Mouth Swab Drug Test - Facts, Drugs Detection & Benefits

Mouth swab drug test or saliva drug test uses the human saliva to check for illegal drug usage. It is a popular and reliable swab drug test where a collection sponge is placed at the buccal cavity area of your mouth for three minutes to collect the sample. It is an alternative to urine drug testing as it provides immediate and accurate results.

Employers switch to oral swab drug tests to determine the illegal drug usage by their employees and new hires. It is also ideal for home-based testing that parents can use to identify their child’s drug or alcohol usage and for personal testing before the actual drug test.

Mouth Swab Drug Test Facts

  1. Swab drug test or saliva drug test is the least invasive drug testing method that facilitates the instant collection of samples with a Buccal cavity swab.
  2. It does not need privacy like urine drug tests and provides immediate results.
  3. It causes hardly any pain to the individual.
  4. It is hard to tamper oral drug tests.
  5. It can detect recent drug usage more accurately.

Why Should You Choose The Saliva Drug Test?

A mouth swab drug test is easier to collect and get results than its alternatives - Blood or Urine drug tests.

  1. Blood drug tests are invasive, and they cause pain to the individual. Even a professional phlebotomist may find it challenging to identify the vein and collect blood accurately.
  2. Urine drug tests require privacy, and there are chances that the individual’s dignity may get compromised. Further, it is easier to tamper with the test by consuming large amounts of water and using synthetic urine.

An oral swab drug test is hard to tamper with as it is collected under the direct supervision of the collector. The individual is not allowed to consume anything 10 minutes before the test.

Oral saliva drug test kits that deliver accurate and immediate results, thereby making the entire testing process simple and effective.

Mouth Swab Drug Test Detection Period


Detection Time

Disappears in


Immediately after intake

12 hours


Five to ten minutes

One day (24 hours)


Five to ten minutes

Three days (72 hours)


60 minutes 

12 hours


60 minutes

21 hours

Oral Drug Test Benefits

Rapid and Accurate Results

Drug Test Panels offers high-quality oral saliva drug test kits that deliver rapid results (within 5 minutes) for drugs and alcohol. The results are 99% accurate. Just collect the sample using the sponge collector and place it in the test cube. You can obtain the results within 5 minutes.

Convenient Test Procedures

Our mouth swab drug test kits are easily accessible, and you can follow the steps quickly and get the results. The sponge saturation indicator turns red indicating the adequate collection of samples preventing the need for re-testing. The donor simply opens the sealed collection device, places it in the mouth, and transfers the sample to the testing laboratory for results.

No Need for Privacy

You can collect the sample from the individual irrespective of the place and time. There is no need for a restroom or privacy to collect the sample like a urine drug test. Hence, it is entirely tamper-proof because the tester can supervise the test, and the individual can hardly tamper with the sample.

Longer Shelf Life

As an employer, you can order your oral saliva drug test kits in bulk and stock them. It is because our test kits have a longer shelf life of about 12 to 18 months. You can use the mouth swab drug test kits for pre-employment drug tests or random drug tests as per your requirements.

Stable Results

Our oral drug test kits can retain their stability for more than 30 hours after testing. You can test them in your office and send them to the laboratory, and the test results do not vary as our kits can preserve the sample for 30 hours and provide precise results.

Approved and Tested

Saliva drug test kits offered by Uritox medical are constructed on the guidelines of the SAMHSA and FDA.

Why Customers Love Our Oral Saliva Drug Test Kits?

  1. High-quality kits at affordable rates
  2. Bulk orders at an attractive discount.
  3. Same-day shipping ( Before 3 pm EST)
  4. Free shipping on orders above $75.
  5. Unique Saliva saturation indicator


1. Can food consumption, medication, and daily use accessories like mouthwash affect my oral drug test results?

Certainly, yes. That is the main reason why the tester will prevent you from consuming any food or using others like mouthwash or medication 10 minutes before your saliva drug test.

2. What is the drug detection window for a saliva drug test?

The drug traces in the saliva can remain in the mouth for 5 hours up to 48 hours per the drug dosage. Some drugs may stay in your mouth for up to 72 hours since the last intake.

3. Can you cheat in your oral drug test?

There is no way that you can cheat your oral drug test. It does not ensure privacy, and the collector collects the sample.  He is also an observer who has a small role in the chain of custody that makes tampering with the sample impossible.

4. What drug testing situations are best suitable for mouth swab drug tests?

As an employer, you can conduct saliva drug test for

  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Random drug testing
  • Post Accident drug testing
  • DOT drug testing