Does Sonic Do Drug Tests?

Does Sonic Do Drug Tests?


Sonic Automotive, Inc is a major automotive retailer in the United States. The company operates over 2,400 auto service centers in the United States and Puerto Rico. Sonic Automotive has a national policy that considers all full-time employees and applicants for a standard drug test. 

Job seekers who refuse to get tested or test positive for drugs will not be eligible for employment. Sonic Automotive aims to maintain a drug-free environment in the workplace. Besides, background checks are also conducted to ensure that the employed people do not have criminal records. 

Sonic Automotive has a nationwide testing policy, and it does test their applicants and employees for drugs that are federally constricted and regulated. According to the policy, applicants who have been offered a job at Sonic Automotive are required to sign an agreement in which they have agreed to be tested and follow the anti-drug policy. 

Moreover, this article discusses in detail the drug screening policy at Sonic Automotive.

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What Does Sonic Drug Test Indicate?

Sonic Automotive's drug testing policy is a program through which employees and job seekers, who have applied for a position at Sonic Automotive, are required to take drug tests. 

Applicants who refuse to be tested or test positive for drugs will not be eligible for employment. Sonic Automotive adopts this policy to maintain a drug-free workplace environment. Its drug testing policy is based on a Federal law, which states that companies must make a drug-free workplace and prevent the use of drugs among their employees. 

The law aims to protect its workers' safety from exposure to the hazards of illegal drugs. Moreover, the law seeks to prevent workplace accidents, which can occur due to the use of drugs. 

  1. Applicants agree to be drug-free. The applicants sign an agreement, a contract between them and the company. This contract indicates that the applicants are considering joining Sonic Automotive and agree to follow its drug screening policy. The applicants also understand that they will not be eligible for employment at Sonic Automotive if they fail a drug test.
  2. Sonic Automotive's policy applies to both prospective and current employees. In other words, it tests the applicants and the existing employees for drugs and alcohol.
  3. The company offers drug rehabilitation programs.
  4. The company allows applicants to ask questions about its drug testing policy before their application is approved or denied by Sonic Automotive's hiring managers.
  5. The company provides a way for the applicants to complain about violating the policy's terms and conditions.
  6. Drug testing at Sonic Automotive must be carried out by a licensed laboratory or a certified physician to carry out the testing.
  7. If a job applicant is offered a position at Sonic Automotive and refuses to be tested, that applicant's application is no longer considered.
  8. All the results are confidential, and the information is used only for Sonic Automotive's drug testing program.

Moreover, certain things are prohibited under the sonic automotive drug testing policy:

  • Job applicants can't use illegal drugs or any other prescription drugs before the test. They understand that they may be charged with federal and legal penalties.
  • Applicants can't use any substance that could impair their body's ability to perform their job.
  • Applicants can't tamper with the drug test results. Tampering with the drug test samples or results might result in legal penalties.
  • Job applicants can't fail to appear for their drug test without any reason. Unreasonable neglect of drug tests might be considered tested positive and the employees and job applicants can be terminated from further process of employment. 
  • Employees are not allowed to buy/sell drugs while on the job. 

Sonic Automotive Drug Test: Reasons

Sonic Automotive's drug testing policy is implemented for the following reasons:

  1. To prevent the use of drugs among employees (in the case of current employees) or prospective employees.
  2. To provide a safe and productive work environment for all the employees.
  3. To protect the company's reputation.
  4. To avoid accidents caused by using illegal drugs by potential employees (in the case of current employees) or prospective employees.
  5. To prevent workers' compensation claims and medical liabilities resulting from injuries caused by using illegal drugs.

When Does Sonic Automotive Test For Drugs?

Sonic Automotive, Inc may demand you to take a drug test in the following cases:

Pre-Employment Drug Test - During the hiring process, the company may inspect your past performance, such as academic records, work experience, and criminal activities. It checks those aspects to determine your suitability to work at Sonic Automotive. 

Also, the pre-employment drug test helps the company to determine an employee's attitudes towards a drug-free environment and drug testing program. The pre-employment drug test is a need for all job applicants. If the applicant fails to pass the test, their application is not considered anymore. 

Reasonable Suspicion - The company may test you for drugs one time during your employment. It may conduct a follow-up test if there is a sign that you were not following the company's drug testing policy. 

This testing is based on reasonable suspicion that you were using illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine. If a job applicant is suspected of drug use, a follow-up test is required by Sonic Automotive.

Random Drug Test - The company can also have you tested randomly during your employment. A random drug test helps the company ensure that no employee uses illegal drugs on the job. It also helps to determine whether employees adhere to Sonic Automotive's drug testing policy. 

Random drug testing is conducted at least once during an employee's employment, and the employees are selected randomly. If an employee fails the test, their employment eligibility is revoked.

Does Sonic Drug Test For MMJ?

Sonic Automotive may not consider a failed MMJ drug test. It is because marijuana is legal in some states, and there are no federal laws that prohibit an employee from using marijuana at Sonic Automotive. But, marijuana use while operating heavy machinery or working with sonic automotive is forbidden.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 substance with no medical benefits and causes dependence on the drug. If an employee is caught possessing or using marijuana in sonic automotive while working, they might be subject to immediate termination.

Besides, if you are a user of MMJ, you must inform your employer or human resource department about the. The employer might designate you as a medical marijuana user to hire you. It would allow you to use marijuana as a medical marijuana user until the company's drug testing policy requires another type of test.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Sonic Automotive Use?

Sonic Automotive performs drug testing through urinalysis, most probably a 5 panel urine drug test. It is a safe, non-invasive, and easy test that provides accurate results. The sample is collected by trained technicians that follow specific instructions from the company's medical staff.

Before collecting the samples, the technician will ask you to provide a urine sample in a clean container. After collecting the sample, it is sent to the lab for proper testing. Besides urine drug testing, sonic Automotive also conducts blood drug testing. It is a more accurate test that can detect drug use over an extended period.


Sonic Automotive drug test their candidates and employees to prevent drug use. It ensures employees adhere to its drug testing program. Moreover, the employees are given a copy of the drug policy to be aware of the terms and conditions of Sonic Automotive's drug testing policy. 

Thus, Sonic Automotive's drug testing policy is an effective drug prevention tool that can help to protect the company from legal liabilities and possible lawsuits.


Can I Apply For Re-Testing If The Initial Sonic Automotive Drug Test Came Back Positive?

Yes, you can. Sonic Automotive will try to schedule your re-testing as soon as possible. But, you should remember that the employer will decide how soon a re-test will be scheduled. Moreover, the Sonic Automotive re-testing might only happen in the following circumstances:

  • You can request a re-test if you know the possible reasons that caused the initial positive drug test.
  • You can also ask for re-testing if you provide evidence that the initial test was invalid, like a chain of custody issue.
  • You can also request re-testing if you can bring a medical doctor to the company and provide the medical clearance necessary for re-testing.

Yet, in any situation, sonic automotive has the right to deny your request for re-testing. Thus, you should always present the company with valid reasons so that they can decide if re-testing is necessary.

Does Sonic Hire at 14?

No. Sonic does not hire at 14. Sonic usually hires applicants above the age of 16 at Sonic Drive-In. Sonic hires people at the age group of 16 or older based on the locations but they do rarely hire below the age of 16.

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