Nextera Energy Resources Careers: Do They Drug Test You?

Nextera Energy Resources Careers: Do They Drug Test You?


Nextera ensures a safe workplace for all employees and has implemented a drug testing program that complies with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. 

The company policy applies to all full-time employees and job candidates. Moreover, job candidates who have been offered a position are tested before beginning work. Nextera requires job candidates to provide proof of drug and alcohol testing and background checks as a condition of employment.

Nextera considers the use of any illegal substance or illegal use of any prescription medication to be grounds for immediate termination. The following article is also an overview of Nextera's drug testing policy.

Nextera energy inc. believes in investing in people, not substances. They offer an employee-friendly culture that supports work/life balance, with flexible options for team members. 

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What Is The Purpose Of Nextera Drug Testing Policy?

Nextera Energy inc. is a company that deals with producing and supplying power and clean energy from renewable resources. The company has representatives worldwide who work on different projects for the company. But drug testing is not just a Nextera-specific policy.

Nextera is probably one of the biggest companies in the power generation industry in Florida, and its workforce consists of mostly people from all over the nation. Hence, to be eligible for the job, one must undergo a drug test also. 

As a drug and alcohol-free company, Nextera does not want anyone under any influence in the workplace. Nextera doesn't just test their employees but also job applicants. Thus, anyone wanting to join this company and has a job offer must undergo drug tests before beginning work. Moreover, the purpose of Nextera drug testing policy is as follows:

  1. Nextera's policies help prevent substance abuse among the company's employees, helping them become productive members of society. Preventing substance abuse also helps provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment.
  2. The company policy also helps keep Nextera and its employees away from federal, state and local law violations.
  3. The company's drug testing guidelines helps protect the public and the environment.
  4. The company's drug testing policy helps prevent any damage to the reputation of Nextera, its employees, and any damage to its relationships with external parties. Drugs and alcohol affect an individual's judgment, which may put the reputation at stake.
  5. It also helps reduce the company's cost, including loss of workforce and productivity, while increasing attendance, employee satisfaction and safety.
  6. The drug tests help detect a substance use disorder so that the treatment can start immediately to assist the employee who has a problem using drugs or alcohol.

What Is Nextera Drug Test Policy?

Nextera implemented a staunch Drug Testing Policy for full-time employees and those applying for jobs. 

The policy is enforced in all the company's locations, including the headquarters and other facilities across the United States. Being a drug-free workplace, Nextera has tested many employees working at its different locations. Nexteras, drug testing policy includes the following:

  • All employees must be fit for work and fully perform their duties safely. 
  • Any use or illegal use of any substance is considered a violation of the company's drug-testing policy. Also, possessing any federally illegal drug or controlled substance without a valid prescription is a policy violation. 
  • Any employee may not unlawfully manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled substances at work, on work premises, or during work activities.
  • Any violation of the company's drug-free policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. 
  • All employees must abide by federal, state, and local laws concerning drug and alcohol use and testing.
  • Employees may not consume drugs or alcohol at any time before or during work hours or perform work in poor condition due to the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Employees may not commit any act of dishonesty or sabotage while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Employees shall report to appropriate authorities any knowledge of an employee's use of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, or other evidence that an employee is using drugs or alcohol on company premises, during work activities, or while on Company business.
  • A SAMHSA-certified laboratory must carry out drug testing, and the results must be forwarded to a Nextera representative.
  • Results of drug tests for a current employee, including information concerning test results, shall not be disclosed to anyone outside the company without the employee's consent.

Does Nextera Drug Test Its Employee During Pre-Employment?

Yes, Nextera conducts drug testing and background checks on the employees joining the company. 

The pre-employment test can be conducted by any medical professional who has received proper training and certification from SAMHSA or Nextera itself in every location. 

Nextera's pre-employment drug testing policy applies to all new hires, provided the person has not failed a drug test in the last three years. In addition, when such an employee fails a drug test, they will be required to undergo any relevant rehabilitation or treatment they may need to overcome the addiction. 

