Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA): What is it?

Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA): What is it?


The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) was founded on the concept of delivering quality services and training to employers who are looking for regular drug testing for employees. 

The DATIA assesses and provides training to the employers who conduct workplace drug testing. Moreover, DATIA also offers rehabilitation services if an employee fails a physical or mental health test (FASC). Many people have been opting to use these services because it saves them a lot of money.

Furthermore, let's take a more detailed look at DATIA's services in the following article.

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What is DATIA?

The DATIA is a non-profit association founded in 1995. Today, DATIA is the leader in providing regular drug testing services worldwide, and it also offers rehab and other related services to those who have failed their tests. 

With time, DATIA has grown and now represents more than forty-thousand members from throughout the world. The members range from employer organizations to drug test providers, laboratories, distributors, and consumers.

The DATIA is not only a representative organization but also it is an educational network. It has created a lot of useful information and resources on its website so that employers can conduct drug testing procedures legally and in compliance with the law. 

Moreover, the organization has been actively involved in the world of legislation for the past twenty years. Everyone is aware of their rights when it comes to workplace drug testing. 

The members also get to know how to conduct regular drug testing in the right way and avoid any discrimination issues.

What Is Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) Mission And Purpose?

The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) was founded on the concept of delivering quality drug testing services to companies that are concerned about their employees' health and well-being.

It was created to be a non-profit association, and there is no monetary interest involved in its operations. Everyone associated with DATIA is driven by the concept of providing the best drug testing services available to employers. 

However, the following are DATIAs purpose and mission:

  1. To promote the very best possible standards of professionalism in the drug and alcohol testing industry and broaden and oversee education, certification, and accreditation applications for the drug and alcohol testing industry
  2. To serve as the coordinated body for all information related to the public and private sector drug and alcohol testing and as a central information forum for the drug and alcohol testing industry.
  3. To promote a quality control and assurance standard in the drug and alcohol testing industry to protect the public interest better.
  4. To serve as the primary source for all legally related issues by providing a central body of information to facilitate communication between government agencies, employers, employees, consumers, addictions treatment programs, and others involved in drug and alcohol testing.
  5. To inform its drug and alcohol testing industry members, suggest ways to address those problems; establish relationships with other like-minded organizations with similar objectives; encourage research into new drugs, devices, or testing methods.
  6. To organize informative seminars, conferences, and business meetings for members on various drug and alcohol testing topics.

Who Is A DATIA Member And How To Become A Member?

A DATIA member is an organization that provides certification or licensing services to employers who are looking for drug testing services. The members can be a laboratory, a laboratory certifying agency, a drug screening service provider, an employee assistance program (EAP), a legal or government-sponsored agency, consulting firm, or other professionals in the field. 

To become a DATIA member, individuals or organizations must complete an application and pay a membership fee. Moreover, members need to comply with specific requirements to be accepted as a part of the association. The requirements are as follows:

  • They can apply for membership once a year, and there is no limit to the number of times individuals or organizations can join DATIA.
  • DATIA will check the credentials of the individuals or organizations that have applied for membership from time to time.
  • They must comply with various laws and regulations to be accepted as a member of DATIA.
  • They need to offer employers who work with their services on drug testing procedures for employees.
  • They must have well-trained personnel with knowledge of drug testing procedures and compliance issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A DATIA Member?

There are a lot of notable benefits that are associated with being a part of DATIA, and here are the main advantages:

  • Education on New Developments within the Industry
  • It is important to take time and invest in educating yourself on the new developments in the drug testing industry. Moreover, with this education, professionals can stay current and one step ahead of their competitors. 

    Also, there are regular industry updates from DATIA to learn about the latest technologies.

  • DATIA help you make valuable connections with other industry professionals 
  • It is extremely important to open up lines of communication with other professionals in the drug testing industry. You can make connections that will help you strengthen your business and introduce you to new opportunities from both a personal and business standpoint. 

    DATIA has made a lot of connections for you within the industry so that when you do make a connection, it will be well worth your time. 

  • DATIA focus, eNews, and website 
  • DATIA focuses on getting the latest industry news and information to its members to be updated as soon as possible. They also have a dedicated team that runs the website and updates it regularly. 

    The DATIA website is designed to give members quick access to everything they need from all their industry colleagues. They help you stay current with the latest drug testing news and provide you with valuable advice for employers in the drug testing industry.

