Does Menards Drug Test?

Does Menards Drug Test?


Menards may conduct a 5 panel urine drug test for new hires post-interview and a random and post-accident drug test for employees. Menards may look for the drugs - COC, THC, PCP, AMP, and Opiates. 

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Menards Overview

Menards is a chain of home improvement stores. It was founded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in 1960 as a family-owned business. Menards is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

They sponsor several NAHB programs, such as "Homeschool Day" at their stores, as well as an annual conference. They have stores at 300 locations in 14 states.

Does Menards drug test? - This is the most common question for all the candidates who are applying for the job at Menards. Read more to learn everything about Menards drug test.

Does Menards Drug Test at the time of Pre-Employment?

Yes, Menards conducts pre-employment screening in all 14 states before hiring an individual. The company complies with federal law while conducting pre-employment drug screening.

Menards has a strict no-drug policy as they have signed SAMHSA - Drug-Free Workplace Program (DFWP), and so, they follow the federal guidelines while conducting the drug test.

That being said, Menards might conduct a standard 5-panel drug test for all the candidates who have cleared the interview process. 

Are you frisked or patted before entering your drug testing premises?

No. Menards will not frisk or pat you before your drug test. If you come across any frisk or pat before your drug test, inform it to the testing authority and HR about your ill experience. They will make sure this never happens again. 

Does Menards Drug Test Randomly?

As per the Menards Drug Test Policy, Menards may conduct random drug test for their employees during their course of employment. The selection of the employees may be computerized for the random drug test.

Sometimes, if the higher authority suspects an employee of being high on the job, Menards conduct a random drug test. It includes everyone, without any exception, even the managers.

Menards may also drug test to check whether the accident or workplace injury has occurred due to drug influence. 

What Drugs does Menards Test for in a Drug Test?

Menards strictly follows the federal guidelines on running the drug test. So they focus on the five drugs - THC, Opiates, PCP, COC, and Amphetamines

They might expand the panel during the random drug test or if they suspect that you are high on other illegal drugs or prescription medications.

What Kind of Drug Test Panel does Menards Prefer?

Menards prefer conducting a urine drug test for the candidates during the pre-employment drug test and the employees during the random drug test. Sometimes, Menards might conduct a mouth swab drug test for screening purposes.

Basically, Menards prefer conducting a standard 5-panel drug test to test the employees and new hires.

It is dependent on the situation that Menards may even expand their panel drugs during their random testing if they suspect abuse of other drugs.

Menards Drug Testing Process

Applicants screening for employment with Menards may need to approach a drug testing lab and get their drug tests done. This might happen post-interview process, especially Employees may also undergo random drug tests throughout their course of employment.

There is no word on how often Menards employees are subject to random drug testing. But we do know that it's more than once a year.

It seems that Menards is more concerned with typical recreational drugs like MMJ and common substance abuse drugs like cocaine than they are with other drugs that might affect an employee's work performance.

Book your nearest lab at your preferred location for your drug test at US Health Testing. US Health Testing provides accurate results. All the labs are SAMHSA-certified and HHS-certification-verified. US Health Testing is a proud partner of Labcorp and recommends your nearest lab within 5 to 50 miles.

How Long Can Menards Drug Test take?

Menards uses the best drug test kits to run the pre-employment and random drug test for the employees and candidates. So, you can expect results in the same day or two.

You may expect negative results within 24 hours. If you test positive, there could be a confirmation test that might take up to one week.

If you passed your drug test, you and your employer might receive the information from the lab. In most cases, you may receive mail from the lab, whereas your employer at Menards may receive the results through courier or fax.

What will Happen if You Fail the Drug Test at Menards?

If you fail a Menards drug test, you will be immediately terminated. You will not receive unemployment benefits or other types of government assistance.

There are chances that you may get hired back if you pass the drug test administered by a certified lab like Labcorp at the employer's discretion.

The company will pay for the cost of this drug test in that situation, and only if they decide "it's worth it."

Can I Reapply after Failing the Menards Drug Test?

Yes, you can. But you will have to wait for six months to reapply for any position after you fail the pre-employment drug test. If you fail your random drug test as an employee, you will be terminated. There are fewer chances that you may get rehired at Menards.

If you are in the transportation sector, you will have to go through follow-up drug testing and should have completed the SAP-recommended de-addiction program to get to your previous position at Menards.

How to Pass the Menards Drug Test?

There are two ways to pass your upcoming Menards Drug Test.

  1. If you have enough time to face your drug test, it is best to stop using the drug. If you are a mild user, it is better to keep yourself away for 5 to 7 days. If you are moderate to an addict, you will need 10 to 90 days to detox naturally.
  2. If you only have a short period, say 4 to 7 days, it is better to get into a whole-body detox program by taking some detox treatment. This might not help you get rid of the metabolites entirely, but it may reduce the level of drug metabolites in your body.

Final words

Menards conduct pre-employment and random drug tests, and they have a strict no-drug policy. So, it is better to expect a drug test after your successful interview process and prepare yourself accordingly. It could be even easier if you keep yourself away from taking illegal drugs altogether.


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