How To Pass TASC Drug Test?

How To Pass TASC Drug Test?


Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) is a non-profit organization and a forerunner in drug testing with more than 40 years of drug testing experience. They have a well-developed laboratory and dedicated testers specialized in the field of toxicology. They follow specific standards and methodology in drug testing. It had led to their accurate sample collection and perfect results on time. Passing the TASC drug test involves pure discipline and inner hygiene.

TASC primarily uses urine drug test. Learn more about the drugs that TASC tests for and if you want to be ahead of the competition, consider our complete 12 panel drug test that tests for 12 Drug Classes THC, COC, METH, OPI, AMP, BZO, PCP, BAR, MDMA, MTD, BUP, OXY.

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Drug testing has become the most common ground for testing one’s internal cleanliness. No matter how exceptional you are in academics or done your interview in a great way, if you fail a drug test, you are in deep trouble. You cannot be so lethargic even if you have not taken any drugs. In today’s lifestyle where we are tangled among various chemicals in day-to-day products, it is necessary to be more careful while undergoing the drug test.

It is a fact that testing centers follow specific testing methods while screening for drugs. TASC is not an exception. In this blog, we are going to explore about the TASC Drug Test, how it conducts the test and what kind of chemicals or drugs they look for, etc. By the end of this blog, you would get to know about TASC and how to pass their drug test more elaborately.

Before getting into “How to pass the TASC Drug Test,” it is more important to know about TASC and what it does. Let’s travel through it….

What is TASC?

TASC is an acronym for Treatment Assessment Screening Center Inc. It is a non-profit, private organization with a primary focus on drug testing and behavioral health programs. It was founded in 1977 with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States of America. Their main mission is to eliminate drug practices and transform the lives of the people with purpose, passion and proven practices.

TASC aims for a vision of a healthy environment through Healthy People, Healthy Community, and Healthy World. TASC joins the dots for a healthy environment to eliminate the drug practices which they consider is the sole reason for a misinterpretation in society and in the community. They have developed and innovatively implemented new findings in the field of drug testing from time to time so that they can provide accurate test results in a short period of time.

What is TASC Drug Testing?

TASC Drug Testing is a screening process conducted by the organization, Treatment Assessment Screening Center Inc (TASC). They provide drug testing services, counseling and treatment to addicts, parents, schools (both public and private), and workplace.

Their drug testing programs are cost-effective. They have an in-house laboratory for providing high-quality results with null errors. They also offer counseling services to the drug addicts and make them a responsible person in the upcoming stages of life.

TASC’s Areas of Focus

TASC got their license from the Arizona Department of Health Services to conduct drug testing and to promote behavioral health treatment and counseling that includes various sectors like:

  1. Education and treatment for substance abuse
  2. Treatment and counseling on domestic violence
  3. Anger control and management
  4. Driving under the influence (DUI) screening
  5. Other clinical laboratory services

Among the five, they focus on eliminating drugs and substance abuse to the core as they believe in transforming society through a clean environment. When it comes to Drug Testing, TASC categorizes their focus of drug testing in four areas:

    1. Testing Pillar of Criminal Justice System - TASC acts as a drug testing pillar to the criminal justice system since its inception. The test results of TASC had helped various sectors of the judiciary. The diversion program initiated by TASC in 1989 had been an exemplary assistance to the federal, state and city agencies. The TASC team works with attorneys, child safety professionals, courts, prisons, probation and parole officers, and provides effective drug testing services. They carefully collect the drug testing sample and provide quality test results on time for a defense. They offer 24/7 customized reporting options convenient for the organization.
        2. Parents Suspecting Their Children to Take Drugs - If you feel that your child has developed addiction to certain drugs, TASC will help in testing, intervention and counseling services to the child to neglect lifelong addiction to those drugs. TASC conducts drug testing only to the children above 12 years of age and provides de-addiction counseling along with a qualified treatment plan if they test positive.
            3. Schools - Be it a public or a private school, TASC offers cost-effective and confidential drug testing programs. They conduct counseling services to children who test positive during drug test and analyze the proper reason for such drug abuse. TASC conducts on-site collections of samples and provides the results on time for proper counseling and treatment. They also conduct educational programs for schools that have adopted drug-free policies.
                4. Workplace - With its competitive and socio-economical prices, TASC is the most preferred drug testing center among the corporate companies and institutions for workplace based drug testing. They conduct a timely collection of samples and provide quicker results to those institutions for quicker decision making. Workplace testing by TASC includes pre-employment, random, post-accident or post-treatment tests based on requirements.