  • Annual Conference
  • DATIA hosts professional and educational conferences to gain a lot of new knowledge and make connections. The association also offers members access to these events by sending out a newsletter every year to be immediately informed about the upcoming conferences and events.

  • Red Book 
  • DATIA's Red Book provides comprehensive updated regulatory information critical to the industry. Discounts are given to DATIA members.

  • DATIA on Facebook
  • DATIA provides members with the opportunity to stay connected and interact with other members via Facebook. They can share their experiences, which is a great way to learn from others or go into it.

  • Increases Standards for Professionalism and Business Practices 
  • DATIA also has a set of quality standards that professionals must comply with, and this ensures that all members are well-trained and have a good knowledge of drug testing procedures. 

    Moreover, DATIA also imposes high standards for their members to ensure high-performance levels and that the services provided are of good quality. In addition, the following DATIA certification and accreditation programs set you apart from other companies.

  • Collector Certification Program 
  • The program offers credible training to the collection personnel to ensure that they collect urine, oral fluid, and hair test samples.

  • Accredited Collection Facility Program 
  • The program ensures that the accredited facilities have the proper equipment and protocols for collecting urine and oral fluid.

  • Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs 
  • Under this program, the drug and alcohol testing management companies are educated and trained for comprehensive education on the correct policies, procedures, and standards needed for effective program management.

  • DATIA Courses 
  • DATIA also offers several courses that help members meet the needs of their drug testing management programs. The highly trained professionals of DATIA prepare them for their careers, and they are sure to make positive contributions at work.

  • Marketing to your Consumers of Drug and Alcohol Testing 
  • DATIA provides numerous benefits for you to help it market itself to the drug and alcohol testing consumer. Numerous marketing programs will help your company reach more potential customers through its website. 

  • Industry Directory and Buyers' Guide 
  • DATIA's industry directory and buyer's guide provide consumers of drug and alcohol testing with the information they need to select the right company to meet their testing needs. Users can search for various types of products and services in the industry.

  • Drug Testing Efficacy Study Brochure
  • There is a brochure that has been designed by DATIA and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to describe the importance of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. 

    In addition, it discusses all the benefits associated with drug and alcohol testing, the types of testing available, and guidelines to help you create an effective testing program.

    How To Search For A DATIA Certified Laboratory?

    On the DATIA website, you will find the Laboratory Certification Program and DATIA lab listing. There are also other databases to help you find the one you need. 

    However, the UShealthtesting offers drug and alcohol testing for employers, law enforcement, courts, and government agencies in 3000+ locations all over the United States. You can choose your drug test at your nearest lab by just entering your zip code, choosing the nearest lab, and the drug test of choice. 

    The drug tests that UShealthtesting provides include urine, hair, blood, and fingernail. In case of a positive result, an MRO (Medical Review Officer) will contact you to confirm the test result. UShealthtesting is dedicated to providing the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to their clients.


    Drug and alcohol testing is an essential component of any large-scale drug abuse prevention program, whether conducted in a laboratory or workplace. DATIA, a non-profit organization, is the most influential industry trade association for the employers and professionals involved in drug testing programs. 

    It provides training, information, and educational programs that help industry professionals prevent illegal drugs from being used in their workplaces. The DATIA Certified Collection Sites are also accredited to ensure their quality work. 

    It is crucial to ensure that drug testing professionals are well-trained and certified. In the end, DATIA plays a vital role in protecting employees and keeping workplaces safe for all employees.


    How does DATIA help employers comply with the mandate?

    DATIA offers the tools for employers to comply with the mandate by providing information and resources that help them create effective drug abuse prevention programs tailored to their specific needs. 

    It also provides several resources to help employers meet the regulatory requirements of SAMHSA guidelines, including a laboratory certification program and an industry directory and buyer's guide.

    How does DATIA promote the health and safety of American workers?

    DATIA provides members with resources on drug abuse prevention, including best practices for employee training, information on how to create effective testing programs, and how to help employees with substance abuse problems.

    What are the benefits of the DATIA Certified Collection Sites?

    According to DATIA, the benefits of the DATIA Certified Collection Sites include: 

    • DATIA certified laboratories provide accurate results promptly.
    • The certified collection sites must comply with other regulations, such as OSHA and HIPPA standards.
    • DATIA provides drug testing on-site at employers through its collection agencies.
    • Employers select from various drug tests, including urine, hair, blood, and fingernail.

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