Best At Home Drug Testing Kits

Best At Home Drug Testing Kits


Drug testing has been mandated in almost all job sectors during pre-employment and employment to ensure a safe and drug-free workplace. Keeping that in mind, employers, temp agencies, and employees look for the best drug testing kits for their office drug testing programs.

The 5 panel drug test is the drug test of choice for commonly abused drugs and the most popular among employers followed by the 10 panel urine drug test that detects additional drugs and its metabolites.

Substance abuse has been on the rise and can negatively impact a person's life in all aspects. One can use home drug testing kits for self-assessment or test a family member if you suspect drug abuse and take adequate measures towards de-addiction.

Drug testing kits help to screen for common illicit substances. Home drug testing kits are advantageous for people who would like to drug test themselves or any of their family members at the comfort of their home, without the intrusion of privacy.

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Why Purchase Drug Testing Kits At DrugTestPanels? takes pride in offering high-quality and reliable drug testing products and kits for customers since 2003. We maintain a large stock of drug and alcohol testing strips at competitive prices.

For 18 years, we have been dedicated to promoting workplace safety while educating and increasing awareness about substance abuse.

We carefully keep track of the expiration dates of all the drug testing kits and prioritize them accordingly. Our product development team consistently enhances supply chain management to provide drug testing kits to homes and offices.

We have dedicated ourselves to delivering unique drug testing kits that reduce contact with the sample, thereby making our products popular among our customers.

Our clients include Temp Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Pain Management Centers, Recruiters, Employers, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Rehab Centers, etc. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, we offer secure delivery of the drug testing kits for your home and office needs throughout the United States.

Our customer service department is well-informed about our products, specifications, prices, offers, etc. It makes our service trustworthy. We maintain a professional workplace by providing our employees with great benefits and additional perks.

Drug Test Panels powered by Uritox LLC, is one of the largest distributors of drug testing products in the United States.

Why Do Businesses Trust Us?

  1. We are experienced and have professionalism in drug testing kits and supply chain management.
  2. We offer drug testing kits at the best prices in the drug testing industry.
  3. We maintain a stock of over 200,000 drug testing kits for immediate shipping and delivery.
  4. Same-day shipping for all online orders placed before 3:00 pm EST.
  5. Our drug test cups are FDA approved and CLIA waived.
  6. Over 100,000 businesses have been satisfied by our service.
  7. Avail discounts on bulk orders. We offer quality products at the best price.

At UriTox LLC, we have a regulated shipping, refund, and return policy. We offer free shipping services on orders above $75.00 to all the addresses in the continental United States. Same-day shipping is available on all orders done before 3:00 pm EST on business days only, excluding holidays.

An order with UriTox LLC constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of our refund and return policy. You may return the product with the authorization number provided to you within 20 days of purchase, and we will initiate a refund.

How To Use And Read Drug Test Results?

Like any other household product, it is good to have home drug test kits to check for the presence of illicit drugs in your system before the actual drug test. It is simple to know how to use the drug test kit and read the results. Take a few mins to learn by watching our video.

If you are unable to watch the video, below is an in-depth representation of how to use the drug test kits. Follow the instructions:

  1. Collect the urine in the integrated urine drug testing cup.
  2. Start the testing process by removing the instant drug testing kit from the foil pouch.
  3. At the end of the testing kit, remove the cap and use the exposed strips to gently bend back and forth to prepare them for urine absorption.
  4. Now, dip the exposed strips into the urine cup. The exposed strips should be in contact with the urine sample for nearly 10 to 15 seconds.
  5. Ensure that the urine sample does not contact the plastic portion of the testing panel.
  6. Recap the urine test kit and leave it on a flat surface and observe the results.
  7. The results will start to appear (it would take a maximum of 5 minutes or less for the results to appear) after recapping the drug test kit.

How to Read the Results

  1. Every panel will contain control and test regions. The control region 'C' (marked at the top) indicates the proper working of the testing kit, and the test region 'T' (marked below the C region) suggests the presence of the drug that you have been tested for.
  2. After the dip, a colored line will appear in the 'C' region within 5 minutes.
  3. If a colored line appears in the testing window 'T,' then the test result is negative for the corresponding drug being tested.
  4. If no lines appear in the testing region 'T,' it is positive for the corresponding drug being tested.
  5. If no lines appear in the control and testing regions, you can remove the cap and re-dip the exposed strips in the urine specimen for 10 to 15 seconds, recap, and lay down on a flat surface.
  6. If colored lines appear, then the kit is working.
  7. If no lines appear even after the second attempt, then it is Invalid. You may contact the manufacturer.

Types of Drug Testing Kits

DrugTestPanels is a resource provider for temp agencies, recruiters, employers, and employees and offers quality products at competitive prices.

