Biometric Screening: What Is It? and What Does It Test?

Biometric Screening: What Is It? and What Does It Test?


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In today's recent times employers, wellbeing programs increase, intending to impact the employee's lifestyle and health. The regular biometric Screening will be directed by a medical attendant or phlebotomist and should consistently incorporate a fasting intravenous blood draw. Some screening suppliers attempt and sell the finger-stick technique for cost and comfort reasons, yet the outcomes are frequently conflicting and questionable.

Biometric wellbeing screenings ought to be viewed as the beginning stage for any organization trying to manage employee wellbeing. In contrast a drug testing is primarily for the purpose of pre-employment vs. a biometric screening that's done post employment.

In today's article, we will discuss the benefits and usage of biometric Screening.

Biometrics is derived from the Greek word where Bio means life and metric means measure. 

What is Biometric Screening?

Biometric Screening is a health examination that includes body measurements such as height, weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar.  Since 2014 many companies have started the Biometric Screening process. The main objective of biometric screenings is to measure employee wellbeing. The boarding program is to decrease wellbeing hazards, improve the status, diminish medical care costs, and improve the efficiency and execution of the labor force. Organizations and different associations execute screenings to identify health risks for the employees. The design is to give you data that may show hazard factors for certain constant conditions. In case you're in danger of diabetes or hypertension, for instance, looking for treatment sooner can prompt a superior result. Your outcomes are private. A few managers may offer exceptional administrations as development, for example, practice projects or nourishment directing.

What is measured in Biometric Screening?

Biometric Screening, in general, includes a blood test so that the measurement of liquid and glucose can be done in the body like cholesterol. Height Weight and body mass index are measured, and even the hip circumference is measured.


A program for biometric Screening will only be successful if the management takes a good part in both the executive management and mid-level management support is very much necessary for the growth of any event. Employee communication is essential for growth. Incentives play another critical factor for the wellness area for an extended period.

Pros Of Biometric Screenings

  • HELPS FROM DISEASES: When employees Biometric Screening is done, they know about more diseases at a very early age. They come to know about early warning signs and preventions is taken before the time. Biometric Screening tells the information that online health assessments won't tell them.

Once your company starts doing Biometric Screening, you get to know about minor information accurately. It helps the employees understand that the wellness program is not impacting their employee's health.


Once Biometric Screening is done, you get to know what wellness programs your body needs. These customized programs after Biometric Screening will be much more effective than the regular fitness programs for your body.


With the help of Biometric Screening, you can boost the morale of the employees. It will increase the productivity in the working conditions of the employees. Biometric Screening will help employees to fight these critical issues.

Cons About Biometric Screening


At times employers may undergo a stressful phase when they see unexpected results. These results may make the employers demotivated and can have a loss of interest in their work.


Safety could be a problem for the employees. Health information remains very sensitive. All the employees might be concerned that receiving a Biometric Screening at work may lead to disclosing the information, leading to not doing Biometric Screening.

5 Biometric Screening Tests that are necessary for your body

  1. BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENING:  If your body does not have high blood pressure symptoms, it is still important to have blood pressure screening. It is recommended people between 18 and 39 without any blood pressure issues be screened 3 to 5 years, and people above the age of 40 should be screened every year. People who have high blood pressure should be screened even more often. If you have high blood pressure at one reading, it doesn't mean you will have high blood pressure. Blood pressure varies on the activities that you perform. Before taking any medications, recommend the doctor.

A tool is used to measure Blood Pressure that is called a sphygmomanometer. You are situated with your arm lying on a table. A sleeve is put around your upper arm and swelled until it stops the bloodstream. At that point, the sleeve is gradually emptied, permitting blood to stream once more. Some medical institutes also have automated machines to measure blood pressure.

To prepare your self, you need to follow the steps mentioned below

  • Before the screening process, do not smoke or drink caffeine for 30 mins before your Screening.
  • You should rest 5 mins before your test to get accurate results.
  • Sit on a chair with your arms and legs supported at your heart level.

2.Cholesterol Screening: cholesterol Screening is also known as a lipid profile used to measure the amount of good and bad cholesterol inside the body. Cholesterol is a soft, waxy fat that your body needs appropriately. If you are a man, you should check your cholesterol checked regularly at 35 and above. If you are a woman, your cholesterol Screening should be done periodically after the age of 45. If you are found with diabetes, then your cholesterol Screening should be done regularly. If you have a family history of any heart disease or if you are overweight. Even if you smoke regularly and have an inactive lifestyle, you should get your cholesterol Screening done.

