Will NyQuil Or DayQuil Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Will NyQuil Or DayQuil Make You Fail A Drug Test?


Doxylamine Succinate and Dextromethorphan present in the NyQuil and DayQuil may show up in urine drug tests as methadone, opiates, or amphetamines.

NyQuil and DayQuil are recommended medicines to help you combat the symptoms of the common cold and cough. They both work to relieve your sore throat, fever, cough, and congestion. Normal usage might not show up in your drug test, but it can be a path-breaker if you consume without prescription or overdose.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Are NyQuil and DayQuil?
  2. What Are The Active Ingredients In NyQuil And DayQuil?
  3. What Are The Harmful Effects Of NyQuil And DayQuil?
  4. Can NyQuil Or DayQuil Make You Fail A Drug Test?
  5. How Can NyQuil And DayQuil Users Prevent Failing A Drug Test?
  6. How To Remove NyQuil and DayQuil From The Body Faster?

What Are NyQuil and DayQuil?

NyQuil is an over-the-counter nighttime cough and cold medicine. It is an FDA-approved drug manufactured and sold by Vicks, an American-based pharmaceutical company. NyQuil is generally consumed in the form of liquid or tablet.

NyQuil gives temporary relief for coughs, headaches, runny nose, sore throats, fever, and sneezing. It also helps to treat people with cold symptoms and sleep through the night. It fights the underlying causes of the common cold by relieving your cough and soothing your throat. 

Whereas, DayQuil is a nasal decongestant made by the same pharmaceutical company Vicks. It is most commonly used to treat nasal congestion caused by various medical conditions, including colds, allergies, and asthma. It can also reduce fever for minor illnesses such as the common cold and was once recommended for people with influenza.

DayQuil was introduced to the American market in 1976 as Daycare but was renamed DayQuil. It became popular because "it works fast and contains two other ingredients that are purported to help the common cold - decongestant and cough suppressant."

DayQuil is often used with other drugs, such as NyQuil, because of its potency. However, this can be dangerous because it causes severe side effects.

Dosage of NyQuil: The NyQuil dosage depends on the age and health conditions of an individual. For NyQuil liquid, use only the one dose cup per day provided and not exceed four doses per 24 hours. For NyQuil tablets, take two caplets per day and do not exceed eight caplets per 24 hours. 

Dosage of DayQuil: It comes in liquid or tablet form. It depends on the condition you are trying to treat. If you are taking DayQuil for allergies, you take one tablet every eight hours. For tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), it is recommended that one tablet be taken every six hours. 

The liquid form is dosed differently; 4ml for children aged six months to twelve years, 10ml for anyone over twelve years old, and 8–12ml for adults.

Note: Take only as directed.

What Are The Active Ingredients In NyQuil And DayQuil?

The active ingredient in NyQuil is acetaminophen, dextromethorphan (DXM), and doxylamine. Acetaminophen is a pain relaxant and fever reducer. It helps relieve fever and minor aches and pains due to the common cold, flu, and other minor illnesses. 

Dextromethorphan (DXM) is a cough suppressant that helps relieve congestion of the mucus membranes in your throat and lungs. It also helps loosen phlegm (mucus) and thin bronchial secretions so you can cough it out more quickly. Doxylamine is an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergies, hay fever, and the common cold.

The active ingredient in DayQuil is Phenylephrine, which is an effective decongestant. It also contains guaifenesin which works on the bronchial tubes to help ease lung congestion. In addition to the mentioned ingredients, DayQuil contains a pain reliever and a fever reducer.

Guaifenesin is added to DayQuil because doctors have proven that it helps decrease cough and throat irritation. After all, guaifenesin thins and loosens mucus and phlegm. Guaifenesin is also used to relieve congestion in the chest because it expands the airways. 

It is an expectorant and helps the lungs to expel mucus and phlegm. Phenylephrine, the decongestant ingredient present in DayQuil, constricts blood vessels. It permits more blood to flow through the nasal passages, reducing swelling, mucus production, watery eyes, and discharge from the nose. Lastly, dextromethorphan is also present in DayQuil.

What Are The Harmful Effects Of NyQuil And DayQuil?

NyQuil is generally safe to consume for adults, teenagers, and children aged six years and older. It is usually safe for pregnant women, but always consult a doctor before consuming any medication while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Do not take NyQuil if you have severe liver disease, have a blockage in your stomach or intestines, have severe breathing problems, are allergic to acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, or any of the ingredients in NyQuil.

In addition, do not take DayQuil if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of DayQuil. Do not consume more than is recommended by your physician. There is a possibility that if you are taking an ACE inhibitor medication, you may be at risk of severe side effects or even death. 

Always make sure to tell your physician about any medications that you are taking before starting DayQuil. If you have a particular medical condition, let your doctor approve the use of DayQuil for you. You may also check the warnings listed by taking DayQuil.

Side effects of NyQuil and DayQuil can be from mild to moderate in intensity which is as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • Stomach Pain 
  • Drowsiness 

Note: Always be mindful of warnings listed on the product's label and do not exceed the recommended dosage of any medication

Can NyQuil Or DayQuil Make You Fail A Drug Test?

NyQuil and DayQuil contains antihistamines, which are substances that stop the action of histamine in your body. When the histamine is blocked, you will experience a sensation of being high. Therefore, if you are undergoing a drug test, this medication might show up as positive on the test.

