Does US Foods Drug Test?

Does US Foods Drug Test?


Yes. US Foods conducts a pre-employment drug test for the candidates and a suspicion based drug test for employees under the influence of illicit drugs. US Foods prohibits the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs (including medical marijuana) at work.

US Foods is a food and grocery distributor that provides food to restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other markets worldwide. US Foods abide by the DOT, and Federal drug and alcohol testing laws and hence have zero tolerance against drug abuse.

Learn more about the US Foods drug testing policy, their grounds of testing, and the consequences you may face if you fail your drug test.

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US Foods Drug Test Policy

US Foods is determined to provide a safe and productive workplace environment, and hence they abide by the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act. 

By the Act, US Foods prohibits the employees from

  1. Possessing, consuming, distributing, selling, or purchasing any kind of illegal and alcoholic drugs at work. There are exceptions when your Location manager allows associates (who are not drivers or work in any safety-sensitive postions in the company) to consume alcohol at a Company and Vendor event or official gathering 
  2. Getting influenced by alcohol or illegal drugs, or inhalants of any sort that affects the productivity and safety of employees and company’s assets. 
  3. Refusing to cooperate during the testing process, including refusal to take a drug test for alcohol or illegal drugs during work.

US Foods considers prescription based intake

US Foods provide rehabilitation options to employees under the influence of alcohol or illegal or any other abuse of prescription drugs. So, You need to report your 

  1. Supervisor about taking over-the-counter or prescription based drugs that might impact your work performance and productivity. It includes medical marijuana irrespective of its legality.
  2. Human Resources Officer about your OTC and prescription based drugs. This will help the company allot you a reasonable accommodation program as per the criticality of your situation.
  3. MRO at the drug testing lab so that the positive drug test results might be scrutinized accordingly. 

Conviction reporting

If you are convicted of a drug related offence at the workplace, you will have to report to your manager and the Human Resources Professional within 5 days of such conviction.

US Foods will take disciplinary action against the employee within 30 days of his/her conviction reporting. The company may conduct a drug evaluation and recommend counseling or treatment programs under the recommendation of a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). 

What Kind of Drug Test Do US Foods Conduct?

US Foods abide by the DOT (Department of Transportation) and Federal drug testing law, and hence they may conduct a 5 panel urine drug test to check the candidates and employees for drug abuse.

US Foods will use only certified drug testing laboratories to conduct their drug test as required by state and federal law. Once the drug test is conducted, the results will be informed to you. In case of positive results, you will have to explain your positive results.

If you did not report your prescription and get positive drug results for some illicit drugs, you will have to face consequences which may end up in termination. 

When Are Employees Tested Under The US Food Drug Testing Policy?

The company may require a drug test of any employee, at any time, for any reason. However, the most common times for employees to be tested are:

  • Pre-employment drug testing: 

US Foods may require a pre-employment drug test once they send a conditional job offer. You must take the drug test within 24 hours of accepting the conditional job offer. If you fail the pre-employment drug test, you may not be hired.  

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing: 

Suppose a supervisor suspects an employee is using illegal drugs or exhibits behavior that could be caused by drug use. In that case, the supervisor can request a random drug test on reasonable suspicion. Also, if an employee reports to duty under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may be tested on reasonable suspicion.

Random or reasonable suspicion drug testing is usually conducted without notice. However, employees must be notified of the test well and given a chance to provide a urine specimen. Following these procedures, the employee may choose not to participate. 

As per the US Foods drug test policy, you cannot refuse your random or suspicion-based drug test.

Are Prescription Drugs Covered Under The US Food Drug Testing Policy?

Yes, US Foods' drug testing policy extends to prescription drugs because of their abuse potential. An employee prescribed a controlled substance by a physician must notify a supervisor before taking such medication. 

Furthermore, the employee must inform a supervisor of any new prescriptions at least five days before taking the medication. The supervisor will arrange for the employee to meet with a medical review officer who will decide if there is a special need for a test. 

Also, suppose a supervisor decides it is necessary to drug test because of the employee's behavior or job performance. In that case, the company can perform suspicion based drug testing.

What Happens If I Fail In US Foods Drug Test?

Based on circumstances, A worker is subject to disciplinary action which may end up in termination, if the drug test is positive. 

The US Foods' drug testing policy states that any evidence of use of illicit drugs or abuse of prescription drugs will result in disciplinary action, including immediate termination. 

In addition, any associate who refuses to take a drug test on reasonable suspicion is guilty of insubordination. Any associate who falsifies a drug test, or gives a false statement concerning any aspect of a drug test, is guilty of fraud. Thus, the employee will be suspended and subjected to other disciplines under the company's policy.

Final Words

The US Foods' drug testing policy is designed to prevent drug abuse in the workplace. The company also wants to promote a drug-free culture and reduce employee liability, absenteeism and theft. 

The drug testing policy applies to all management, supervisory and professional positions. Unfair treatment of any employee found positive for a drug test is prohibited. Thus, drug testing is conducted fairly, safely and unbiasedly as per the US food drug testing policy.

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