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6-Panel T-Square Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit

6-Panel T-Square Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit

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5-Panel Saliva Drug Testing Kits

The 6 Panel T-Square Oral Saliva / Mouth Swab Drug Test Kit with saturation indicator is an ideal choice for employer drug testing.

The oral swab drug test kit contains a lollipop sponge, technically known as a saturation sponge and test cube that delivers instantaneous and accurate results within 5 minutes. The saturation sponge denotes adequate sample collection eliminating the need for re-testing.

Our oral swab drug test kit comes with convenient test procedures making the testing process more accessible and effective. Get your ready-to-use affordable 6-panel saliva drug testing kit from Drug Test Panels.

Mouth Swab Drug Test Benefits

      • FDA 510k Cleared
      • Screening for six significant drugs.
      • Immediate results within 5 minutes.
      • Saliva saturation indicator to prevent re-testing.
      • Accurate results. (Zero error)
      • Longer shelf life. (12-18 months)
      • Convenient test procedures.
      • No need for a restroom.
      • Tamper-proof kit.
      • Easy observation of results.
      • Approved for all kinds of drug testing.

      6 Classes of Drugs Screened:

      AMP – 50 ng/ml
      BZO – 10 ng/ml
      COC – 20 ng/ml
      OPI – 40 ng/ml
      mAMP – 50 ng/ml
      THC – 12 ng/ml

      Why Choose Us?

      1. High-quality swab drug testing kits.
      2. Longer shelf life. (18 months)
      3. Accurate and immediate results.
      4. FDA and SAMHSA-approved kits.
      5. Stable results for 30 hours.


       What is the benefit of using an oral saliva saturation indicator?

      The saturation indicator will indicate the donor about the essential amount of swab collection. This will help the tester and the donor to prevent re-testing. Our saliva saturation indicator will turn red once an adequate sample is collected during the mouth swab drug test.

       What are the benefits of using an Oral drug test over a Urine drug test?

      1. Hygienic testing
      2. No need for privacy/Restroom
      3. Cheat-proof
      4. Perform drug tests anywhere anytime

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