Does Starbucks Drug Test?

Does Starbucks Drug Test?


Yes, Starbucks conducts drug tests, but occasionally. Starbucks performs a pre-employment drug test, but not for everyone. The manager of that particular branch chooses whether to test you for drugs or not. 

The standard drug test used by Starbucks is the 5-panel urine drug test to detect the following drugs:  PCP, OPI, AMP, COC, and THC.

Although Starbucks has the power to conduct casual worker drug tests whenever they consider fit, they seldom do it. Some employees say that the organization may not test even after an "unusual" accident unless there is suspicion.

Furthermore, Starbucks does not appear to drug test their workers before proceeding with promotions. Whether you have a managerial profession or are supposed to have a promotion, Starbucks will likely not drug test you again, unless there is a suspicion.

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Who is Starbucks?

Starbucks is an American Multinational Company with a chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves. Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and has achieved broad popularity across America and beyond.

Starbucks provides you with a wide diversity of jobs. The possibilities are that you would receive a job that fits your knowledge and interest. Candidates with pleasant previous experience may get the placement as department supervisor or shift operator. Among others, barista quarters are the most popular.

Starbucks is the leading premier roaster, merchant, or broker specializing in coffee products, serving about 75 countries. They serve high-quality beverages and hand-crafted tea, coffee, and other refreshments.

They also serve a mixture of fresh food items containing snack gifts through company-operated shops. The main objective of Starbucks is compelling service. Hence, Starbucks drug tests their employees and candidates to ensure a safe work environment for their employees and the customers' safety.

How Long Does The Starbucks Drug Test Take?

Starbucks drug test ordinarily takes 24 to 48 hours for the drug test results to be back, depending on the type of test performed.

Most importantly, a worker at Starbucks may get a drug test if he/she is involved in any accidents in the workplace.

There are three particular conditions under which the company may ask you for a drug test:

  • Pre-Employment - The first circumstance is the successful conclusion of the hiring method. After moving the managers in the interview and getting a contingent offer of employment, you will be asked to offer a urine sample at the closest LabCorp Center within 48 hours of the request. It refers to the director as well as any other condition foreseeing a background test. The employee gets drug tested simultaneously during the background verification. If you get through both, you will get your employment offer without any hassles. The generally preferred method of testing is the urine drug test, which is non-invasive and easy to pass.
  • Workplace Accidents - If you have been in an accident at work, including machinery, they will likely subject you to a drug test.
  • Random Drug Testing - Starbucks may prefer to drug test employees during casual times of the year. The deal signed during the hiring process indicates that Starbucks may drug test you for any cause, at any time.

Does Starbucks Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Starbucks requires candidates to undergo pre-employment drug testing based on state law and national drug-testing rules in the workplace. Candidates should provide relevant samples for this test.

The pre-employment drug test is typically done right after a provisional job offer has been made to a potential employee. This drug test is directed at an authorized drug testing lab handpicked by Starbucks.

Starbucks' partners and candidates are usually required to undergo urine drug screening (UDS). UDS is a non-intrusive drug test that the subject's urine sample is collected for the final result. UDS is regularly used for pre-employment drug screening because it could find metabolites or traces of drugs in the urine after ingestion.

What Are The Drug Tests Starbucks Prefer?

Starbucks conducts different drug testing methods. The standard drug test used by Starbucks is the 5-panel drug test to detect the following drugs:  PCP, OPI, AMP, COC, and THC.

It is more general in workplaces that demand high levels of protection. An employer may be likely to test a person who works in heavy-duty tasks such as the transportation and maintenance section at Starbucks.

Employee drug testing laws change, and an employee should moderate with local officials.

Does Starbucks Drug Test Their Employees?

Yes, Starbucks drug test their employees intermittently to check for drug use. They do the urine drug test kits for their employees since it is simple, fast, cost-efficient, and accurate. Urine drug tests ordinarily screen for five drugs, namely:

  • COC
  • AMP
  • OPI
  • PCP
  • THC

Starbucks rarely involves in a drug examination of their workers. However, some Starbucks members are engaged in managing drug testing trials, such as the Starbucks in Denver, CO, which regularly conducts random drug testing of its employees.

Starbucks Drug Test Policy

Starbucks' specific order forbids the ownership, production, dissemination, sale, and consumption of illegal drugs within its assumptions. However, it doesn't say at what point in that process or if it's 100% mandatory, so it looks like it's at their discretion.

Existing workers may get to test at any point or after a mishap. Starbucks' leaders and personalities are also governed by compulsory drug examination periodically and randomly. Starbucks requests a drug test if they have reasonable suspicion that you are under the influence of drugs.

How Can You Pass The Starbucks Drug Test?

Starbucks owns the right to drug test at any time, but not always. The hiring manager decides whether to drug test or not. If you don't consume any drugs, then you may relax and undertake a drug test anytime if asked to take one.

However, if you are a frequent or infrequent substance user, then you should be cautious. If you have enough time before the interview or drug test, you may try weaning off substances and self-test with home drug testing kits. If you are left with less time for preparation, then you could try using synthetic urine, over-the-counter preparations, or detox products to flush the toxins out of your system.

There are also reports that Starbucks conducts random drug tests for their employees. So, either quit substance use altogether or always carry synthetic urine or fake urine in your pocket to save yourself.

Final Words

Starbucks may not have taken the drug test as a priority, but they have their reputation checked. They conduct on-site drug tests giving you no time to do some naughty tricks.

If you are an employee or applied for a Starbucks job, it is recommended not to take Starbucks' drug test with ease. All the best for your career at Starbucks.

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