NyQuil and DayQuil may show false-positive results due to their active ingredient, Dextromethorphan and Doxylamine Succinate. It is responsible for the feeling of euphoria that can be experienced when a user takes large doses. It may make you dependent on the drug that could lead to overdose and addiction.

The half-life period of the drugs NyQuil and DayQuil is about 10 to 12 hours. So, there are chances that false positive results might occur if you take NyQuil or DayQuil. It is better if you avoid NyQuil and DayQuil for a while before your urine drug test. However, if you have doubts, you should ask your doctor whether the medicine you are taking can interfere with any scheduled test.

How much NyQuil and DayQuil do you have to consume to make you fail a drug test?

If you are unsure how much of your medication you have taken, it is best to be safe and assume the worst-case scenario.

Let's say that you're using both NyQuil and DayQuil; then, you will have taken 50ml of the liquid into your body. It will give you a concentration of 2mg per liter or 20mg per ounce. If both liquids are considered 100% effective for six days, the chances of failing a drug test are 1 in 1000, which means 0.1%. 

It is a worst-case scenario, and the chances of a false negative are a lot lower. If you happen to know your medication concentrations, then it's likely that you would fail a drug test with around 0.05%.

In conclusion, don't worry about failing a drug test if you're taking the recommended dosage. It is unlikely that your medication concentrations will be high enough to cause any problems.

How Can NyQuil And DayQuil Users Prevent Failing A Drug Test?

The best method to avoid such embarrassment is to prevent these medications from being detected in your system. The first thing to note is to find out what kind of drug testing procedure you will face. 

It will help you figure out what steps are necessary so your medications will not be detected. The next thing you should do is cease using these medications long enough for the active ingredient to pass through your system. 

As a general rule, antihistamines should be used for no longer than at least three days or thereabouts. Additionally, the good news is that both of these medications do not contain alcohol and can be flushed out of your system within 5-7 days of quitting using them. 

Besides hiding the smell of the medication from any drug test, there are other ways to prevent NyQuil and DayQuil from being detected during a drug test. The main thing you should do is use an after-taste solution that can mask the original taste of NyQuil and DayQuil. 

An after-taste solution is designed to neutralize the taste of NyQuil and DayQuil and formulated with menthol, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, and eucalyptus oil, which give you that clean feel. Nothing but clean. It's menthol that helps to relieve congestion and unclog sinuses. 

Menthol provides the tingling effect that clears your nasal passages—spearmint oil pairs with menthol for a fresh, excellent feeling in the winter. Eucalyptus oil is a cooling, woody-cabinet smell that's great for a summer night.

Do not take more medications than required by your doctor. If you are using NyQuil or DayQuil, make sure to take it for less than three days before or during your test. Do not consume more than one dose within 14 days.

If you are undergoing drug testing, you should also avoid taking certain classes of medication. If you are taking any of these medications, please remember to be mindful of the signs and symptoms that could indicate a test failure.

How To Remove NyQuil and DayQuil From The Body Faster?

There are several ways to get rid of NyQuil and DayQuil fast. They include:

  • Drinking lots of water - Drink plenty of water if you consume these medications regularly. It will speed up the process of getting the remaining active ingredients out of your body. It is one of the most used methods.
  • Use natural products - Some herbal products are great at speeding up getting rid of these medications. They include things like dandelion root, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice.
  • Eat bananas - Bananas are rich in potassium. They're also high in fiber and B vitamins. They're good for your health and can help get rid of NyQuil and DayQuil.
  • Juice therapy - Certain lemon juices may be adequate to get rid of NyQuil and DayQuil faster. It is because the citric acid present in these juices may help you eliminate them faster.
  • Use charcoal tablets - If you consume too much of these medications, charcoal tablets can be beneficial. They help in getting rid of toxins present in the body.

Note: Most of the products and methods mentioned above can also speed up removing NyQuil and DayQuil from the body.

Conclusive Statement

If you are worried about a failed drug test, then relax and do not stress yourself. There are several ways you can get rid of the antihistamines from your system before you take a drug test. Having an effective regimen in place will help get rid of NyQuil and DayQuil from your system quickly.

Make sure that you follow all of the instructions given to you by your doctor carefully, and remember to drink plenty of water each day. It is essential to be safe rather than sorry. If you are taking these medications regularly, it is essential to ask your doctor to monitor your health closely. Also, do not take more than one dose within 14 days.

If you stay within the recommended dosage and take this into account before taking a drug test, you will have no problems passing it.


1. Can I use NyQuil if I have asthma or any other breathing problems?

You should not take NyQuil if you have an allergy to products containing phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine. It includes liquid and dry nasal sprays containing these ingredients.

2. Do NyQuil and DayQuil have caffeine?

No, they do not have caffeine..

3. Can you take DayQuil if you have your period or are pregnant?

No, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or who are lactating to use DayQuil. It may cause high blood pressure due to its decongestant properties and, in some cases, an increase in the risk of premature delivery in the mother.

4. What is the therapeutic range for NyQuil and DayQuil?

The therapeutic range for both of these products is somewhere between 0.25mg to 2mg per day. It means that if you follow your doctor's instructions carefully, you will be fine and pass a drug test with ease.

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