Cholesterol Screening measures four types of fats inside your body:

  • The total amount of cholesterol  inside your body
  • Low-density lipoprotein refers to bad cholesterol. Too much inside your body may lead to heart attacks and strokes in the body.
  • High-density lipoprotein refers to the good cholesterol inside the body. It helps in removing LDL from the body.
  • Triglycerides: When you eat food, your body converts it into calories. People who are overweight and drink too much alcohol can have high Triglycerides, which is not suitable for the body.

There is a simple process to perform a cholesterol Screening. A blood test is completed. It takes few minutes, and there is no pain during the process. Cholesterol Screening is generally performed in a diagnostic lab or at any pharmacy or a doctor's clinic. After the test, you might feel a bit faint or sore in the area from where the blood is drawn.

To help lower your cholesterol in your body, you can quit smoking and tobacco and control alcohol consumption from the body. Avoid high-fat foods from your body. You need to add vegetables to your diet. Start moderate cardio exercise into your body.

3.Diabetes Screening: It is essential for your health and body. Diabetes Screening includes two types of tests Glycosylated test and the Hemoglobin test. Generally, these tests are taken by those who have a high risk of diabetes or people who are obese. Diabetes Screening is done to find out the high blood sugar that is present in the body. To monitor the blood glucose level and to detect diabetes in women during pregnancy.

  1. Colorectal Cancer Screening: colorectal disease is the most normal malignant growth found in both men and women. While colonoscopy is the most well-known approach to evaluating this regular malignant growth, the obtrusive method frequently has patients feeling on edge. For our colorectal malignant growth screening, we give "toss in-the-bowl" bring home packs that identify little measures of blood. This test is done at home, and there is no lab preparation. All grown-ups over the age of 50 are encouraged to do Colorectal Cancer Screening. Most protection plans and Medicare help pay for colorectal malignant growth evaluating for 50 years of age or more established individuals. Your health care coverage strategy might cover colorectal malignancy screening tests
  2. Skin Screening: It is one of the most critical Screenings and most common types of cancer caused. In the US, These malignancies seldom spread to different body pieces and are typically correctable with treatment. The third sort of malignant skin growth is called melanoma. Melanoma is more uncommon than the other two, however more hazardous because it's bound to spread. Most skin malignancy passing's are brought about by melanoma.

Skin cancer screenings can be done without anyone else, your essential consideration supplier, or a dermatologist.


  • BioIQ: It is one of the leading companies founded in Santa Barbara, California, in 2015 and is one of the top companies that offer Biometric Screening. They have made a revolution in health measurements. The company has software that can test your body remotely rather than in person. With the help of these tests, people are getting additional insights into their health that they wouldn't have gained before. BioIQ has helped millions of people and companies by using their health improvement technology best possible. You can contact them by visiting the website and avail the services they offer.
  • Labcorp: Labcorp is another one of the leading companies in the market that provide Biometric Screening. Labcorp uses the most advanced medical technology so that they can perform Biometric Screening. The company has a network of the best laboratories that can be used to conduct the Screening. These labs are spread all across the nation so that the people can have easy access to them.  Labcorp aims to provide the best lab testing results for companies and individuals so that people can avail them again and again. They aim to deliver medications at earliest as possible to their clients. You can reach out to them from their official website and avail services.
  • Onsite Health: This is also one of the top biometric screening companies. The company offers two pricing strategies that you can purchase and avail it. The company provides four test options that you can use. They do not test any employee if they have valid test data—it helps save time and the employees' money in the best way. The company can work with any number of group of people. To take their services, you can visit their official website, check the prices mentioned, and reach out to them.
  • Star Wellness: Star wellness is also a leading Biometric Screening company that conducts Biometric Screening tests and health tests for its employees. These results that we get from such Screenings help prevent their health Star Wellness plays a significant role in helping the companies find the best solution for the employees in the best manner. You can go to their website and find out the services they provide and use them.
  • Synergy Wellness: This company is based in Atlanta and offers the best Biometric Screening. It has been of the top companies for the past 30 years and aims to provide the best services. The healthcare experience that they offer ex-pats onto various fields in the best possible manner. They mainly conduct tests on employees and companies. They can even test people's blood pressure and glucose level. Synergy Wellness also has its team on the onsite level, which has the main work to educate the people on improving their health and lifestyle without any flaws.
  • The Wellness Company:  The company is based from the Rohde island and was launched in the year 2000. They are also considered as one of the tops Biometric Companies. The Wellness Company Offers screening and wellness programs for the employees. The company also has some flu programs that can be beneficial for employees and students.


