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Uritox Platinum Standard at Home Hair Follicle Test Kit

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At Home Hair Drug Testing Kits

Why should you buy hair follicle drug test at Uritox?

  • The “Platinum Standard” For "at-home hair follicle test." (5 to 10 times higher detection.)
  • The preferred choice for home use and increasingly on-demand for office.
  • Test for many drugs, their sub-classes, and metabolites. Analyzes for 5, 5+, 10 or 17 drugs. See the below table. 
  • Detects up to 90 days of prior drugs of abuse. Hair drug screening has the longest detection window for illicit drugs compared to saliva and urine drug tests which can be a few days to 2 weeks irrespective of the hair growth.
  • The only at-home hair follicle drug test kit that tests for drug metabolites like Fentanyl, Suboxone, Methadone, Tramadol, and Ketamine (17-panel Hair Test) and provides accurate test results in short time.
  • The smallest amount of hair samples is required in the industry. Hair must be approximately the thickness of a pencil that's about 1.5 inches long for 90-day detection, 1 inch for 60 days, and 1/2 inch for 30 days. Other labs need 2-3 times the amount of hair. Make sure your hair is not too short for the hair drug test.
  • Fully accredited laboratory.
  • The most accurate/sensitive home hair drug test kit available in the market today.
  • NOTE: Hair drug test results are for personal or employer use only. If a hair test is needed for legal purposes, please see our frequently asked questions in the description below, question #4.
  • Nationwide Home Hair drug testing kit supplies.
Here is the short video that explains why Uritox is the best at-home hair follicle drug test kit:

    Hair Drug Test Panels Available 

    Drug Classes 17 10 5+ 5



    Ecstasy (MDMA)


    Marijuana (THC/Carboxy THC)

    Phencyclidine PCP

    Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Heroin)













    Hair drug test detection times


    Uritox Hair Drug Testing kit screens 17+ illegal drugs for a longer period of 90 days. Our hair testing kit is trusted by thousands of major US corporations in their employment drug testing, police forces, schools, and courts all over the world.

    Uritox hair follicle drug test kit uses a few strands of hair or hair specimen or hair shaft to administer the abuse of illicit drugs, opioids, and prescription drugs including fentanyl, tramadol, ketamine, etc. 

    Our kits include all instructions plus a pre-paid FedEx Label for the sample. It is the best drug testing method for employee screening that rarely provides false-positive results. 

    Best at-home hair follicle drug test for Parents!

    Parents can administer drug use in the privacy of their own homes. Just collect a small sample of your child’s head or body hair, send the sample to the laboratory for the GC/MS test (Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometry), and receive notification of the results within 3-5 business days of receipt of the sample at the laboratory. 

    Our hair testing kit provides accurate hair drug testing results irrespective of bleaching the hair. Buy hair follicle drug test kit now!


    Benefits of Hair Drug Testing:

    • Detects use several months back
    • Easy to collect & ship
    • Cheat-proof
    • Accurate lab-based test
    • Private & confidential

    Hair Drug Test Kits vs Hair Drug Testing Services

    A hair drug test kit offers convenience and affordability, allowing you to conduct the test at home or in a lab. However, accuracy may vary depending on the kit and user expertise, and results typically take a few days.

    On the other hand, hair drug testing services provide professional testing in a controlled setting, ensuring higher accuracy and quicker turnaround. They are often preferred for comprehensive testing and legal admissibility, making them a reliable choice.


    1. How long does a hair follicle have to be for a hair follicle drug test?

    For a standard hair drug test, the length of the hair should be 1.5 inches. The collector collects hair specimen of 90 to 120 hair strands of about 1.5 inches for the hair drug test. The minimum length of the hair specimen is 0.5 inches. If the head hair is below 0.5 inches, the collector might opt for hair from some other regions in the body.

    2. What is the standard turnaround time for a hair follicle drug test?

    You can expect negative results within 48 to 72 business hours after sending your hair sample to the laboratory. Confirmation testing might take an additional 72 hours to detect drug abuse. Please add 2-3 more days to these times for the 17-Panel test.

    3. How long you can use the hair sample for testing?

    You can use the hair sample or hair specimen for one year to test for drugs. The results may not possibly vary for one year in the sample.

    4. Is your drug test results forensically defensible in courts?

    Collected hair results are for personal or employer use only. If a hair test is needed for legal purpose, it must be collected by a certified technician or healthcare provider. We do offer professional collections through our sister site US Health Testing. Hair collected through Us Health Testing and other third-party collection sites are forensically defensible in courts. You can choose the nearest drug testing center by booking a slot online at ushealthtesting.com. Please check with a legal expert in your state regarding the use of hair testing for legal matters.