1. Urine Drug Testing Kits

An inclusive collection of integrated testing cups and dip cards for economical drug testing programs are available in 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 12-panel configurations.

Drugs tested with cut-off threshold include:

  • THC - 50 ng/mL
  • COC - 300 ng/mL
  • MAMP - 1000 ng/mL
  • OPI - 2000 ng/mL
  • AMP - 1000 ng/mL
  • BZO - 300 ng/mL
  • PCP - 25 ng/mL
  • BAR - 200 ng/mL
  • MDMA - 500 ng/mL
  • MTD - 300 ng/mL
  • BUP - 10 ng/mL
  • OXY - 100 ng/mL

Integrated Urine Testing Cups Specifications

  1. Inclusive and straightforward collection without getting into contact with urine
  2. Drug testing card built within the cup
  3. Only the collector can activate the test
  4. Eliminates donor manipulation
  5. Labels hide drug test results from those who do not need to view the results

Urine Testing Dip Cards Specifications

  1. FDA 510 (K) clearance
  2. High-quality materials
  3. Quick and accurate results
  4. Numerous panel configurations
  5. Great detection timelines
  6. Low cost

2. Oral Saliva Drug Testing Kits

Saliva drug testing kits require human saliva to trace drug usage. Our kits contain a fast saturating sponge that absorbs the sample quicker than other saliva testing kits. The saturation indicator indicates the collection of an adequate amount of oral fluids for testing. It is available in 5, 6, and 10-panel configurations.

Drugs that can be tested with cut-off threshold include:

  • AMP – 50 ng/mL
  • BUP – 5 ng/mL
  • OXY – 20 ng/mL
  • BZO – 10 ng/mL
  • COC – 20 ng/mL
  • OPI – 40 ng/mL
  • mAMP – 50 ng/mL
  • MTD – 30 ng/mL
  • PCP – 10 ng/mL
  • THC – 12 ng/mL

Saliva Testing Procedure

Oral Saliva Drug Testing Kit Specifications

  • Saliva Saturation Indicator
  • Convenient Rapid Screening
  • Collect and Test in One Step
  • No Need for a Restroom
  • Fast and Easy to Read Result in 5 Minutes
  • 12-18 Month Expiration Date
  • Includes Carbon-Copy Drug Screen Results Forms
  • Approved for Employment and Insurance Testing

3. Alcohol Drug Testing Kits offers high-quality breathalyzers non-invasive, convenient, and affordable to screen for alcohol within 5 to 10 seconds. We offer different variants of alcohol breathalyzers that include Slim, Ultra, Pro, and PT500.

Enhanced features and benefits of our AlcoHawk breathalyzers

  • FDA 510(k) Cleared
  • Meets US Coast Guard Requirements
  • Law Enforcement grade
  • Alarm & Audio warning
  • Accuracy of the Sensor: +/- 0.01% at 0.02% BAC
  • Sensor Recognition Technology
  • Electric Pressure Sensor
  • Sample Concentration Sensor
  • 1 Year Warranty

4. Hair Drug Testing Kits

Being a parent, if you are concerned about your teen's drug use, PDT-90 hair drug test kits will be the one-stop solution. PDT-90, developed by Psychemedics Corporation, is used by major US corporations such as police forces, industrial sectors, schools and colleges, courts, etc.

Benefits of PDT-90 Drug Testing Kit:

  • Analyzes 12 drugs (7 illicit drugs and 5 prescription drugs)
  • The smallest amount of hair is required (other labs need 2-3 times the amount of hair)
  • FDA cleared screen test for head and body hair
  • Fully accredited laboratory
  • Most accurate/sensitive test available
  • The "Gold Standard" of hair testing

Drugs tested with cut-off threshold include:

  • THC - 50 ng/mL
  • COC - 300 ng/mL
  • MAMP - 1000 ng/mL
  • OPI - 2000 ng/mL
  • AMP - 1000 ng/mL
  • PCP - 25 ng/mL
  • MDMA - 500 ng/mL

Merits of Hair Drug Testing

  • Detects drug use going back to several months
  • Easy to collect & ship
  • Cheat-proof
  • Accurate lab-based test
  • Private & confidential

5. Employer Drug Testing Kits

Drug Testing Kits for Employers Pack is a quick and affordable, instant on-site drug screening solution. This kit is inclusive of everything an employer needs to perform instantly at the place of choice. We offer products in bulk, ranging from 25, 50, and 100 packs depending on your business requirements.

