10 Popular Staffing Agencies That Drug Test

10 Popular Staffing Agencies That Drug Test


Staffing agencies help businesses grow by selecting and sifting suitable candidates that meet their specific needs.  Their presence and close network rooted in the community help them identify the right recruits suitable for the right job opportunities.

Staffing agencies connect prospective employees with businesses by offering positions that match with their unique skills.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) survey, nearly 70% of illegal drug users are employed in various private and public sector businesses. Staffing agencies perform necessary background and reference checks, skill testing, and drug screening as part of the pre-employment hiring process.

But do temp agencies drug test? Yes! But not for all positions. Temp agencies might drug test for certain requirements and conduct a background check if the client requires it.

Given below are 10 of the most common staffing agencies and related information regarding drug testing.

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Does Elwood Staffing drug test?

Elwood Staffing is one of the largest staffing service providers with offices spanning across the United States. They conduct a standard 4-panel urine drug test. They also conduct other panel screens, including hair and oral fluid analysis. They offer both DOT and non-DOT testing.

Does Cody Staffing drug test?

Cody Staffing offers comprehensive employment services for applicants and recruiters. It specializes in labor, warehouse wielding, entry-level, office, administrative, and management positions. They drug test upon request by clients and conduct a pre-employment drug screen upon hire.

Does Opti Staffing drug test?

Opti Staffing requires candidates to submit to a drug test. The company bears the cost of the drug test. However, candidates have to bear the cost of the drug test if, upon hire, they test positive or leave their place of employment within 30 calendar days.

Does Integrity Staffing Drug Test?

Integrity Staffing Services matches people with exciting career opportunities. They do on-site drug screening. The cost of the drug test is deducted from your first paycheck.

Does Ultimate staffing Drug Test?

Ultimate staffing have zero tolerance drug policy. They conduct drug test for all the new hires, employees and ambassadors (temporary employees for a particular assignment). They may conduct a clinical urine drug test for the candidates and employees.

Does Trillium Staffing drug test?

Trillium Staffing offers staffing and recruitment solutions by helping make the right match between employers and job seekers. They perform background checks on candidates, which includes an in-house drug screening.

Does First Team Staffing drug test?

First Team Staffing specializes in the recruitment and placement of permanent and temporary workers. It conducts routine drug tests and necessary medical tests during the selection and interview process. Passing the drug test is necessary for getting the job offer and setting up the employment contract at First Team Staffing.

Does Smart Staffing drug test?

Smart Staffing helps prospective candidates find great opportunities with top employers. Smart Staffing conducts a standard urine drug test to assess candidates during the recruitment process.

Does On Time Staffing drug test?

On Time Staffing is one of the fastest-growing companies in America, providing staffing and on-site services since 1999. It is a temporary staffing agency specializing in warehouse, manufacturing, and packaging. It conducts a mouth swab drug test to test the presence of illicit drugs and alcohol as part of the hiring process.

Does Peoplelink staffing drug test?

Peoplelink has over twenty years of experience in the staffing industry, bringing together employees and employers throughout the country. It offers temporary and full-time positions helping job seekers and clients find the right fit. Peplelink hiring process involves signing a drug consent form for reviewing and evaluating candidates. They also conduct a drug test on employees upon accident or injury.

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A few last words…

Staffing agencies help ease the onboarding and hiring process by developing the right programs for businesses and people. The high prevalence of workplace drug use poses significant challenges in ensuring safety and productivity for businesses.

The staffing agencies listed here provide quick and reliable access to people who go through qualified drug tests as part of the recruitment process.  They act as an important bridge connecting businesses and candidates, filling in thousands of openings across multiple industries and advancing workplace productivity.

Yes. Temp agencies drug test. The top 10 popular staffing agencies are conducting drug test, and it is no wonder that others may also do the same. Drug Tests or not, for all positions or few, it is important to stay away from drugs to lead a successful career ahead.

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