, they often hire.

The retail chain hires applicants with all levels of experience, from entry-level to management. They are looking for candidates with various skills and interests, including sales and marketing, customer service, supply chain management, technical support, product development, and more. 

Additionally, the company employs human resources specialists, web professionals, and many IT professionals. However, common entry-level jobs and their pay are as follows:

  1. Sales Associates/Cashiers: It is a common position at Best Buy, and it can easily earn in the range of $8.45 to $15.00 hourly rate, depending on the location and the type of job. The task of a sales associate is to provide exceptional customer service, assist customers in making informed buying decisions, and promote products and services.
  2. Customer Service Specialists: One of the most common entry-level positions, a customer service specialist is responsible for resolving customer issues courteously and professionally. They also handle product returns. This position can earn around $10.00 hourly at Best Buy.
  3. Inventory Associate: This is a physical job that requires you to pick, move, and put away products in the store. 

Job Requirements At Best Buy

Best Buy requires that job seekers have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Most jobs require a high school diploma, but some require higher education. Best Buy employs people from all walks of life and accepts applicants of any ethnicity and gender. 

They want to hire people with all experience levels, including entry-level, management, customer service professionals, and many more. In addition to applicants with a high school diploma or GED certificate, Best Buy also requires that job seekers have the following skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Independent or Team work.
  • Ability to work flexible shifts (weekends and holidays)
  • All job positions require the ability to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Ability to work in potentially uncomfortable conditions, like standing in one place for long periods and having no access to restrooms
  • Must be able to follow all policies and procedures of Best Buy correctly, as failure may result in termination of employment
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions
  • Must have a valid driver's license and clean driving record
  • Must be 18 years old, depending on state requirements
  • Must have open availability and flexibility to work evening and weekend shifts

Does Best Buy Drug Test?

Best Buy has an internal policy that requires all employees to be drug-free. It means that no one can apply for any position at Best Buy unless they come forward to give a drug test.  

Best Buy conducts lab urine drug screening on all potential employees to ensure that they are not under the influence during their work hours. The employees are usually tested for illicit drugs and prescription medication abuse. 

The company has a zero-tolerance policy for using any illegal substance, including MMJ. It means that an applicant's first positive drug test means automatic disqualification from the job application process. 

However, if you fail a drug test due to prescription medication use, you can appeal. The appeal is based on a licensed doctor prescribed your medicine, which could not be done without it.

In addition, best buy conducts drug tests for employees tasked with using heavy machinaries, such as forklifts and loaders. They also test employees who work with office products that may injure people if misused. Since this is a safety-sensitive job, all applicants must pass a drug test before being hired.

Does Best Buy Randomly Drug Test Employees?

Best Buy does not randomly drug test the employees at their stores. However, they have a policy that requires all potential employees to undergo drug testing. The policy is designed to ensure that only people who are legally allowed to use drugs can be hired for the job position. There are no exceptions made to this guideline.

Does Best Buy Do Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

Best Buy does not do pre-employment drug tests for all job positions. However, some job positions require drug testing before the applicant is hired. These positions include forklift operators, maintenance and equipment repair experts, and salespeople that work with heavy machinery. 

Additionally, there are many customer service positions at Best Buy that require extensive background checks, drug tests, and verification of employment history or references. The company will require applicants to undergo pre-employment drug testing for these positions.


Best Buy is a leading retailer that offers a wide range of services for the customer. Providing excellent customer service is this company's primary goal, and applicants must meet that standard. 

Best Buy does a review process for every job applicant for consideration. If an applicant passes the background check, drug test, and other requirements, they will be allowed to submit a resume to apply for open positions at the company. And then, it will be up to Best Buy to hire them based on their needs at the time.


Does Best Buy Hire People With Criminal Records?

Best Buy does not hire anyone with a criminal record, including drug-related offenses and domestic violence convictions. However, they do accept people with a felony on their record that is unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the job. 

In addition, they may consider people who have been convicted of a felony for possession or sale of marijuana as long as it was not distributed on company property. Best Buy does not tolerate any illegal activity and will automatically disqualify applicants from hiring if they have a past criminal record.

Can You Retake A Pre-Employment Drug Test At Best Buy?

Yes, you can retake a pre-employment drug test within five working days if you fail it. However, the second test will be administered in the presence of a Best Buy employee to ensure accuracy and fairness. Since this is a costlier option, the retest may be at the candidate's expense.

Does Best Buy Drug Test Product Flow Specialists?

Yes, Best Buy drug tests product flow specialists because they work with heavy machinery and tools. They also walk on a warehouse floor filled with chemicals and are required to follow strict safety protocols that could injure them if they are not focused or alert. 

Hence, the company requires the product of flow specialists to pass a drug test before Best Buy can hire them.

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