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5 Panel T-Cube Saliva Drug Test Kit

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    Product Description

    The 5 Panel oral saliva/mouth swab drug test kit is the best choice for your workplace and personal drug testing at home. The drug testing kit comes with a saturation sponge and a unique test cube that provides accurate results within 5 minutes.

    The saturation sponge indicates the donor about adequate sample collection preventing the risk of invalid test results. Our swab drug test kit is 100% tamper-proof as it is conducted right in front of the tester.

    Enjoy accuracy, convenience, and eliminate the need for re-testing with our 5 Panel T-cube Oral saliva drug test kit for employers.

    Mouth Swab Drug Test Benefits

      • Screens for five common illicit drugs.
      • Instant results within 5 minutes.
      • Easy-to-follow test procedures.
      • Exclusive saliva saturation indicator.
      • Eliminates the need for Privacy/Restroom.
      • Easy to observe the results.
      • Carbon-copy result forms.
      • One-1.5 years expiration date.
      • Approved for personal and employer drug testing. 
      • Attractive discounts for bulk orders.

      5 Classes of Drugs Screened:

      AMP – 50 ng/ml
      COC – 20 ng/ml,
      OPI/MOP/MOR – 40 ng/ml 
      mAMP – 50 ng/ml 
      THC – 12 ng/ml

      Why Choose Us?

      1. Free shipping on orders above $75.
      2. 99% accuracy.
      3. FDA 510(K) and SAMHSA approved.
      4. 18-months shelf life.
      5. Same-day shipping ( Orders by 3 pm EST).


    • How can I avoid invalid drug test results?
    • Our 5-panel T-cube oral saliva drug test kit is enclosed with a sponge saturation indicator that indicates to the donor about the adequate level of sample preventing invalid test results.

    • How long does it take to get the test results?
    • Our Saliva swab drug test kit provides instant and accurate drug and alcohol test results within 5 minutes, a key reason why our customers choose us every time.

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