Does Apple Drug Test?

Does Apple Drug Test?


Apple may conduct a drug test as they have a drug testing policy. Apple is committed to a "drug-free workplace" policy, requiring all employees to be drug-influence-free pre-employment and during job hours. Apple may fire any employee found under the influence of drugs during working hours on the premises.

A drug-free policy is something that more companies are beginning to require because it helps them understand that their employees will be safe and on time for work. But, drug testing at Apple is relatively standard and is required for new hires and employees. 

Apple's Drug testing policy is under the same guidelines that most companies follow when hiring and entering into agreements with all employees. Moreover, let's learn about Apple's Drug Test and its policy guidelines.

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What Is Apple's Drug Testing Policy?

Apple ensures a standard protocol in its operations and management and develops many policies and guidelines to ensure the business flows smoothly. Apple's Drug-Free Workplace Policy is one among them. Apple's drug-free workplace policy is created in line with the SAMHSA's Drug-Free Workplace Program

Apple ensures a safe work environment for their employees and clients, and hence the employees are prohibited from the following under their drug testing policy: 

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol in the workplace, being under the influence of drugs and showing up for work under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, and being intoxicated while on the job.
  • Employees are prohibited from manufacturing, selling, and distributing drugs in the workplace.
  • Employees cannot violate the company's procedures and policies with their job performance or any other way.
  • Employees are not allowed to cheat on designated drug tests.

Does Apple Do Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

Apple may require all new employees to do a pre-employment drug test. Apple wants to ensure a safe work environment, so they conduct pre-employment and suspicion-based drug testing on employees.

Once you get a conditional job offer at Apple, the authority team might require you to take a drug test to ensure you are free from illegal drugs. You may get a job if you clear your drug test. There is no possibility that Apple could hire you if you fail your pre-employment drug test.

All job seekers must sign an agreement stating that they will not use drugs in the workplace and will not be intoxicated while on the job. Moreover, if employees refuse to follow these drug-free policies, they will be prohibited from working at Apple.

Does Apple conduct a Background Check?

Yes. Apple may conduct a background check to ensure the candidate's credibility before providing the job. In that case, Apple may check for criminal records, illegal activities, and code of conduct.

Does Apple drug test at-home advisors and Retail employees?

No. Apple hardly conducts drug tests at home advisors and retail employees. They might conduct a background check for both jobs, but they do not conduct drug tests. As a retail employee, you might be fired if caught using illegal drugs on the job premises or fail your drug test during a suspicion-based drug test.

What Drugs Does Apple Test For?

Apple tests the most abused drugs in the USA. They might conduct a 5 panel drug test using a saliva sample to identify the drug metabolites in your system. The most common types of drugs that are used in illicit activities include: 

  • THC 
  • Cocaine 
  • Amphetamines 
  • Opiates and 
  • PCP.

How to Pass My Apple Drug Test?

It is simple to pass your drug test if you are not using drugs. If you are an occasional drug user, you might pass your drug test following specific precautionary methods like detoxing, regular water intake, and exercises, just a week before the drug test. 

Being a saliva drug test, it is known that you could succeed in your drug test if you follow the earlier procedures by abstaining from drugs for a week before your drug test. 

If you are a heavy user, there are slim chances that you could pass your drug test. No worries! You can reapply to Apple during their next job hunt. Until then, maintain a healthy discipline and keep yourself clean!

Be it a heavy or a light user, Apple may conduct suspicion-based drug testing and random drug testing based on circumstances. So, the best way to keep yourself from drug abuse trouble is to prevent drug intake altogether. 


Apple drug tests employees and new hires to ensure all employees are on time for work and are not intoxicated. Also, the policy provides that the employees do not manufacture, sell, or distribute illegal drugs. 

Apple drug testing is similar to other companies; thus, it helps employees be safe at work and keep themselves in a drug-free environment. If you apply for a job at Apple, ensure you are free from drugs.

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