Drug Test and Job application at ALDI

Drug Test and Job application at ALDI


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When it comes to the grocery and household items ALDI is know for good selection, quality products and, competitive price. It is a chain of supermarkets founded in 1946 by two brothers, Karl, and Theo Albrecht.

The store was, first, operated by their mother and after they started operating them, they never looked back. Starting in Germany, these stores have grown all across the world. In 1962, due to some dispute between the brothers, the chain of supermarkets was divided into two parts, mainly known as Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud.

The former operates in Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain, and Poland with around 5200 stores, whereas the latter operate in Ireland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, China, and Italy with more than 7000 stores.

Does ALDI drug test?

If you are going to apply for a job at ALDI, it becomes necessary for you to know whether ALDI drug tests or not.

Yes, ALDI does drug tests. Having said that, some people claim that they have not gone through any drug tests at ALDI. But there is the possibility that the drug test might take place during the interview process.

Also, 9 out of 10 people claim that they have witnessed the drug test at ALDI. Therefore, it is recommended to be prepared for a drug test before applying for any job posting at Aldi.

Why does ALDI drug test?

Before answering this, let me tell you what an employer basically wants. For instance, you have the skills and experience required for a particular opening, but if you are not disciplined or productive throughout the day, you are of no use to the employer. That’s the reason behind ALDI’s drug test.

ALDI tries its best to hire employees who can take the supermarket chain closer to its vision. Not just before hiring, but ALDI also conducts drug tests during the job. If a person’s behavior or activity during work is suspicious, ALDI soon calls him/her to go through the drug test. Therefore, ALDI conducts drug tests to assess the physical and mental state of the applicant or employee.

How does ALDI drug test?

The process of drug tests at ALDI varies. There is no evidence of how they decide the time, venue, and candidate before taking the drug test. It may be taken during the interview process or after the hiring process. However, as we discussed above, drug tests are not confined to the pre-employment phase. 

What kinds of drug tests are used by ALDI?

It is very necessary for you to know the kind of drug test before applying for any job opening at ALDI. According to the employees at ALDI, the drug test is performed on the urine sample. The test is conducted to check the amount of THC, opiates, PCP, Cocaine, and Amphetamines in the body.

People who take drugs, sometimes, use synthetic urine samples for the drug test. All the physical properties are similar to that of urine. But this won’t work in the long run as if your activities at the store are suspicious, you can be called again for a drug test. Therefore, to have a long-time career at ALDI, it is advised not to use drugs.

For the most part, the drug test is unsupervised. That means no one knows whether the sample given by you is real or synthetic. We DO NOT recommend using synthetic urine as it is both unlawful and self-sabotaging.

To ensure you are ready before you apply for a job at ALDI, consider getting yourself home tested with our complete home test kit that covers everything and more that ALDI drug tests for.

What if you fail at a drug test?

This question comes to the mind of every employee or applicant before submitting their sample for a drug test. As per ALDI’s policy, if you fail at a drug test you won’t be hired. If you are already working at ALDI you will be fired. 

But some sources claim that you can apply for the same post again after 6 months. It also shows that ALDI is strict towards its rules and regulations and drug-related activities are not tolerated.

How to apply for a job at ALDI?

Now, when you have a clear picture in your mind of how the drug test operates at ALDI you should take the first step to enter ALDI as an employee i.e., to apply for the job. After choosing the right job opening, you can send your resume to career.aldi.us, the employer will go through it and call you for an in-person interview if you get shortlisted. However, the employer can ask for it once your online application is shortlisted.

It is advised to the applicants to wait for at least 15 days after submitting the application online. Sometimes applicants do not get any response for a very long time, according to ALDI, it is due to the number of applications received. As the application is reviewed manually, it takes time to assess every resume thoroughly.

Age limit: You should be at least 18 years of age to become eligible for any job posting at ALDI.

Career Opportunities at ALDI

Working at a retail store like ALDI is a privilege in itself. You get a lot of opportunities to grow and hone your skills. We will now discuss some of the major in-store job openings at ALDI.

    • Retail Assistant-Retail assistants are the face of ALDI. You need to be physically fit and mentally active to grab this position. The workload manifolds during peak hours, and the retail assistant should be polite and helpful to the customer. ALDI claims to offer a salary above the standard salary of a retail assistant. The per-hour salary of a retail assistant at ALDI is around $25.
    • Store Manager-Managing a busy store like ALDI is not a cakewalk. You need to be resilient throughout the day and should have a solution-oriented approach. Plus, you should also have good communication and leadership skills. Other employees at ALDI should follow your instructions undoubtedly. Store managers at ALDI get a leave of 5 weeks per year which is one of the highest in the industry. The annual salary of a store manager is somewhere between $69,700 to $124,600.
    • Assistant Store manager- If you can manage stress and come out to be more productive in difficult situations, you are a good fit for this role. Maintaining discipline and leadership skills is the prerequisite for this role. You will be exposed to different challenges every day; therefore, you should tend to adapt to change in the workplace. The average annual salary of an assistant store manager at ALDI is around $80,000.
  • Permanent Shift Manager- In this position, you will get a chance to work closely with Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager. Applicants who have good physical fitness and can work in a fast-paced environment are preferred. The annual salary of a permanent store manager lies between $45,900- $53,600, which is one of the best in the industry.

Benefits of working at ALDI

    • 401(k) Plans- Aldi offers you money when you get retired through this scheme. A part of your monthly income is automatically deducted and is, then, invested in mutual funds and different stocks so that you get maximum returns.
    • Voluntary Term Life Insurance- At ALDI employees can choose to have life insurance. If an employee dies the money will be given to the beneficiary. For this, employees give an immensely small amount of their income to ALDI which is further used to provide life insurance. This scheme has helped many families in the past and is aimed to continue doing the same.
  • Vacation and paid holidays- The more intensely you work, the more intensely you should rest. Employees always want some time when they can shut down their laptops for days and can have some quality time with their families. ALDI completely understands this need of the employee and therefore provides vacation and paid leave of 7 days. That means you will be paid to relish for a week with your family or friends.

Bottom Line

So, in this article, we discussed everything about drug tests at ALDI and the best career opportunities at ALDI. If you are going to apply at ALDI, be prepared for the drug test as it can happen at any point in time. Most applicants complete the application form online. ALDI takes at least 15 days to assess your application and that’s why it is recommended to check your inbox regularly to receive updates from ALDI. Plus to avoid any drug-related issues and ensure a prosperous career at ALDI, try to quit drugs as soon as possible.

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