10 Tips On Applying For A Job At Walmart?

10 Tips On Applying For A Job At Walmart?


From its humble beginning as a five-and-dime store in Bentonville, Arkansas, to being the world's largest company by revenue, the story of Walmart is unprecedented. Today, Walmart has operations in 27 countries with 11,443 stores. Additionally, it holds majority stakes in different countries operating under 56 different names. With a customer base of approximately 220 million worldwide, it has grown exponentially from the simple idea of selling less for more into the world's largest retailer. Walmart has become the go-to one-stop-shop, offering products that range from grocery and entertainment to sporting goods, clothing, and crafts. Walmart is the world's largest private employer with over 2.2 million employees, with nearly 1.5 million in the United States alone.

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Walmart career

A career at Walmart is not just a chance to be part of the millions of employees but an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Working at Walmart gives you the means to innovate for the global base of customers and have a meaningful impact on the community you live and work with.  It’s a call to be part of a great working environment and high performance based on the simple idea of saving money for people to live better. Walmart's culture of excellence is based on the four fundamental values- Service to the Customer, Respect for the Individual, Strive for Excellence, and Act with Integrity.

If you are looking for an employment opportunity at Walmart, you can reach the customer service center at any Walmart store. Applicants can also register themselves and apply online after creating a user name and password. The application takes few weeks to process. Walmart also offers application assistance for anyone who needs help.

10 tips on applying for a job at Walmart

1. Choose the right job

An applicant can apply directly to Walmart or its retail warehouse subsidiary Sam’s Club for work. Applicants have to go through two rounds of interviews. The first interview will ensure whether one would be called for the second and final interview, which seals the job. It is always good to arrive early for the interview and switch off your phone or put on silent mode as it might distract the interviewer.  

2. Choose the right position

Applicants can choose from professional managers to hourly associates and support services. A quick look at the career section of their website will help you get a full sense of the different positions that meet the right fit for you.

3. Learn about the company

Finding out more info about the company, facts about its history and operations, prospective competitors will considerably bolster your chances of being hired. This gives the employer a sense of your unique analytical and critical thinking competence.

4. Collate interview questions

The internet has many resources in the form of sample interview questions to help you prepare for the interview. This is a great way to rehearse and seek expert advice from people who have previously served the company. 

5. Select the right references 

Applicants are required to fill in their name, address along with the names and numbers of two professional references. Careful selection of the right references is essential in securing a job.  Applicants will also have to furnish their Social Security Number. 

6. Use zip code to optimize for location.

Walmart application portal allows applicants to enter a zip code and search for the closest available store near them. 

7. Assessment test

An assessment test is carried out to grade and categorize the applicants based on their ability to handle certain circumstances and situations involving customer relations. Applicants are put under "Tier 1" or "Tier 2," with the former being preferred over the latter.

8. Apply with clear expectations

Working at Walmart can be tasking. Hence, listing out your expectations can help come to terms with the company's working environment, such as working with different managers and sometimes even irate customers or as something as simple as coming to work in company-provided uniforms. Clearing out your expectations also helps in choosing the company's right job description, which could guarantee promotions and a healthy boost to your paycheck.

9. Flexibility

Flexibility in the number of hours and days at work is an important factor for getting hired. Flexibility is also required to take up different open positions and roles. Applicants can provide information on their availability for each day of the week when applying for work.  

10. Build a supportive network

Get in touch with current employees. Talk to different employees at different positions. They might help you get your application at the top of the large file. Be persistent and visit the store often to get a good background of the nature of work and the people engaged in doing those works.

11. Does Walmart drug test?

A drug test provides information about the presence of certain controlled substances or alcohol using sample testing methods such as urine, blood, breath, etc. This information allows government and non-government agencies like schools, law enforcement agents, medical service providers, and employers to properly assess a new applicant or a working employee's ability and competence.

Employers perform a drug test for a variety of reason that includes:

  • Pre-employment
  • Random test
  • Test on return to work
  • Schedule drug test
  • Drug testing on reasonable doubt
  • Post-accidental/ traumatic drug test
  • Follow-up drug testing

There are no drug tests pre-employment. However, you may be required to take one if applicable. Under such conditions, they must undertake specific standard tests such as Urine sample testing for detecting amounts of controlled substances. However, periodic tests are performed for various reasons post-employment period during certain occasions, such as a promotion or accidents, if deemed suspicious or under reasonable doubt.  

The bottom line

What makes Walmart such an exciting place to work is not only the fact that it’s a prestigious multi-national retail giant but also the opportunity it affords its employees to secure a great career. In the financial year 2020, Walmart promoted more than 200,000 people to jobs of greater responsibility and higher paychecks in the United States. Apart from that, Walmart rewards hard work and talent through various career development and learning programs such as Walmart Academies that help employees grow personally and professionally.  The 10 tips outlined here should be useful to better prepare for the interview process. Considering these guidelines will help you familiarize yourself with the overall hiring process so that you stand a better chance of being hired. A clear understanding of the drug test is also essential in making an informed decision about the terms and conditions of employment at Walmart

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