Does Tractor Supply Drug Test? Learn How To Get Hired

Does Tractor Supply Drug Test? Learn How To Get Hired


Tractor Supply claims to provide a drug-free workplace environment and hold a zero-tolerance policy against the use of drugs, both illegal and prescribed. However, Tractor Supply does not seem to have a public statement outlining what the consequences are for failing a drug test. 

This article will explore how you can land your dream job at Tractor Supply by understanding the company's hiring process and their drug testing guidelines.

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Facts About Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply is an American retail company that was founded in 1938. Its mission is to provide consumers with a wide assortment of products for farm, business, and household needs. 

  • Tractor Supply currently operates more than 2,000 stores in 32 states.
  • It has approximately 30,000 employees.
  • The organization's statement of purpose is "to provide its customers with the best products, services, and value."
  • For eight consecutive years, the organization has been named one of America's Largest Private Employers and one of the Best Places to Work.
  • Forbes mentioned it as one of the Top 50 "Best Employers for Young People."
  • The company was named the 14th best place to work by Glassdoor in 2018.

What Is Tractor Supply Drug Test Policy?

TSC follows a strict Drug-free Workplace Policy, in which the company conducts periodic drug tests to make sure that its employees are not using or under any drug abuse. TSC is committed to creating and maintaining a drug-free workplace environment by promoting workplace wellness programs

It provides a safe workplace, which all employees respect and honor. TSC expects all its employees to be productive and to perform their duties safely, without any impairment identified with the use of alcohol or illegal drugs. 

Alternatively, TSC is required by state law to report to the appropriate law enforcement agency all positive results of drug tests conducted on employees. The company also must disclose any positive effects of drug tests to the state's substance abuse agencies.

Following are the things that are prohibited under the policy

  1. Drug abuse of any kind or use of alcohol while working at TSC.
  2. An employee using, possessing, selling, purchasing, and being under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs while on company time or property. It includes unauthorized use by visitors to the workplace who do not hold temporary or permanent positions.
  3. Seeking or attempting to purchase or possess drugs that are illegal on company premises.
  4. The use of legal drugs in an unauthorized manner.
  5. Workplace accidents involving alcohol or illegal drugs result in death, lost time, or property damage.
  6. Impenetrable cover-ups by employees to conceal drug use, which include the use of aliases. 
  7. Any practice of taking prescription drugs for non-prescribed purposes. TSC is not responsible for accepting or supplying any prescription drugs, including over-the-counter medications, to its employees or visitors on company premises.

Does Tractor Supply Company Do Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

Yes, Pre-Employment screening is a significant section in the Drug Testing Policy of TSC. The company will conduct a drug test as allowed by state law, and if the results of the test show positive for use and abuse of any controlled substance, TSC may terminate employment. 

Any refusal to participate in the testing or provide a urine or another specimen may lead to the renouncement of the conditional offer of employment. In addition, the applicant may not be eligible to be employed as an employee of TSC.

For instance, it is fine if the testing reveals that the applicant was under alcohol but not drugs. However, suppose the test results show that they were using drugs at least once in any time frame during employment. In that case, it will be considered a drug-positive test, and the applicant will be ineligible for employment at TSC.

Does Tractor Supply Company Do Random And Post-Accident Drug Tests?

In addition to the pre-employment drug test, TSC can conduct random drug tests and post-accident tests. In the case of the TSC random drug tests, all employees are entitled to a reasonable opportunity to be tested. 

If no employee volunteers for testing, TSC can randomly choose from employees who do not have any previous history of drug use. After the random test, TSC can terminate the employment of any employee found to be using or affected by any controlled drug.

TSC will not tolerate any employee who uses drugs during working hours, performs poorly at work, signs their name on false statements to avoid drug testing, or otherwise refuses to provide samples that can positively reflect drug use.

Similarly, TSC also performs Post -Accident drug testing if any accidental drug use by the employee or an employee is injured while on the job, they can be tested at the following TSC's expense.  

The consequences of a positive test, in any case, would result in the termination of the working relationship between TSC and the employee.

All About The Tractor Supply Hiring Process?

TSC requires all applicants to complete a series of steps during the hiring process. The company follows a standardized approach, including pre-employment screening, drug tests, background checks, and medical examinations.

TSC will perform drug tests on all applicants with conditional offers of employment. However, it may choose not to test an applicant if the results show that they passed the drug test in the past two years.

If the applicant fails the drug test and is unwilling to submit a clean test, they will not be offered a job at TSC. It seeks out only highly qualified and experienced applicants. The company wants to ensure that its employees are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

To get the opportunity to work for TSC, you must follow some steps

  • Prepare all required documents for the pre-employment written test. 
  • Obtain the pre-employment physical evaluation with professional references. 
  • Complete an application upon being contacted by TSC regarding employment opportunities.
  • The applicant must clear the first round of interviews.
  • Then the applicants will be required to attend their first pre-employment orientation.
  • After the orientation, the applicants will undergo drug testing and medical requirements. As federal laws require it, TSC must also include medical examinations of all its employees to determine the condition of any employee who may be affected by workplace hazards (such as employees with amputated limbs).
  • After passing all processes, the applicants will be given conditional offers of employment. 
  • At this point, the applicants will be on the list for a follow-up interview. 
  • After passing on the second interview, they will be provided conditional offers of employment, and then the applicant must start work within a week of accepting the offer of employment.

However, the process varies depending on the job position for which you are applying.


TSC provides a vast selection of products to its customers. You can use your current job skills and apply them to the new position offered at TSC. However, if you do not have a clean background and have a history of using drugs, you will not get a job as an employee at TSC. 

The company would rather not risk hiring someone already known for using drugs, as doing so could put the safety of its employees high on the list of priorities. Thus, to be eligible for employment at TSC, you must pass the drug test.


What are the requirements of candidates for TSC?

All candidates must be at least 18 years of age. A high school or equivalent diploma is also required.

What are the names of the illegal drugs that TSC considers?

Illegal drugs are the ones having a negative impact on the working capacity of employees, namely  

  • MMJ
  • Heroin, Opium
  • Cocaine, Amphetamines
  • Hallucinogenic Drugs
  • Barbiturates (Phenobarbital) 

What is the history of drug testing at TSC?

TSC claimed that it had never tested its employees for drugs until 2001.

What type of drug test does tractor supply use?

TSC uses a urine drug test to determine if its employees are using drugs. You will be approached to urinate in a cup, which will then, at that point, be shipped off a Tractor Supply contracted lab for testing. 

Moreover, TSC also uses oral fluid tests for testing its employees for drugs, but these are more cost-effective than urine tests.

Does Tractor Supply drug test managers?

Yes, the company carries out drug tests on managers.

What is the average salary of Tractor Supply employees?

Tractor Supply's salary is likely to be a bit lower than other workers in a retail store because many of the employees are part-time and work only during peak seasons. Tractor Supply said that it paid an average of $10 an hour during the first quarter of 2015, in addition to benefits in all of its markets.

How long will you have to wait to reapply after failing a drug test once?

You will have to wait for at least six months after passing your drug test to apply again. However, you will most probably be rejected if you fail another test.

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