Does Tesla Drug Test?

Does Tesla Drug Test?


Yes. Tesla conducts a pre-employment drug screening for certain positions while hiring. Tesla might conduct a random drug test for their employees if there arises a concern or based on suspicion. 

Tesla has a drug free workplace policy to ensure a safe working environment for employees. This does not mean that Tesla drug test every employee and candidate. So, they drug test their employees and candidates applying for certain positions. But they do not drug test everyone working there.  

Tesla's drug testing policy also includes alcohol testing for its employees. The following article explains Tesla's drug testing policy, procedures, policies, and requirements for drug tests.

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Tesla and Its Drug Test Policy

Tesla's drug testing policy states that all applicants, employees, contractors, and third parties are obligated to Tesla to ensure an environment free of illegal drugs. Employees who violate the policy are subject to stringent disciplinary action. 

Tesla Headquarters is located in California, where cannabis is legalized. So, Tesla abides by the state drug testing law and have laxed their drug testing policy accordingly. But that does not mean that THC abusers might get a job there. Tesla’s drug testing policy prohibits the following:

  • Using controlled substances of any form and indulging in sale and distribution of those substances.
  • Taking prescription drugs that are not prescribed by a licensed physician and are not applicable by federal and state laws.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Violating the Tesla drug test policy intentionally.
  • Consuming any form of illegal drugs inside the workplace.
  • Intoxication or loss of motor skills or destruction of property due to drug abuse.
  • Any behavior that interferes with the safety, health, security and well-being of employees, customers, and others on company premises. 

What Happens During Recruitment At Tesla?

We all know that Tesla hires for skills and if your skills are up to the mark, there is no way that you cannot get hired. Here is what happens during the Tesla hiring process 

  • You will be called for an interview to test your skills based on the position you have applied for.
  • If the recruitment team is satisfied with your performance in the interview, you will be given a conditional job offer. 
  • Once the conditional job offer is given, the recruitment team will call you for a drug test on a particular date. Most probably, Tesla calls for a 5 panel urine test, but it may vary based on the requirement. 
  • The urine test is conducted by a third party contracted by Tesla. It is in line with the applicable state statutes and regulations.
  • Once the drug testing process is completed, Tesla will contact you via email with the drug test results. If you are found clean and after the background check, you will receive a letter stating that you have passed the drug test and the employment offer will be released.

Does Tesla Subject Its Employees To Random Drug Testing?

Yes, Tesla conducts random drug testing on its employees. Tesla's employee manual states that the company reserves the right to test its employees at any time. However, random drug testing is done in specific circumstances and for specific safety-sensitive jobs. 

The fact that Tesla is an advanced manufacturer of electric vehicles makes it necessary to keep a safe workplace environment. 

Apart from testing safety sensitive employees randomly, Tesla conducts a random test based on suspicion if they are reported under the influence of drugs in the workplace or have lost any of their senses. 

Random drug testing may also be conducted on employees if they violate the company's code of conduct and fail to act in a manner expected from them.

Tesla takes random drug testing very seriously. Failure to comply with Tesla's policy can result in immediate termination and legal action against an employee.

What Kind Of Drug Tests Does Tesla Use?

Tesla uses both urinalysis and hair analysis to conduct drug tests. Urinalysis is used to determine whether a substance is present in the urine. Hair analysis is a more accurate and sensitive way of identifying the type of drug in a person's body. 

In addition, Tesla uses current medical information from its medical director or licensed physician to conduct drug testing. So, suppose a worker has received or is scheduled to receive a prescription for a substance considered illegal, the information will be considered, and the worker will be tested accordingly.

Final Words

Tesla's drug testing policy is stringent and requires its employees to pass a pre-employment urine test. All job seekers are expected to follow the guidelines set by Tesla, and failure to do so can result in termination and legal action against the worker. 

Despite present in a cannabis legalized state, Tesla considers drug abuse a serious issue. If you are applying for a position in Tesla, make sure you are free from drugs.

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