Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Periods?

Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Periods?


A frequently asked question by many women regarding drug tests is whether they can take a urine test during their periods or not. 

You don't have to worry about the menstruation while taking a drug test. Menstruation cycle does not affect the drug test results. During the menstruation cycle, only the blood levels in the hormones vary and so, menstruation has nothing to do with the drug test results. 

There is no need to worry about menstruation if you are facing hair testing, saliva testing, or blood testing as the menstrual blood or menstrual cycle does not involve adulteration of the sample.

You may fail your drug test if you are under drug use, even if you are mensurating or not.

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Urinalysis - An Overview

The term urinalysis refers to testing the urine samples for detecting a wide range of disorders and drug traces. Urine drug tests may detect the drug metabolites in a person's system accurately and instantly. It is the standard method of testing both illegal and prescription drugs. Most people would agree to take a urine drug test because urinalysis can be cost-effective, painless, easy, and quick. 

The 5 panel urine drug test looks for major illegal drugs like amphetamines, methamphetamines, PCP, THC, Opiates, and COC. Your employer may conduct a 10-panel urine drug screen or 12- panel test if he wants to test for drugs like methadone, oxycodone, etc.

Reasons to take drug tests

    1. If you are applying for the federal government or a DOT( Department Of Transportation) related job, you may have to take a drug screening.
    2. For pre-employment purposes, some companies may ask you to take a drug test.
    3. If the company adopted SAMHSA’s Drug Free Workplace Program, the employees must take drug tests on notice.
    4. You may be tested for some other reasons like immigration, post-accident reports, and athletics as well.

    Procedure for urinalysis

        • If you are an employee working for the employer who has adopted the Drug Free Workplace Program, you will get proper notice regarding the drug test date. 
        • You will be directed to a drug test center to take a test as a part of the hiring process. The lab technician and an experienced doctor might be present during the test. 
        • You may get an antibiotic cleaned container to collect the urine sample. You should clean your genital parts before collecting the sample midstream of your urine. 
        • The temperature and color of the sample are tested to know whether the sample is fake or not. If it's not in the optimal temperature and color, you must submit another sample.
        • You can get your negative results within 24 hours. Positive results may take 3 to 7 days.

    Can You Take Your Urine Drug Test During Your Periods?

    Yes, you can. There will not be any alterations in the results until there is blood contamination in the sample. Urine is highly concentrated in the morning time. So, it is the best time to take the sample. If it is a period day, there might be a chance where the sample can be contaminated with blood. Even though the outlet of urine and the period blood are different, the sample is highly likely to get contaminated. 

    A recent study recommends not to take a drug test during your menstruation cycle. If there is no other way, it is recommended to take the samples in the first and second mornings of the period. While collecting the sample, make sure the sample is not cloudy. You can use tissue paper to wipe/clean the genital parts before sample collection to avoid contamination.

    Can Menstruation Lead To False Positives?

    The cloud state of the urine during menstruation might affect the drug test results but it may not be considered as false positive. Generally, several factors could lead to false drug test positives. For instance, some medications like dextromethorphan, diltiazem, metformin, labetalol, and doxylamine may appear as drugs on a drug test. 

    A study states that, during menstruation, the blood levels will vary based on the stage of the menstruation cycle. It will not affect the drug test results. Although while collecting the sample, there are possibilities that the period blood could contaminate the sample. It could turn the urine sample cloudy. There are many possibilities for the sample to get rejected on a visual test.

    As soon as the urine sample is handed over to the technician, the technician must measure the temperature and visually approve the sample. The optimum temperature should be around 90°-100° Fahrenheit. If you are sufficiently hydrated for the past few hours of collecting your sample, the color of the sample could be pale yellow or transparent as water. 

    The technician often recommends taking up a drug test in the mornings. It should be concentrated, and the color should be yellow. The contaminated sample could be a bit muddy red. There are a lot of possibilities where the sample can be rejected in the Initial visual testing.

    What Can You Do If You Get Your Test During Menstruation?

    The federal government has specific laws for drug testing. If you are an employee working in a drug-free workspace, you will be given at least a month's notice before the date of drug screening. You can prepare beforehand for the date of the menstruation cycle. 

    Before collecting the sample, ensure the sample container is clean. 

        • Make sure there is no blood leak. Use tissue paper and clean the genital area and collect the midstream of the urine. This can eliminate any bacterial contamination caused by the outer skin of the VAG. 
        • After collecting the sample, check the color of the sample. 
        • If it is not contaminated, you are good to go. Or else, you have to take another sample for testing. If this collection method is not helping you, you can request the technician to collect the sample directly from the bladder using a catheter tube. The technicians rarely prefer this method to collect the sample. 
        • If the technician and the company permit you to take a drug test later, you can take up the drug test period-free days. 

    How Many Days After Menstruation Can One Take Their Urine Drug Test? 

    Usually, during menstruation periods, blood leaks can happen from 3-7 days. After the leak days, you can take a urine drug test. If your drug test appointment falls on the same day as your menstruation cycle, you can try to postpone the test date by reaching the technician and rescheduling it.

    If it's not accepted, you can provide the sample. Menstruation does not affect the drug test results directly. But there is a higher chance of the samples getting contaminated with the blood leak. Your sample may get rejected in the visual test (color of the sample). 

    It is not a good idea not to attend your drug test during menstruation because some companies may fail you on a drug test if you don't show up. Most of the companies will get confirmations beforehand regarding the dates of your drug test. You can plan accordingly. If the company is setting up a day without notice, you can contact the respective officials and make the changes on the dates accordingly.

    Final words

    Although there are some complications in taking a drug test during menstruation cycles, menstruation does not affect the results. But it might get rejected in the visual test. There is no way to avoid this situation, and it is perfectly normal. You may notify the employer and reschedule the drug test if it is not a suitable day for you.

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