Does AutoZone Drug Test You? Steps To Get Hired At AutoZone

Does AutoZone Drug Test You? Steps To Get Hired At AutoZone


AutoZone usually does not drug test the new hires, but they may conduct random drug tests for the employees. They also test their employees if they are suspicious of their behavioral patterns and during workplace accidents.

At some locations, AutoZone may conduct a pre-employment drug test. If you fail the drug test, you might lose the opportunity to work for them.

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Who is AutoZone?

AutoZone is committed to providing the best auto parts, customer service, and associated automotive services with more than 6500 branches all over the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They started their service in `1979 with their headquarters in Tennessee.

Initially started as Auto Shack, they rebranded themselves as AutoZone, which became the largest retailer and a leading auto parts distributor in the United States.

AutoZone is a family of more than 87,000 employees (as of 2018). They want their employees to be productive and hence they conduct drug tests on the lines of their company policy and federal and state laws.

Does AutoZone Drug Test during Pre-Employment?

AutoZone does not conduct drug tests during pre-employment in most of their work locations. But in some branches, they may conduct drug tests for the new hires if they find it necessary. They perform a thorough background check before hiring you for any role in their organization.

If you are involved in a safety-sensitive position like a delivery driver, then you most likely have to take your drug test before getting hired.

AutoZone strictly abides by the DOT guidelines and state laws while conducting DOT drug tests. After clearing your DOT drug test, AutoZone may conduct a background check. So make sure you have got your driver’s license and other necessary documents.

They may conduct urine drug tests for the pre-employment candidates. Refusing the drug test may lead to disqualification, and you could not likely get your job at AutoZone.

If you are about to give your pre-employment drug test at AutoZone, test yourself with a home-based 12-panel urine drug test kit to know the levels of major illicit drugs so that you could face your drug test with confidence.

Do AutoZone Drug Test Employees?

AutoZone conducts a random drug test for its employees at all locations. Failing the random drug test would lead to the termination of employment.

AutoZone employees deal with customers, so AutoZone conducts random drug tests to identify drug abuse among their employees. Drug abuse may deteriorate the productivity and the reputation of the company.

AutoZone undertakes employee drug test under three circumstances.

  1. Random drug test for the employees
  2. Drug test under suspicion
  3. Post Accident drug test

AutoZone conducts urine or mouth swab drug test for random and post-accident drug testing. Refusing your random drug test might be considered positive, and hence employees should mandatorily take the random drug test. AutoZone ensures protection of rights and abides by state and federal laws while conducting the random drug test.

If you are a recruiter who is about to conduct your drug test for your new hires or employees at AutoZone, then you could choose the best urine drug test kits and mouth swabs to detect the presence of drugs accurately. DrugTestPanels offers you the best quality drug testing kits for your home and office-based drug test providing results within 5 minutes.

What Substances do AutoZone Drug Test for?

AutoZone tests for the following drugs

  1. MMJ
  2. PCP
  3. COC
  4. AMP
  5. Benzodiazepines
  6. Barbiturates
  7. Opiates

AutoZone abides by the MMJ law and performs the drug test as per the guidelines of the law. As per the law, AutoZone never neglects an employee’s service for the company only for medical consumption of MMJ. The MMJ law differs from one state to another, and AutoZone had set their drug testing policy as per the present federal MMJ law and state law.

AutoZone Drug Testing Policy 2021

AutoZone has the right to conduct drug tests for its employees and new hires whenever it deems fit. They conduct their drug test as per the guidelines of the Federal government and state law.

AutoZone reserves the right to drug test its employees through a random drug test at any time. They also can conduct post-accident and suspicion-based drug tests whenever they seem necessary.

Employees and new hires applying for transportation jobs in AutoZone will have to face the drug test mandatorily. AutoZone conducts a mouth swab drug test for employees in the transportation department as per the guidelines of DOT.

Primarily, AutoZone conducts random drug tests for the managers. Employees do undergo random urine drug tests and suspicion-based drug testing.

Does AutoZone Hire Felons in 2021

Yes, there are chances that you might land your dream job in AutoZone, even if you have a felony record. But AutoZone could not hire you if they could prove that your offense could somehow conflict with the position that you are applying for.

The chances for felons to get a job at AutoZone are average and sometimes difficult. According to some sources, the willingness to hire felons at AutoZone may vary from one location to another.

AutoZone strictly follows the EEOC guidelines while hiring people for different positions. That means they should not neglect employment only because you have a criminal record. Instead, if they can prove that your record might conflict with your area of operation, you could not get hired.

AutoZone may conduct a urine drug test for felons and misdemeanors before hiring them and perform a thorough background check.

What if I Fail my AutoZone Drug Test?

If you fail your AutoZone drug test, you are less likely to continue your employment at AutoZone.

If you fail your pre-employment drug test at AutoZone, you may less likely get hired. Failing your random drug test may lead to termination.

How to Pass my AutoZone Pre-Employment Drug Test?

AutoZone conducts urine or mouth swab drug test for their pre-employment and the random drug test. Follow the below steps to pass your AutoZone drug test.

  1. Take enormous amounts of water in a periodical manner. Make sure you do not dilute your sample. Take vitamin B supplements to retain the color of your urine.
  2. Take a high-quality detox drink three to four hours before you submit the sample. The detox drink does not flush out all the toxins in your body. But it can replace the toxins with nutrients and supplements deducing the drug threshold.
  3. If you are under prescribed medication, you can submit the prescription report to your tester. This might help the tester to interpret the drug test results accordingly.

When can I Reapply after Failing my Drug Test?

AutoZone allows you to reapply 6 months after your failed drug test. But there is no confirmed information about their reapplication procedures.

Many renowned companies allow candidates to reapply six months after their failed drug tests. But it is not the same with AutoZone. They have not explicitly indicated the reapplication process in their company policies, but you may reapply after 6 months. While at some locations, there are fewer chances that AutoZone may rehire you after your failed drug test.

Final Words

AutoZone is determined to create a drug-free workforce, and they drug test their employees and new hires. If you are aspiring for your dream job at AutoZone, it is best if you keep yourself away from the drugs. All the best for your career at AutoZone.

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