                  What Drugs Does TASC Test For?

                  TASC tests for some commonly used illegal drugs that include

                  1. AMP
                  2. BZO
                  3. COC
                  4. THC
                  5. OXY and OPI

                  There are many other drugs that the TASC screens at various levels of drug testing, but the above-mentioned drugs are the most commonly tested drugs.

                  Other such drugs that the TASC test also include

                  1. Alcohol
                  2. PCP
                  3. THC
                  4. MDMA
                  5. Ketamine
                  6. Tramadol
                  7. Etc.

                  TASC Drug Testing Methods

                  TASC conducts these drug tests using certain types of drug testing methods. There are various types of drug testing methods, but TASC focuses on three major drug testing methods - Urine, Hair and Oral fluids.

                    1 . Urine Drug Testing - This is the most common type of tests conducted to detect the presence of major illegal drug traces. Urine drug testing is most effective for regular usage of drugs and prescription medication overdose. Occasional drug usage is hard to trace using urine tests. It is a federally mandated testing method approved by the U.S. government.
                        2. Oral Fluid Drug Testing - If you are a frequent drug user, then this testing is the best to trap you. Oral fluid testing involves a collection of saliva for immediate testing. Thus, tampering with the testing is difficult.
                            3. Hair Drug Testing - Hair drug tests help in finding the usage of a drug for an extended period of time. It means even if you are an occasional drinker, you can get caught if you are hair tested. Hair drug tests can indicate the presence of drug(s) for up to 90 days.

                              Efficiency of Test Kits

                              TASC also provides testing kits for determination of drug intake. Considering the efficiency, the laboratory equipment will provide more accurate results when compared to the drug testing kits. You can use the testing kits for your personal use for identifying the drug traces on a gradual amount. However, if you want more accurate results, it is best to rely upon laboratory testing to make your workplace or institution clean and safe.

                              Knowing the testing methods and the drugs that the TASC test for, it is crucial to know about passing the drug test conducted by the TASC.

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                              How To Pass The TASC Drug Test?

                              It is not so difficult to pass the TASC Drug Test. TASC follows three drug testing methods - Urine, Oral and Hair. You can pass the Urine and Oral drug test if you are taking drugs occasionally. You could stop taking drugs a few weeks prior to your drug test or else follow certain methods like consuming plenty of fluids to clear the test. For a hair drug test, you can follow certain hair drug test facts and methods to pass the test.

                              You can even buy testing kits from the TASC to check for drug trace levels in your body before taking the real test. This would help you to prevent failure in your TASC drug test. To be short, if you want to pass the TASC drug test, either you should be clean or you should follow certain hacks to prevent failure in the drug tests.

                              Even if you fail a drug test conducted by TASC, you could get their counseling and other treatments at an affordable price. Children above the age of 12 can get proper counseling from TASC to relieve off drug usage. If you are an adult or a working professional, you will receive appropriate counseling and guidance from the TASC professionals. This would help you to rejuvenate yourself from the illegal drug use or abuse.

                              Wrapping It Up

                              TASC provides drug testing services that are confidential and accurate. They also provide counseling services and substance abuse treatments to drug addicts and children aged above 12 years, and educate schools and colleges to prevent and reduce substance use/abuse. They also provide drug testing services to business and corporate sectors at competitive and economical prices with reliable and accurate results.

                              Eventually, I hope you would have got the answers for all the doubts regarding the TASC’s drug testing methods, the drugs for which they test for, and how to pass the drug test conducted by them. Get yourself prepared for the TASC Drug Test! All the best!

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