Drugs tested with cut-off threshold include:

  • THC - 50 ng/mL
  • COC - 300 ng/mL
  • MAMP - 1000 ng/mL
  • OPI/MOR - 2000 ng/mL
  • AMP - 1000 ng/mL
  • BZO - 300 ng/mL
  • PCP - 25 ng/mL
  • BAR - 200 ng/mL
  • MDMA - 500 ng/mL
  • MTD - 300 ng/mL

Employer Drug Testing Kits Specifications

  1. FDA 510(K) cleared to market
  2. SAMHSA-approved guidelines
  3. Instant and can be used on-site
  4. Ideal for pre-employment, random, reasonable cause, corrections, clinical, and hospital use.
  5. Competitive prices

We also offer Diagnostic supplies and collection supplies on demand. The merits of our test kits are FDA 510(K) clearance, excellent quality, quick and accurate results, great detection timelines, and low cost.

Comparison Between Walgreens and UriTox Drug Test Kits

Like UriTox, Walgreens also stock drug testing kits for all kinds of drug testing programs such as pre-employment, random, post-accident, follow-up, etc. UriTox stands aloof because of its excellent quality products at affordable prices, shipping and handling of products, and merchandising.




Panel Drug Testing Kits

Provides drug testing products based on panel specifications (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 12)

Provides home drug testing kits for 1, 6, 7, and 12 panels

Saliva Drug Testing Kit

5-panel T Cube Oral Saliva Drug Testing kits at affordable prices with multiple drug testing features for home and office needs

Not available on online store.

Alcohol Drug Testing Kits

Latest breathalyzer products at affordable prices:

1. ETG (Ethyl Glucuronide) Urine Alcohol Test

2. AlcoHAWK® Slim Ultra Breathalyzer

3. AlcoHAWK® PT500 Breathalyzer

4. AlcoHAWK® PRO Breathalyzer

Offered products:

1. AlcoHAWK® PT500 Breathalyzer

Employer Drug Testing Kits

Offers in bulk (25 Nos., 50 Nos., and 100 Nos.)

No such offers provided

Drug Testing Solutions

Takes the responsibility of providing unique and specific drug testing kits at competitive prices to the clients. Always maintains stock to fulfill the orders immediately.

Offer only limited drug testing kits and has limited online stocks.

Comparison of Specific Drug Testing Kits

Drug Testing Kit



Urine Drug Testing Cup

12-Panel Drug Test: All in One Test Cup

It has an integrated testing cup that eliminates the handling of urine and screens for 12 drugs.

Discounts based on quantity

Features and benefits include:

  • FDA 510(K) cleared
  • New Improved Lid Key, conveniently placed in the lid
  • The cup has an easy Xerox feature where you can lay down the cup on its side, and the cup won't leak.
  • Up to 99% Accurate
  • Adheres to the SAMHSA Cutoffs
  • Immediate Results
  • Shelf-life of up to 12-18 months

Reveal Home 12 Drug Test

Provides accuracy of 99% within 5 minutes of testing

Produces results for 12 drugs

Features and benefits include:

  • Results return in about a week.
  • Used for initial screen only. Lab confirmation is recommended for positive results.
  • Easy to use, peel the label and read.
  • Sales staff assistance with any part of the process.

Hair Drug Testing Kit

PDT-90 Hair Drug Test

  1. Test for 12 drugs (7 - illicit and 5 - prescription)
  2. FDA cleared screen test for head and body hair
  3. A smallest amount of hair required
  4. 5 to 10 times higher detection

Benefits of hair testing

  • Detects use several months back
  • Easy to collect & ship
  • Cheat-proof
  • Accurate lab-based test
  • Private and confidential

Hair Multi-Drug Test Kit offers

  • Accurate Results
  • CLIA and ISO Accredited
  • Confidential
  • Cheat Proof
  • Shipping & Lab Fees Included
  • Fast, Secure Online Results

Price and Quality of Drug Testing Kits

UriTox's drug testing products are 100-200% cheaper than other providers like Walgreens or CVS. UriTox provides high-quality and reliable products at affordable prices.

Drug Testing Kits

UriTox Price

Walgreens Price

Urine Drug Testing Kits

Dips - $1.24 to $8.13 (depending on the panel)

Cups - $4.95 to $12.43

Home drug test kits range from $18.19 to $39.99

Oral Saliva Drug Testing Kits

$5.35 to $7.97

Alcohol Testing Breathalyzers

$44.99 to $149.99 (Depends on the models)

$57.99 to $149.99

Hair Drug Testing Kit



Employer Drug Testing Packs

$69.95 to $299.95

Diagnostic Testing Kits

$2.05 to $7.95

Collection Supplies

$0.48 to $0.66


Through this, you would have gathered adequate information about the UriTox Drug Testing Kits, their efficacy, and significance for your home and office drug testing needs.

We stock all kinds of drug testing products and ship your orders to your location as per our shipping policy. Happy Shopping!

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