Labcorp Drug Test - Everything We Know!

Labcorp Drug Test - Everything We Know!


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LabCorp or Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings, an S&P 500 company, is a leading global life science and clinical laboratory company. The company was founded in 1971 and has its headquarter in Burlington, North Carolina. 

It primarily operates under the two broad segments: LabCorp Diagnostics that offer laboratory testing services, and Covance Drug Development, responsible for providing clinical drug trial research and development to major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

In 2017 it was named among the world’s most innovative companies and in Fast Company’s 2021 world’s most innovative health companies for its role in mobilizing millions of COVID-19 tests and successfully creating the first at –home COVID-19 collection kit.

What time does LabCorp open?

LabCorp has 36 primary laboratories altogether in the United States, making it the largest clinical laboratory network in the world. LabCorp opening hours will differ from one location to another. It is advisable to check the location details first before walking in. The company’s LabCorp laboratory locator can assist you in finding the closest lab near you.

Does LabCorp test for synthetic urine?

Urine remains the most widely used specimen today. It's inexpensive and used in the detection of a wide range of drugs.

Drugs and their metabolites stay in the urine for a long time, significantly increasing the drug detection window. However, urine testing is prone to manipulation in the form of adulteration, dilution, and substitution as it cannot be monitored.

Synthetic urine composed of water, urea, creatinine, pH balance, and sometimes uric acid is today widely employed to beat a positive drug test. LabCorp does not explicitly test for synthetic urine, but specimen validity testing (SVT) is performed to detect any sample manipulation. However, the current state-of-the-art SVT criteria are ineffective in detecting synthetic urine.

Does UPass help you pass your drug test?

The short answer is maybe.

We DO NOT recommend using synthetic urine to pass your drug test. It is self defeating and unlawful to do so. 

Upass is a brand of synthetic urine developed by Safeguard laboratories. It has all the natural compounds found in human urine, such as creatinine, pH balance, uric acid, and the same specific gravity as human urine.

Does LabCorp watch you pee?

No, LabCorp does not observe urine sample collections. Observed collection is prohibited in some states as an unfair invasion of privacy but is not considered illegal in others. Observed collection may be required if the donor is suspected of tampering with the specimen or if the test result proves to be atypical.

Does Certo work for LabCorp drug tests?

Certo, also known as 'Sure Jell', is a brand of fruit pectin manufactured by the food and beverage giant KraftHeinz. Certo is rich in carbohydrates and fiber. The high fiber content aids by absorbing the toxins that would usually be expelled via urine to expel it instead via fecal matter. However, there is no evidence supporting the claim that Certo will help pass a drug test. 

We recommend using home remedies to get yourself clean and most importantly abstain from drug abuse. You can learn more about how jello and water may help you beat a drug test.

Does LabCorp do COVID-19 testing?

LabCorp was one of the few commercial laboratories chosen along with ARUP, BioReference Laboratories, Sonic Healthcare, and Quest Diagnostics to conduct the COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic in the United States. Patients who would like to be tested can contact their healthcare provider or hospital and have their sample (nose or using a swab) collected. It currently takes 1-2 days for the COVID-19 swab test. Test results are delivered to your doctor and also online at LabCorp Patient.

How long does it take to get results from LabCorp?

An average detection window for workplace drug testing depends on several factors like the nature of the sample used, the method used, duration of use, route of administration, the drug metabolite, the pH and concentration of the sample, etc. Drug detection window for urine is approximately 24 hours- 2weeks, 24-36 hours oral fluid, and the longest in the case of hair, i.e., 1 week- 3 months. LabCorp result time from receipt in a testing lab is 24-72 hours on average.

Can I see my LabCorp results online?

Yes, you can view LabCorp test results online at LabCorp Patient.

How to read LabCorp test results?

Ideally, patients should discuss their test results with the physician or healthcare provider who ordered the test. LabCorp does not entertain anyone with questions regarding their test results. For additional information, LabCorp’s online resource about patient test information and test menu provides a comprehensive listing of the tests and the interpretation of results.

Does LabCorp accept walk-ins?

LabCorp accepts walk-ins. However, it is necessary to accompany the laboratory test request from a physician or a verified healthcare provider before visiting a LabCorp testing facility.

Does LabCorp drug test for gender?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, and nationality. LabCorp does not discriminate against any person based on gender with respect to drug testing services.

Does LabCorp do STD Testing?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are commonly asymptomatic, and many patients are unaware of the risk of being infected. LabCorp offers a wide range of testing options for STD testing. Universal screening for common STD such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea is performed at LabCorp without regard to the sexual activity they report.

Does LabCorp do Paternity Testing? How much is a Paternity Test?

Yes, LabCorp does conduct paternity testing. Paternity testing is done to determine whether an individual is the biological father of a child.  The finding is arrived at by comparing the child's DNA with the DNA of the father. You can order or schedule a paternity test and a host of other DNA tests by visiting their LabCorp DNA Identity online portal.

An at-home test kit for paternity testing starts at $210.  On the other hand, a legal test involving testing in an accredited laboratory for use in court cases, such as child support or immigration, starts at $525.

Does LabCorp accept Aetna Insurance?

Aetna is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States.  Patients with Aetna health insurance can avail themselves of LabCorp's laboratory services effective from January 1, 2019.

Does LabCorp accept Care Credit?

CareCredit is a healthcare financing and medical healthcare credit service. You can use CareCredit to pay for health and wellness care at over 225,000 enrolled providers in the United States.  If you are a CareCredit credit cardholder, you can refer LabCorp’s payment programs to your CareCredit service provider to make the necessary arrangement regarding paying your bill.

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