Does Kroger Drug Test?

Does Kroger Drug Test?


Yes. Kroger conducts pre-employment drug test for the new hires. Kroger also conducts periodic and random drug test for the employees on a reasonable suspicion. 

Kroger is a common grocery chain in the United States, with more than 2,800 stores. Kroger's drug-free workplace policy is consistent with its longstanding commitment to food and service quality excellence. 

Kroger's policy is to maintain a drug-free workplace free of illegal drugs and alcohol at work. Learn more about the Kroger drug testing policy is described in detail in the following article.

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When Does Kroger Drug Test?

Kroger drug tests all new hires after providing them a conditional job offer and their employees periodically on a reasonable suspicion. 

As per DOT guidelines, Kroger also conducts a mandatory drug test on its employees working in safety-sensitive positions because they hold a higher level of responsibility. 

Kroger conducts a drug screening during these occasions specified below

Pre-employment drug testing:

Kroger may require pre-employment drug testing for all jobs, including management positions. Candidates who apply for management positions must be required to pass the drug screen successfully. 

Usually, pre-employment drug testing is performed after Human Resources have processed all the formal documentation. The drug test is the last step in the selection procedure. The candidate's hiring is contingent upon passing their drug screening. 

Random Testing drug test:

Kroger randomly tests its associates and employees for drugs or alcohol at least once in six months or more often if needed. The company may choose to test an employee based on suspicion or at the request of an employee who has observed signs of drug use by another employee. 

The drug test result is reviewed by a supervisor, analyzed and then reported to the appropriate area manager. The manager must decide whether further action is warranted. The associate's name will be kept confidential if a concern is identified.

Post-accident drug testing:

Kroger conducts post-accident drug testing for individuals involved in the accident. The drug test is administered at the company's medical center following a medical examination and counseling. 

The intention of the post accident drug testing is to find out whether the accident happened due to driving under Influence (DUI) of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Which Drugs Does Kroger Test For?

Kroger tests for the following controlled substances:

  • Amphetamines 
  • Cocaine 
  • Marijuana 
  • Opiates 
  • Phencyclidine 
  • Benzodiazepines 

What Type Of Drug Test Does Kroger Use?

Kroger conducts a 5 panel drug test on its employees through a laboratory-based saliva or urine test. The sample is usually collected at the medical center of the company. Moreover, in some cases, samples may be collected at the site, then transported to the medical center.

How Does Kroger Drug Test?

Once you get a conditional job offer, you will get notification from the HR that you will have to submit your drug test.

You will be called to the medical center of the company and the tester will collect your urine or saliva sample based on the type of drug test Kroger determines. Mostly, Kroger conducts a 5 panel urine drug screening.

The results will be sent to you and the company within a week. Negative results would not take more than 24 to 48 hours. 

If you get positive results, the results will be pushed to the MRO. The MRO will enquire your drug intake and the reasons for your drug test failure. 

How to Pass A Kroger Drug Test?

It is easier to pass your Kroger Drug test. If you are not taking any drugs, you will hardly fail your drug screening. 

Some food items like poppy seeds or some household products might show up as illegal drugs during your drug test. Ensure you are not using products or eating food loaded with chemicals that can possibly fail your drug test.

If you are taking prescription drugs that might show up in your drug test as illegal drugs, notify your tester or MRO about your drug intake. This will help them analyze the results accordingly.

If you are taking illegal drugs occasionally, follow the detox methods rigorously two weeks before your drug test. If it is a random drug test, it is difficult to pass unless your drug metabolites are below the cut-off levels.

If you are a heavy drinker, you might not pass your drug test. But you can follow detox methods that may help you deduce your drug metabolites.

It is always recommended to be personally alert and check yourself for drugs using high-quality 5 panel drug testing kit.

What Will Happen If You Fail A Drug Test At Kroger's?

If an employee tests positive for any drug, it is considered a violation. This type of offence may result in termination procedures. If you are fired, you will receive notice of the reason for your termination.

Kroger has the right to request a follow-up test when a positive drug test results. The employee must be tested again, and the results must be negative once again before they can return to work. 

The policy also gives employees up to 10 days to prove that they are free of drugs or alcohol by submitting three consecutive specimens or passing a medical examination conducted by company physicians. 

Moreover, if an employee refuses to take a test or uses drugs or alcohol on the job, it is considered a severe offense. The employee may be dismissed immediately after the employer's written notice.

Does Kroger Hire Felons?

Kroger hire felons but the hiring process is critical when compared with other candidates. Kroger will scrutinize your conviction record in a detailed basis and conducts the interview accordingly. It will be a tough interview and if your conviction charges are higher, there are lean chances that you may get a job at Kroger.


Kroger drug test its employees because of its commitment to a safe and secure environment for its associates. This testing policy helps Kroger achieve its goal by decreasing the risks of injuries and accidents at the workplace. 

If you are aspiring for a job at Kroger’s, it is siginificant to pass your interview and your drug test. Avoid taking illegal drugs. If taken occasionally, follow detox methods to wipe away the drug metabolites. Use high quality drug test kits to check yourself for drugs.

If you think you are addicted, meet your physician and get his recommendation to join drug and alcohol recovery programs.


Can A Candidate Reschedule Their Drug Test?

As per Kroger's drug test policy, candidates may not reschedule a drug test. The candidate will be required to take the test on the scheduled date. 

Do Prescription Medications Count Towards A Drug Test?

Yes, if a candidate is taking prescribed medication, they must list the name of each medicine in the application form. It will enable the company to decide as to whether or not it will have an adverse effect on their ability to perform their job.

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