    5. How do I receive the drug test results?

    You will receive your hair drug test results via email. Please see the included instructions for information regarding how to receive results. If you are an employer testing your employees, you may request to receive a fax.

    6. What are the cut-off levels of the hair drug test?


    Amphetamines- 300 pg/mg
    MMJ- 1 pg/mg
    Cocaine- 300 pg/mg
    Opiates- 500 pg/mg
    PCP- 300 pg/mg

    7. How do I know if my hair is tested for expanded opiates?

    The name of the drug test would be indicated in the hair drug test report in the "Tests Ordered" section. You can know by the following verbiage - EXPANDED OP or Exposure EXOP in your report that your hair is tested for expanded opiates.

    8. Can pubic hair be used for drug testing? 

    Pubic hair might be the last option when a tester cannot find an adequate amount of hair from any other region to test for. Urine has high amounts of ethanol, which can lead to false positives if tested with pubic hair.

    9. Do employers use hair follicle drug tests?

    Nearly 7% of employers in the US prefer hair drug testing to test their candidates and their employees. It is because they are cheat-proof and provide accurate results reducing the chances of getting false positives.

    10. What drugs show up in a hair test?

    The basic 5-Panel hair drug test looks for major illicit substances like COC, THC, AMP, Opiates, Ecstasy, and PCP. We also offer a 5-Panel +, 10-Panel and 17 Panel hair test.

    11. How far does a hair drug test go?

    The drug metabolites in the hair can be traced for a longer period - say 30 to 90 days. 

    12. Will hair follicle drug test detect one-time use?

    The hair drug test is used to detect long-term abuse. So it might not detect your one-time use if you have used drugs a few days before your test. It takes time for the hair to grow, and one-time use may not show up in your hair drug test. If you are a frequent user, the drugs will show up in your hair drug test.

    13. Does Adderall show up in a hair follicle drug test?

    Yes. Hair drug tests can detect the use of Adderall for 3 months after the last use. 

    14. Will Ambien show up in a hair drug test?

    Yes. Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic that is used to treat insomnia and anxiety disorders. The hair drug test can detect the use of ambien for up to 5 to 8 weeks.

    15. Will Flexeril show up in a hair follicle drug test?

    Flexeril is the brand name of cyclobenzaprine. It might show up in your hair after three days of use and can stay up to a maximum of 90 days.

    16. Can Mushrooms show up in a hair drug test?

    Yes, Mushrooms can show up in your hair drug test. They might not show up in routine drug tests unless they are specifically tested for.

    17. Can Hair drug tests detect hydrocodone?

    Yes. Hydrocodone, like other drugs, can be detectable in hair follicle drug test for 90 days.

    18. Does Molly show up in a hair drug test?

    Yes. Molly, also known as MDMA or Ecstasy, can show up in your hair drug test for 30 to 90 days. 

    19. Will Poppy seeds show up in a hair drug test?

    Poppy seeds may show up as morphine or codeine on your hair follicle drug test.

    20. How to pass a hair drug test?

    You can refrain from drugs for 120 days if your hair drug test is coming up. 

    21. How to pass a hair follicle drug test for weed?

    You can pass your hair follicle drug test for weed if you keep yourself away from weed for at least 120 days. Abstaining is the best and healthy option to clear your hair follicle drug test for weed.

    22. How to pass a hair drug test using home remedies?

    There is no scientific evidence that using baking soda, vinegar, or hair detox shampoos will help pass a hair drug test. They will not eliminate the drug metabolites in your hair. You can use a hair drug testing kit from Uritox LLC to check the levels. 

    23. Will dying your hair help you pass a hair drug test?

    The lab will wash your hair and test for drugs. So dying your hair might not alter your hair drug test results.

    24. Does selsun blue help pass a hair drug test?

    There is no scientific evidence that selsun blue can help you pass your hair follicle drug test.

    25. Can you pass a hair drug test in 2 months?

    It may or may not be possible. If you are an infrequent user, it is possible. But if you are a regular user, you might need to refrain from drugs for at least 120 days.

    26. How to pass a hair drug test with dreadlocks?

    If your hair has any dreadlocks or cannot get adequate hair, the tester may prefer collecting hair from arms or legs.

    27. Where to buy a at-home hair follicle drug test?

    You can get high-quality hair testing kits from Uritox LLC. Our kits are accurate and provide instant results. We have been standing by our vision to create a drug-free workplace for 17 years and screened more than 1.3 million employees and counting.

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