  • A study found in 2015 by the Kaiser family foundation found that 18 percent of the small firms and more than 50% of firms do Biometric Screening in today's time. 
  • Research has proven that since the companies have started providing financial incentives, more than 55% of people have started doing their Biometric Screening. 


How to do Biometric Screening?

There could be many options that you can perform to do Biometric Screening. On the off chance that a large number of your workers are situated in one geological area, you should think about utilizing an on-location biometric screening where a merchant comes in and assembles biometric information for every one of your representatives without a moment's delay. 

On the off chance that you have far-off representatives, different areas, or strategically can't perform nearby screenings, and your alternatives incorporate at-home testing units, special screenings with an essential consideration doctor, or individual arrangements at an outsider screening office. Many organizations are fully insured in such cases. The employees can make their Biometric Screening done for free at no cost. Biometric Screening is covered in the health plans. Apart from the Biometric Screening, certain employees will require physicians and medications. These are some additional costs that can be added to the Biometric Screening.

How to get ready for a Biometric Screening?

To do a Biometric Screening, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to have Screening without any issues.

  • Fast for 8 to 12 hours. In this period, you are only allowed to drink water, Black Coffee, Tea. If you eat something else, you may not have proper Biometric Screening.
  • It is recommended to stay hydrated before your Biometric Screening. The hydration will help you to find veins in your blood quickly.
  • Dress in comfort so that you can easily fold up your sleeves while your blood pressure is calculated.
  • 8TO10 hours before your Biometric Screening, avoid doing exercise to get good results.

How Often should Employees Biometric Screening be done?

Follow two ways to do the biometric Screening of the employees that can be designed based on the goals and budget of the company's wellness program. The most effective and cost-saving plan for the company is to follow the guidelines that are offered by the US Preventative task force. Another option employees can follow is to have an annual Biometric Screening. It will keep the health of the employees safe and healthy.

How to select a Biometric Screening company?

There are many factors that you can keep in mind while you purchase a biometric screening company.

  • Quality of the Screening staff: Oe of the essential factors that you should keep in mind is the quality of the team. You should first go and check how much a single company covers successful Biometric Screening. It is essential to check out the educational background of the company and the number of experiences the particular company has. It is necessary to check the size population of the company a vendor can handle easily.
  • Cost of the service: Another major factor is to check the price of the service. As you all know, many companies may charge you extra for the services without even letting you know, so before taking any service, you should check the prices from various areas to not get cheated on the price.
  • The geographic reach of the service: It is also an essential factor to keep in mind. Sometimes you find a biometric screening service at the correct cost, but because of the wrong geographic location, you cannot conduct the Screening at the right time and creates an issue for your body and health. So before selecting a biometric vendor, make sure to check the correct location.
  • Maintain the clinical standards: Before selecting a biometric screening company, make sure you check all the clinical stands of the company. All the used machines are working accurately and with good quality equipment provided to them so that safety can be ensured among the employees and the entire office.
  • Available support services: Once the vendor is checked correctly, it is also recommended to check the support services. How long do they take to deliver the reports, and how much time do they take out to schedule a screening so that things can be done regularly.
  • Insurance coverage: Check from the vendor that the amount of insurance they cover in the biometric Screening that you all can avail at the time of Screening


If your objective is to improve the health of your employees in the best way, then  Biometric Screening is the option you can choose. A Biometric Screening will provide awareness among the employees and help the employees make the right decisions regarding their health and lifestyle. These tests become quick and efficient. Without employees, good health, there can not be any productivity in the company. In this way, the company name will suffer. So you should make sure that your employees should have good health and wellness. Biometric Screening will be the greatest return on investment if such programs will be designed to be linked with health and make lifestyle changes. Individuals need to teach themselves about sustenance, figure out how to cook various food sources, and roll out numerous improvements to their ways of life. That is the reason expanding admittance to practical wellbeing projects and backing is so unique. When individuals have the correct assets, it is simpler to remain focused after some time. By putting resources into a biometric screening of total cholesterol and glucose profiles, to bring about altogether higher medical services costs, contrasted and okay level representatives, and improved therapy results.

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