Dow Chemical's Pre-Employment Drug Test: Everything We Know

Dow Chemical's Pre-Employment Drug Test: Everything We Know


Dow Chemicals conducts a pre-employment drug test for the candidates before employing them. The company has been in business since foundry chemicals were first produced in 1866 and took its name from Erie County, New York's "Dow Village," where the company was founded. 

It follows the drug testing guidelines of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Dow Chemical looks for ten common drugs during their pre-employment urine drug test, which include amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates/opioids, phencyclidine (PCP or Angel Dust), barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone , and propoxyphene.

The company states that the test is conducted to help keep employees focused and productive during their employment and also helps managers decide who should stay and who should go. Moreover, the following article describes the Dow chemical drug testing policy.

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What Is The Goal Of The Dow Chemical Drug Testing Policy?

Dow Chemicals, which has been in business for more than a century, has conducted its drug tests for over three decades. It reserves the right to conduct drug and alcohol testing as permitted by local and federal laws. 

It conducts drug tests as a condition of employment and continued employment in all its locations within the United States. Dow chemical aims to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for its employees. 

It is done by creating a drug-free workplace policy encompassing drug use, abuse, impairment, and addiction prevention. The general goals of the Dow Drug-Free Workplace Program are as follows:

  • To install and maintain a written policy which permits drug-testing for employment purposes in all Dow companies.
  • Establish a program to ensure that employees are aware of the policy and that it is enforced within each location.
  • Ensure that employees who test positive for illegal drugs or abuse alcohol or legal substances are not permitted to remain on duty while under the influence of these substances.
  • To develop appropriate treatment programs in response to employee substance abuse, misuse or dependency problems.
  • To promote awareness about substance abuse, on-site and through outreach efforts to communities where Dow companies are located.
  • To establish appropriate consequences for employees who refuse to submit to testing or who test positive, including disciplinary action and referral to an employee assistance program or drug rehabilitation program if appropriate, following applicable state laws and company policy.

What Is Prohibited Under The Dow Chemical Drug Testing Policy?

  1. The consumption, possession, or use of alcohol or any illegal substance on company property.
  2. The sale or being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance while on company property.
  3. Any unauthorized possession of prescription drugs not prescribed by a treating physician while on company property.
  4. Job applicants refusing to submit to a drug test violates this policy and is prohibited strictly.
  5. Any performance or conduct that does not conform to the standards of conduct established by the company.
  6. Any attempt to submit another's urine for drug testing unless authorized in writing by the company's VP of Human Resources.
  7. Any attempts to get unauthorized copies of drug test results or make false reports about the use of drugs at work on company property.

How Often Is The Test Administered Per The Dow Chemical Drug Testing Policy?

Drug testing frequency depends on the type of employee and their job function. Safety-sensitive employees are tested randomly throughout the year and not notified in advance. According to Dow chemical's policy, the following employees need to undergo drug screening tests:

  1. Any job applicant being considered for transfer or promotion whose current position requires one of the four primary drugs of abuse.
  2. All first-time hires during the process of employment.
  3. Safety-sensitive employees whose job function requires them to meet a performance standard where there is a risk of substance abuse and impairment.
  4. Employees returning from rehabilitative leave.
  5. Employees returning from disciplinary suspensions.
  6. Employees based on reasonable suspicion who might have abused, covered up drug abuse, or violated the company's workplace policy.
  7. An employee with a history of drug use who might continue to have positive tests after being disciplined for drug abuse.

What Guidelines Are Used To Establish The Drug Testing Policy At Dow Chemical Company?

  • The substance abuse policy must be written within each location where the company conducts business. A policy copy must also be provided to each employee upon initial hire and after moving into a new position, transfer or promotion. It must be renewed with each change in status or promotion.
  • Each location's drug screening policy must be reviewed and approved by the company's vice president of human resources or delegate and updated when required.
  • The rules for testing applicants, employees and job applicants include specific language about the following:
  1. Types of tests to be performed.
  2. Tests which can't be fulfilled because of reasons of fairness (for example, pregnant females or Native American employees).
  3. Kind of information that can be collected during the test.
  4. The correct method to report the test.
  5. How information about a positive test is handled.
  6. The consequences of failing to follow the testing policy including disciplinary action and referral to an employee assistance program or drug rehabilitation.
  • All locations must have a reporting and handling suspected substance abuse policy so that employees know where to go for assistance.

What Is Permitted Under The Dow Chemical Drug Testing Policy?

The following is permitted under the Dow chemical drug testing policy:

  1. The prescription drugs, over-the-counter or legally obtained medications used in the workplace given that the performance of one's job duties is not impaired by substance abuse.
  2. Possession and use of legally obtained drugs within the confines of one's home or residence except when on Dow property during work hours. 
  3. Consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes that are legally prescribed if you are living in a state where it is not illegal to do so, and you follow your employer's written policies and procedures related to its use.


Drug Testing at Dow Chemical Company is common during the recruitment process. Dow Chemicals also conducts random drug testing during the period of employment for safety-sensitive employees and during suspicion.

Dow Chemical aims to provide a drug-free, non-discriminatory workplace to all employees and applicants. If you are a candidate looking for a job at Dow Chemicals, make sure that you keep all the illegal drugs away from your system.


What Type Of Drug Test Does Dow Chemical Use?

Given the nature of pharmaceuticals and that drugs are often used for medicinal purposes, physical drug testing is essential to ensuring employees are healthy and productive. 

It means testing both urine and hair follicles, depending on what is required by the individual positions in question. Urine and hair samples are almost always used to ensure that an accurate test is administered.

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