Growing Indoor MMJ: The Unstoppable Cannabis Trend

Growing Indoor MMJ: The Unstoppable Cannabis Trend


Growing MMJ indoors may be a trend nowadays in the United States after 36 states legally allow the usage of MMJ for medical and recreational purposes. Some states have even decriminalized its use. In 2020, legal sales of MMJ in the U.S. hit a record $17.5 billion, up more than a 46% increase from 2019. The sales figure does not include illicit cannabis sales estimated to be $100 billion each year.

The movement to legalize and decriminalize MMJ continues to garner widespread support, with more than two-thirds of adult Americans supporting recreational MMJ in 2020. Home-grown MMJ cultivation is likely to witness an unprecedented increase.  

But the federal law has never allowed the usage of MMJ as it stands as a potentially addictive drug listed in Schedule I.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Indoor MMJ?
  • What Do Employers Need to Know About The Cannabis Trend?
  • Will I Get Busted for Growing MMJ?
  • Why Indoor MMJ?

    People prefer growing MMJ indoors than consuming it from the vendors due to some reasons.

    Reduced risks

    Federal laws have never accepted MMJ legally. Many cultivators have relocated indoors because of the reduced risks of detection from law enforcement agencies and cannabis eradication operations. 

    Multiple harvests

    In an outdoor setting, MMJ usually flowers in late summer. It is ready for harvest by fall between late September and late November. In an indoor setup, you may when and how they flower, and the time you harvest while growing a new batch simultaneously regardless of the four seasons. 

    High-quality yield

    Growing weed in a controlled environment protects your plants from the unpredictable and hostile conditions that nature presents in an outdoor setting. It includes lighting equipment, soil or soil-less hydroponics, regulated water, air, temperature, etc. But the quantity can be compromised and cannot yield more results if you do not invest a considerable amount.

    Note: Growing MMJ indoors or outdoors is federally illegal. It is best to avoid such a heinous act to prevent prison time.

    Where is it legal to grow MMJ indoors?

    Each state has its laws regarding home growing MMJ. Some states allow growing only for medical purposes, while some states prohibit home growing despite the legalization of MMJ programs. For instance, Illinois legalized recreational MMJ but prohibited indoor growing. 

    States that have allowed the growing of medical and recreational MMJ include

    1. Alaska
    2. Arizona
    3. California
    4. Colorado
    5. Hawaii
    6. Maine
    7. Massachusetts
    8. Michigan
    9. Missouri
    10. Montana
    11. Nevada
    12. New Mexico
    13. Oklahoma
    14. Oregon
    15. Rhode Island
    16. Vermont
    17. Washington
    18. Washington, D.C

    What Do Employers Need to Know About The Cannabis Trend?

    Companies are increasingly adjusting their drug screening programs to exclude MMJ from the list of substances tested. The number of firms that tested for MMJ is also on the decline, with the clinical laboratory leader Quest Diagnostics reporting a 5.2% drop in MMJ testing in the U.S.

    In June 2021, the eCommerce giant Amazon became the latest company to legalize and decriminalize MMJ in the workplace by endorsing the federal MORE Act.

    It does not mean that every employer should remove MMJ from the testing panel. MMJ is a scheduled substance. It might affect the employee's productivity thereby affecting the company's growth.

    Will I Get Busted for Growing MMJ?

    MMJ laws in the U.S. are not the same in all states. So far, 18 states have legalized MMJ, while another 18 states have legalized MMJ for medicinal use. However, it is illegal on federal terms despite the wave of green legislation. 

    In the 18 states where recreational MMJ is legal, you can grow weed safely without landing up in trouble. However, each state law has its unique statute regarding the number of plants you can grow and harvest. Also, different rules apply if you are growing individually or with other family members. In some states, outdoor growing is illegal, while indoor cultivation is allowed. Ensure if your state laws permit the use and harvesting of MMJ before growing indoors.

    The bottom line

    The MMJ industry may reach $62 billion in annual sales by 2026, suggesting growing opportunities for biotechnology companies and ancillary businesses providing a range of products and services in the United States. Given the wave of MMJ legalization measures, growing MMJ indoors is likely on the increase-a trend. Still, it might lead to illegal usage that might turn into a threat to a peaceful society.

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