Moreover, if there is a positive drug test, the offer of employment to that person may be withdrawn. The drug testing policy also applies to contractors and vendors in the United States working for Nextera.

Does Nextera Randomly Drug Test Its Employees?

Yes, Nextera also drug tests its employees randomly. 

But, the testing is conducted during the workday only if the employee is involved in a critical safety-sensitive position. Also, Nextera conducts drug testing for employees suspected of being under the influence or using drugs or alcohol during the work hours or addicted to any illegal drugs. 

To ensure that drug testing and the policy are effective, Nextera maintains a list of employees in all the facilities across the United States. They have a history of violating the company's drug and alcohol policy. 

This list is updated regularly based on the test results and behaviors of the employees. Employees who are on the list are subjected to random drug testing more often than those who are not on the list. In case of a positive drug test, the employee is terminated immediately. 

Moreover, if an employee does not wish to take part in a drug test, they can request that the employer provide them with a medical waiver. But, in case of a second test violation, the employee will be terminated from their job immediately.

What Is The Post-Accident Drug Testing Policy At Nextera?

After an accident or incident, Nextera pays a visit to the site and carries out a post-accident drug test on the employee who has been involved in that accident. Nextera's post-accident drug test policy includes the following:

  1. If an employee is injured in a work-related accident, Nextera's post-accident drug testing policy requires drug testing of the employee.
  2. The employee must have a drug test before receiving medical care or other first aid and medical treatment.
  3. After the injury has been treated, the employee must undergo an additional drug test within 48 hours.
  4. If there is a death during a work-related accident, an autopsy will be performed, and the results will be used to determine if the employee has used drugs or alcohol before or during work.
  5. Although, if employees fail a drug test after an accident will not be terminated.
  6. Suppose an employee has a positive test result. In that case, the employee will be suspended from work. The employer may terminate them if they refuse to undergo rehabilitation or treatment, which they may need to overcome their addiction.

What Is Permitted Under Nextera's Drug-Free Workplace Policy?

Nextera's drug testing policy permits a few of the following:

  • An employee can take legally prescribed drugs, provided they receive a doctor's written order and the drugs do not impair safety or performance at work. 
  • An employee may take over-the-counter medications if used at a time and in a way that does not affect work performance or safety.
  • If an employee has a medical condition, they may be required to undergo drug testing to confirm the medical condition and allow a return to work with medical restrictions and accommodations as needed.
  • An employee may use drugs or alcohol outside of a work setting if they have no impact on the employee's ability to report to work and perform their duties safely and effectively.


Nextera's drug testing policy is comprehensive and incorporates nearly all aspects of drug testing. The policy also clearly sets out the consequences of failing a drug test. Nextera's drug testing policy is made to regulate and reduce the use of drugs or alcohol among employees within the company and by third-party contractors. 

Also, the drug testing policy helps to ensure that the health and safety of all employees are maintained to a high level. All Nextera employees are required to participate in the company's drug-testing policy. 

Thus, all employees must read the policy and use it as it is meant to be used. In addition, anyone Nextera employs needs to understand their rights under the drug testing policy and seek legal counsel if they have any queries or issues with this policy.


What Are The Rights Of Nexteras Employees?

Nextera employees are entitled to the following rights:

  1. Individuals can request to review their drug test results in the Nextera Human Resources Department. 
  2. If an individual fails a drug test and then needs rehabilitation or treatment, which they may need to get over their addiction, they are entitled to rehabilitation or treatment from Nextera without any termination.
  3. An employee shall not be terminated for failing a drug test only because the person is recovering from addiction; instead, one can be fired for refusing to take drug tests. 
  4. An employee has the right to know the Nextera drug testing policy before accepting a job.

What Is The Best Way To Report Drug Abuse At Nextera?

The best way to report drug abuse at Nextera is by calling the HR department and reporting the incidents anonymously. 

What Are All Drugs Prohibited Under Nextera's Policy?

The following drugs are prohibited:

  • Marijuana 
  • Cocaine and Amphetamines 
  • Opiates (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and Morphine-like narcotics) 
  • Phencyclidine 
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Alcohol, including medications containing alcohol.

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